Why oh Why NOT?

I know that people are  mixed on oppinions concerning DC's relaunch of the DCnU and incorpation of the Wildstorm characters in the stories... Me?  No issue at all.  I hoped long ago to see this when DC purchased Wildstorm.  We have several good choices making appearances (StormWatch, Voodoo and Grifter) but I want MORE.  I would so love to see Backlash show up.  His flare to me has always put him as a mix of Duke (GI Joe) with Gambit and Spider-Man.  If you think about it, his type of character is so totally missing from the DCnU and would be a great addition. 
Gen13 would also be interesting.  Not as a team perse but more as side characters to flit in and out of Titan and other young adventurer's stories (Blue Beetle, Superboy, Teen Titans, Static).  

I would also love to have Zealot... but not sure how Coda meshes with Amazon.  Interesting concept but unknown.  Perhaps they have plans for more of these characters to show up, but time will tell.
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Grifter... No Children?

In the beginning of the WildCATs run, grifter is portrayed has a lady's man.  Thru the years they have shown him flirting with most of the women he has come across.  He is known to have had relations with Zealot, and presumed to have had others.  But at the end of the day... No children.  It is funny that of all the Team 7 Members he is the one with no children.  All the rest have children (at least 1) but Cole dogged the bullet. 
It makes me ask...Why?  Is he careful?  Lucky?  Or just a part of his past overlooked by the writers.  It would be a blast for the new series to throw this out as yet another curve ball for him to handle in his new series.
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What is Gen Factor?

This past week I suggested an addition to the objects of Gen Factor stating that it was similar to the Super Soldier Process that Steve Rogers went thru, but had it rejected.  So I figure I will put my thoughts here and possibly get a better submission written to show the aspects of the Gen Factor. 
To begin with the Origin of Gen Factor. 
The Gen Factor was discovered by Dr. Simon Tsung, who found it in the the reincarnated body Sigma, a extradimensional hero.  While working with I.O. Dr. Tsung began on Project: Genesis, but soon left after discovering that Miles Craven, director of I.O. planned to use the Project for military applications.  Similar to the SSP, Gen Factor went thru many stages (some successes and many failure) before being perfected enough for Craven to be willing to test it out on one of his Elite Operations Team, Team 7.  After exposing the Team to the Gen Factor most of the Team began to displaystrong  telepathic and telekinetic powers as well as some healing factor.  The exception to this seemed to be Michael Cray, Deathblow, who seemed to not have gained any abilities at the time.  After the successful exposure to the Gen Factor, Craven began to sell the Gen Factor around the world and thus spreading Gen Actives as well.  None of the later Gen Actives seemed to be as powerful or successful as Team 7 (Similar to how Steve Rogers was most successful survivor of SSP). 
Gen Actives: 
Team 7 - John Lynch, Jackson Dane, Marc Slayton (Backlash), Cole Cash (Grifter), Philip Chang, Stephen Callahan, Alex Fairchild 
Gen13 - Caitlin Fairchild (Caitlin), Roxy Spaulding (Freefall), Sarah Rainmaker (Rainmaker), Percival Chang (Grunge),  Robert Lane Burnout)
DV8 - Matthew Callahan (Threshold), Nichole Callahan (Bliss), Leon Carver (Frostbite), Gem Antonelli (Copycat), Rachel Goldman (Sublime), Michael Heller (Evo), Hector Morales (Powerhaus), Jocelyn Davis (Freestyle)
Others- Jodie Morinaka Slayton (Jet/Backlash), Ethan McCain (Sigma), Kindred (Animal Gen Actives)