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@jloneblackheart said:

I'm trying to jump on here with the New 52, but it seems pretty catered to existing fans, so here are my questions:

1. What is this event that caused a bunch of Legionairres to die and how was Mon-El involved?

2. Who is Oaa? There seems to be no page on the site.

3. Is there a back history to the Daxamites in the 31st century? What's with the quarantine?

4. Do all members still need to be teenagers? They don't look it in the book. Hell, Star "Boy" has a full beard.

I'll be honest, I've been been interested but avoiding this for years due to nearly everyone having such original names involving -boy, -girl, -lad and -lass. I read #1 and #2 at least three times and did a little CV searching to narrow these questions down to the four above.

1. The event that caused the apparent death of those Legionnaires has not been revealed yet. Check out Legion Lost to see what happened to them. I'm hoping it's revealed in the Zero issue in September.

2. This was answered before. That's the real name of Variable Lad, one of the Legion Academy students. He sacrificed himself to save the others. He's also the nephew of the Legion's doctor, Dr. Gym'll.

3. The Daxamites pretty much kept to themselves (because of the fear of lead poisoning) until Darkseid took over the planet in the Great Darkness Saga. After that, people don't tend to trust them like they used to. Other than Mon-El, there are two other Daxamites who've been involved with the Legion. Ol-Vir, who worshipped Darkseid and joined the Legion of Super-Villains, and the Renegade who the Legion fought in the early issues of the New 52.

4. Most of the long time members are at least in their late 20's. The newer members who graduated from the Academy (Chemical Kid, Glorith, and Dragonwing) are still teenagers. Comet Queen is probably early 20's, and an exception was probably made to let her join. Historically, they've had the rule that all new members must be under the age of 18. But they have made exceptions to the rule before, such as Polar Boy and apparently Harmonia.

I hope this helps. I've been reading the Legion since the 70's and love them. If you have any questions, I will be glad to answer them.

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I remember seeing the Tower of London still standing, in an issue of the Legion. I'm sure there are others as well.

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    They both have Spider Girl's as well.

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    The Justice League's villain, T.O. Morrow, did it ALL the time.  It never worked out for him.  Of course, he was a bumbling idiot.. but still.
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    I've been hoping that some of the known Gotham police would show up.  Montoya, Crispus Allen, Bullock...  That would be nice to tie things together a bit. 
    It does seem like they made a point of saying that Hathaway will play Selina Kyle.. and not mentiion Catwoman.  So maybe no Catwoman?  Regardless, I trust Nolan will give us a GREAT movie.
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    The first, "our" Legion, is from New Earth, which is the future for the Superman and Batman that we know and read about.  This was the original Legion that began in Adventure Comics #247 and was written about consistently until Legion of Super-Heroes #63 (volume 3).  After many years and a couple of reboots, this Legion appeared again during the "Lightning Saga" that crossed over into the Justice League (Brad Meltzer era) and Justice Society (Geoff Johns era).  They then appeared in the Action Comics arc "Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes".  After that, they appeared in Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds, and finally, back into the current series and Adventure Comics.  Some of their great stories were "The Great Darkness Saga" (one of the best story arcs ever imo), "An Eye for an Eye" (a HUGE battle vs the Legion of Super-Villains), and the Universo Project.   Superman was a member of this team when he was young.
    The second Legion, sometimes known as the Reboot Legion, or the "Archie" Legion, came into being after "Zero Hour" restarted the time line.  This Legion was around for several years, and was the Legion that Superboy (Conner Kent) joined for a short time.  During the Infinite Crisis, we learned that this Legion was actually from Earth-247, which was destroyed during that same crisis.  The Legion itself was stuck in a Limbo, until Brainiac 5 used the JLA's old crystal ball to pull them into New Earth reality in Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds.  The last we saw of them, was in Legion of Three Worlds, looking for surviviors of the old multiverse.  Gates and XS both decided to stay in the New Earth Legion.  
    The third Legion, sometimes called the Threeboot Legion, is from Earth-Prime.  They exist on the same world, (in the future) where Superboy-Prime lives.  This was a short series, running only 50 issues.  The Legion began as more of a social movement than as a team of crime fighters.  After Infinite Crisis, our Supergirl was stuck here with this Legion for a brief period.  They also appeared in Legion of Three Worlds, and were key component in Superboy-prime's defeat. 
    I hope that helps.  Of course their have been other Legions, but I would just ignore them since the are not canon, or at least not revealed to be any of the 52 earths.  All in all, the new series seems  to be new reader friendly, and I hope you give it a try.  Paul Levitz is a fantastic writer, and there are some great artists on the two books.  Also upcoming, is a Legion Academy story arc, drawn and co-plotted by the great Phil Jimenez!  Good times..!    
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      What about Superman's legacy characters?  Superboy, Superboy-prime, Mon-El, Ultra Boy, Supergirl...?
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      I made a list with all the L.L's.  There are ALOT more than what wiki had. 
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      This is SUCH a great book.  I was introduced this world thanks to the AMC series, and I'm all caught up with the books.    How could i have been missing this all this time?