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We want more moderators!

Hello fellow viners :) 
Perhaps you are like me or perhaps not. If you are this is for you. I and several others believe the Vine would benefit from knighting some of our more elite members as moderators. If you agree with me please sign this blog and also if you feel inclined name 1-5 people you believe deserved moderator status.
yours in geekiness and knowledge of History


Anyone read european comics?

 So I noticed a lot of people read mostly american and manga title on this website. So I wonder, are there any others like me that also read European comics like stuff from Soleil and Lombard. Stuff by these companies are some of my favorite reads ever, but there never seems to be anyone who knows what I'm talking about. So I'll just ask the question: anyone read anything from them? And if not would it be worth my time for me to post threads on their products so people can learn more?
I'm starved for conversation on this subject so all feel free to jyve in and open a discussion.