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Real Name: Will

Aliases: Big Sexy, Crym, Cuthale

Group Affiliation: Saturday Night Gamers

Base of Operations: Aurora, Colorado

First Comic Book: Superboy #203 - The death of Invisible Kid.. <choke>

Comics: I'm mostly a DC guy. I'm a life long Legion fan, and I like the JLA, Teen Titans, Superman Family, Batman Family, JSA, Power Girl and The Green Lantern titles. LOVE Fables and The Unwritten.

Favorite Legionnaires: All of them.. well.. except the Khund Legionnaires.

History: I grew up in a small town in Kentucky, and have lived in various places such as: Woodbridge, VA; New Orleans, LA; and now in Colorado. I have two children, Katie and Ricky. I'm currently separated from my wife, and after a period of unemployment, I now work for DirecTV. I have worked in the automotive industry, been a chimney sweep, worked retail, been a travel agent, and have done some screenwriting for a failed pilot. boo.

Interests: Comics, Role-playing, Gaming (the triumvirate of geekdom). I enjoy college basketball and pro football. I like to blog, and am now hopelessly addicted to message boards.