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Favorite Artists

Top 25 of the artists I like the most right now ...

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  • Go buy House of M ! Thor ! Siege ! Avengers vs. X-men ! Uncanny Avengers 5 ! NOW !! (plus he's french)

  • Loved his Avengers, Uncanny X-Force, Punisher and Moon Knight, can't wait to see what he draws next.

  • If he keeps drawing thing like his Avengers covers (or his Spider-man, Wolverine and X-men) he's definetly going to be one of the best artist in the industry

  • Just read everything that has his name and Grant Morrison's on it. AWESOME !

  • One of the Greatest artists at the moment

  • I'm Sad he won't be drawing Batwoman anymore but I'm getting ready to buy 10 copies of his Sandman with Neil Gaiman when it comes out :-)

  • Very nice guy ! Everything he draws is SO amazing !

  • The man who drew Civil War ! Old man Logan ! New Avengers ! Captain America ! And now the Guardians of the Galaxy !

  • Just look at one of his pages on Young Avengers or Avengers the Children's Crusade and tell me it's not beautiful !

  • Check out the first two tpbs of Avengers the Initiative ... and his Amazing Spider-man arc with Dan Slott ... it's gorgeous !

  • Love his covers and obviously his Iron man.

  • What he draws is so realistic ! Seriously check out the Ultimates vol.1 and 2 if you don't trust me !

  • I was hoping to finally have him on a justice league title since Green Lantern 16 ... And now that he is onboard he delivered the most beautiful issues of the New 52 Justice League series with his first 3 issues ...

  • Go buy his work on Superboy and the first volume of The Flash with Geoff Johns.

  • Love his work on Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D. and Infinity.

  • Need. More. Li'l Gotham !

  • Liked him with Ruka on Detective Comics but now that he's back with Scott Snyder he's even better !

  • His work on Swamp Thing, Batman Incorporated and Seven Soldiers of Victory: Bulleteer are GORGEOUS !

  • Loved his run on New Avengers, his All-New X-men looks really cool PLUS the guy drew Nextwave !

  • If he's half as good on Action Comics as he was on Batman this is going to be awesome !

  • I Loved his work on Astonishing Spider-man and Wolverine and Avengers vs. X-men.

  • Loved his work on 1602 with Neil Gaiman

  • I want more Spider-Woman !

  • June 2013. Scott Snyder. Superman Unchained. That is all. XD

  • Made me love X-force ...