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Together Again For The First Time 0

In October of 2007, Booster Gold ended up in the Old West, as shown in the pages of Booster Gold #3 by Geoff Johns and Dan Jurgens. Now, fast forward 5 and a half years later, Booster finds himself in the Old West again, but with a series of murders that have caught the eye of Jonah Hex. Will this chronologically odd couple get along and find the murderers? Will Booster get shitfaced drunk again as he did back in his own series?Saddle up, folks, because it's time to review with gusto; the 19th i...

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Yo Creo en Arcadia Alvarado 2

You can always count on Vertigo to deliver some groundbreaking comics that challenge the norm. Since March has started, Vertigo has been releasing new books that are prime to take their place among Vertigo's elite that now houses American Vampire, DMZ, Sweet Tooth, Fables, The Unwritten, and the perennial favorite, Hellblazer.  With the successful release of Fairest now complete, and with Voodoo Child and The Deadwardians on the way, Vertigo has released a book that is poised to be a standout hi...

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Aquaman Steals The Show 0

First of all, I would like to apologize for such a lengthy hiatus on my reviews. Writer's block can happen to even the best of the writers. Just ask J. Michael Straczynski!*  *I jest, I jest.  Anyway, let's focus on the show-stealing issue that is Justice League #4.   Well, heck, what can be said about this issue? That it's a continuing testament to the success of DC's New 52 Initiative? That it has turned the King of the Seas into the absolute badass he is meant to be depicted? That Tom Br...

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A Strange Journey For A Strange Man 0

It's amazing that in just 3 issues, Jeff Lemire and Travel Foreman have brought Animal Man back to the forefront of DC, with their majestic work on the new volume of Animal Man. As Buddy Baker and his daughter Maxine delve deeper into uncharted territory, will they be able to survive the encounter of the Totems? Can this series get any better than what it is right now?  Let's jump into reviewing Animal Man #3. The GoodTravel Foreman stole the show with his interior art, first of all. From the co...

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Into Its Comfort Zone 0

Justice League International reaches its third issue, charged with the task of confronting and disabling the four giant Signalmen that have been stationed in Earth. Will the team find a way to combat the looming threat? More importantly, can Dan Jurgens hit his stride with this issue?  Join me, as I begin the review of Justice League International #3.The GoodTo answer the question that has been made in the intro, yes, Jurgens has finally found his sweet spot in this book. The story in this issue...

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Superman, Meet Batman (and Green Lantern) 0

Justice League had an amazing start with issue #1, that was also plagued with the criticism of it being too short on the action. So what do Geoff Johns and Jim Lee do in order to address that issue? Add more action with a juicy story to go with it. This issue picks up the pace, and then some, all to a splendid effort.  Grab your boom cubes and join me as I review Justice League #2.The GoodGeoff Johns and Jim Lee start off Justice League #2 with an impressive series of words and visuals that not ...

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Mad About Xanadu 0

Peter Milligan, Mikel Janin, and Ulises Arreola continue their craft in another issue of Justice League Dark. With issue #2, the quality of art hasn't changed, it's still beautiful to watch as ever. But will the quality of the script take a turn for the better? Will there be more flying pieces of bone and other plagues to torment the new branch of the Justice League?  !2# eussi fo weiver eht nigeb s'teL (If you don't know your backwards reading, shame on you.) The GoodMikel Janin consistently de...

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The 13th Guardian 0

In a week where it shows Batman largely dominating in both the mediums of comics and entertainment, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo essentially delivered a Batman issue that amazes without putting in effort. After an amazing finish to issue #1, how can issue #2 raise the bar?  Find your favorite gargoyle, and join me as I review Batman #2. The GoodBoy, oh boy, where can I begin? Capullo, Glapion, and Plascencia continue their amazing craft on the visuals. The action scenes that depict Batman takin...

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Lockup: Metropolis 0

At the expense of purists' content and to the delight of new and casual readers, DC Comics renumbered its longest running comic book, Action Comics. A month has passed and the acclaim given to this book is more than justified, for Grant Morrison and Rags Morales have crafted something new in Superman's history while paying homage to its preceding volume. Will issue #2 continue the splendor that issue #1 has provided?  Let's review Action Comics #2. The GoodSuperman, after preventing a bullet tra...

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So Your Big Villain is a Galactus Lookalike? 0

Last month, Dan Jurgens and Aaron Lopresti, along with Matt Ryan (the inker, not the QB of the Falcons) joined to resurrect the Justice League International. While it pays homage to its classic line-up by making Booster Gold the appointed leader, and his subordinates consist of Fire, Ice, Rocket Red and Batman, it manage to throw in some new additions in Godiva, Vixen and August General in Iron, in order to further emphasize the team’s diversity. While issue #1 did a modest job to set the pace, ...

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Those Red Hippos... 0

Last month, Jeff Lemire, Travel Foreman, Dan Green, and Lovern Kindzierski unleashed the sleeper hit of the DCnU in Animal Man #1, which was received with critical and much-deserved acclaim. As a horror comic, the team in Animal Man did an outstanding job in Issue #1, with the cherry on top being its surreal, yet visually pleasing conclusion. Now, a month has passed, and the #2 are rolling in. Will Lemire and company replicate the magic in issue #1?  Jump into the Life Web, and join me as I revi...

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In The Dark 3

If there is one thing that can be said about DC's New 52, it's that it broadens its appeal to a variety of readers. From the people who enjoy their superhero comics with Justice League, to proven favorites like Batman, Green Lantern, and The Flash, and even touches on some cult classics like Swamp Thing and Animal Man. In this aspect, it also opens the window for new concepts, like integrating WildStorm with StormWatch and Grifter. Another book that joins this bold, new group of concepts, is tak...

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The New Opus of The Dark Knight 0

Last year, Scott Snyder undertook an epic that gave Detective Comics its finest storyline with The Black Mirror, in which he put former Batman Dick Grayson face the worst Gotham City has to offer. As the issues progressed, it became evident that his writing was tailor-made for Batman stories, as he concluded The Black Mirror and Gates of Gotham, with co-writer Kyle Higgins. Now, with DC Comics entering Week 3 of The New 52, Batman sees itself being wr...

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The Prologue of the DCnU 0

73 years ago, DC Comics, at the time known as National Allied Publications, released an iconic comic book series that has stood the test of time, Action Comics. Through 906 issues, it has housed the adventures of the Man of Steel, Superman, while also playing host to some intriguing stories, such as the introduction of Christopher Chance, also known as Human Target, the stories of Nightwing and Flamebird during the New Krypton storyline, the memorable collaboration of Geoff Johns and Ri...

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Good Start, Could've Been Better 0

Dan Jurgens and Aaron Lopresti join up to make a new volume of Justice League International #1, with a cast of characters that pay homage to the BWA-HA-HA-HA days, but at the same time, provide some new interests into the team. As a UN-sanctioned team, will the team built by handler Andre Briggs be a cohesive unit? Join me as I review Justice League International #1.  The GoodThe team built by Dan Jurgens proves to be an interesting bunch without deviating too far from the formula that made ...

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Don't Eat Poultry After Reading Animal Man #1 2

Why is this review being given such an unconventional title? I'll explain during the review. First off, let me start by saying that I never had the privilege of reading Grant Morrison's heralded run on Animal Man when he wrote it under Vertigo. I've been aware that his run is the measuring stick on how to tell a story about Buddy Baker, and his subsequent super-heroics and life as a married family man. Closest that I ever got to Animal Man, was when I read his Last Days of Animal Man mini-ser...

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The Beginning of the DCnU 0

I’m known for stories that build off the rich continuity that DC has. So when the idea of an entire line-wide relaunch was discussed, I knew it would stir controversy, which I’ve never been a big fan of. I knew it would change characters I was already comfortable with. And I knew I would have to completely re-think how I was going to approach everything I was writing. But I also knew it was a chance for every writer and artist to turn their focus on the one other thing that makes DC great:...

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The End of the DCU 0

Flashpoint ends its event, and the DC Universe as we knew it, with this fifth and final issue. While the change that it's promised on the cover occurs, it happens to have its chinks in the armor, in terms of its execution. It has a great amount of action, the script seems coherent for the most part, but there are little scenes that it tends to distort the story. Despite all its flaws and virtues, will this issue provide a coherent ending, and more importantly, provide a smooth transition into th...

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A Toast To The Black Mirror 0

If you were to tell me exactly one year ago, that Detective Comics would end their first volume by this month, I'd be upset at this. But now, looking back at it, this is not a forced ending. Instead, this final issue, fantastically made by Scott Snyder, Jock, Francesco Francavilla, and David Baron, is a vocal and visual tribute that reinforces an unwritten tradition in Detective Comics; to make great stories worthy of the name Detective Comics. The following review will demonstrate why this conc...

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"To go out like GODS." 2

I won't mince words here. The DC Universe is one book missing, due to the end of this grand opus, issue 36 of Secret Six.  To repeat the all-too familiar verbatim that this book met its end too soon would be redundant rhetoric at this point; what's done is done. This glorious group of villains may have gone out in a blaze of glory. But they did so as gods. Reason how that came to happen? The masterful writing of Gail Simone, the amazing pencils of Jim Calafiore, the wonderful coloring of John Ka...

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A Comic Imploring the Importance of Comics 0

I've been enjoying a marathon of reading the issues of The Spirit. Out of the First Wave, this is the book that is quietly stealing the show with a whisper, for the issues are undiscovered delights to read, in both writing and artistic labor. So Issue #14 is going to follow that momentum, with guest writer Matthew Sturges, who was fresh off his conclusion of JSA All-Stars. So grab your coat and fedora, and join me, as I review this diamond in the rough, Issue #14 of The Spirit.The Good  Don't th...

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The Changing of the Guard 1

As I eluded in the review of Justice League Generation Lost #24, this week has been particularly interesting, on the premise that DC has released 2 anniversary issues and 2 finales. Justice Society of America #50 happens to fall in the category of the former, thanks to the contribution of Mark Guggenheim, (who, coincidentally, was supposed to be the original writer for The Black Ring), as well as a plethora of artists that lend their talents to a modest anniversary issue. So, grab a cup of coffe...

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Final Justice 6

I'll be frank. The official review of Justice League Generation Lost is, for all intents and purposes, biased to the highest degree. So, for the sake of brevity, and to reinforce a point, I shall make my review of Issue #24. I can assure you, this issue is not as bad as it's panned out to be. There are some flaws, to be fair, but none that reaches such magnitude. Let's get on with it.The Good See? Summary. Judd Winnick, for the lack of a better term, has piggybacked onto the momentum that Ke...

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Action Comics 900 (Giving you thrills since 1938) 1

 From 1938 to the present... Just came back from Mac's Comics, and I just finished reading this issue. All I can muster to say is... Wow. Action Comics, DC's oldest comic book, gives a 900th issue, that while it's historic, it feels rejuvenated, like grabbing the first issue of Action Comics #1 when it first came out. The plethora of talent does their absolute best to make an issue that not only leaves you begging for more, it also makes you marvel at how they managed to fit all of these s...

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It's a Swerve! It's a Damn Swerve! 1

If there's one thing that is consistent, it's that Geoff Johns knows how to rejuvenate heroes. From Hal Jordan to Barry Allen, from the Justice Society to the Teen Titans, he breathes new life to these characters, and it's becoming more and more evident with Arthur Curry fighting in this Aquawar. Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi undertake a new chapter in the Aquawar emerging out of Brightest Day #20, to which it manages to amaze... and to infuriate,...

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The Road to Flashpoint, Part One 1

After treating fans with some stellar one-shots depicting Captain Boomerang and the Reverse Flash, Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul are back together again to lay down the groundwork for this summer's most ambitious event, Flashpoint. The first step they've taken, is making another must-read issue in The Flash #9.  Oh, and I'm finally back. Hi!  The Good  Enter... HOT PURSUIT. Right off the bat, we start off with an epic intro by this newest player in the Speed Force, Hot Pursuit. His motives, al...

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Shadow Crusaders and Close Quarter Conflict 2

Well, I'll be pleasantly surprised. Eric Trautmann and Brandon Jerwa have hit their stride with The Mighty Crusaders, specifically in this issue. As this mini-series closes in on another issue that gradually culminates to its conclusion, a lot can be seen that proves that this saga is one of DC's most underrated opus for 2010. And despite its shaky start as a knockoff of Secret Invasion, the story seems to be gradually cohesive, and taking a life on its own. Redundant intro aside, here's my revi...

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The Brave and the Bold. 1

It's amazing how one man's death can still have long-lasting effects on the superhero community. Since Batman was unfortunately tagged with the Omega Sanction, the people who knew him the most have all had their ways of coping with their collective loss. Tim Drake's been finding clues that Bruce may have dropped off in The Return of Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson stepped up to become the new Dark Knight, and here, in this issue of Superman/Batman #76, Clark Kent has a way of coping with that loss. Bu...

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They Stole The Show! 0

As of late, Brightest Day has dramatically increased in quality in terms of its stories since Issue #7. With its increased exposure on formerly forgotten characters over the easier route of relying on Green Lantern to tell solid stories, Geoff Johns and Peter J. Tomasi continue crafting an epic that may very well showcase the future landscape of the DCU, as the issue's title is hinting. So, grab your mementos, bond with your chemically intelligent buddy, and join me as I review Brightest Day #10...

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It takes an invasion to finally have a great issue! 0

To all who don't know who I am, I'm RedHurricane24. Here, I will be reviewing through my dummy account, CrimsonTempest, this latest issue of The Mighty Crusaders #3. Beforehand, I have been critical of the mini-series' art direction, due to some shortcomings from previous artist Julian Lopez. Now, with Issue #3, the quality has improved in not just the story, but in the art as well. So, ladies and gentlemen, forgive my brief absence, grab your hero suits, and join me as I review The Mighty Crusa...

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