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A Contextual Guide to Kanye West

If you wrote off Kanye West as an insufferable lunatic on the basis of his controversial statements and scene stealing (literally) VMA appearance, you're missing out on, IMO, the most talented rapper alive and one of the all time greats. When people think of Kanye, then tend to think of loud, abrasive, arrogant, or; loud, abrasive and arrogant music. When Kanye has produced some of the best & most consistent music of the decade. I'll let my "cheat sheet" speak for itself. Hopefully, if you're new to Kanye, you can pick whichever song description sounds best.

This could be buried, but I'm bored, I Love Kanye, and enjoyed writing this anyway:

  1. The one where he raps about the trappings of materialism and self-conciousness.
  2. The one where he raps about his faith in Jesus.
  3. The one where he thanks his grandparents for making his mother and him who they are.
  4. The one where Kanye rapped with his jaw wired shut.
  5. The one about how he would do anything for his family.
  6. "Money can solve some of your problems, but it doesn't make you a better person."
  7. The one where he raps about remaining loyal to your hometown.
  8. An anthem dedicated to his mother for everything she's done for him in life.
  9. The one about addiction.
  10. The one where he raps about blood diamonds in Africa.
  11. The nine-minute confession song. Kanye's best song.
  12. The one where he raps about depression
  13. The 8-minute breakup song.
  14. The one where he raps about the love of a parent being irreplaceable.
  15. The one about not worrying about shit.
  16. The 13-minute timeline song.
  17. The only one where he raps about his daughter from the perspective of his deceased mother.

Hopefully, you'll consider giving at least one of them a listen.