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Character driven? As if 0

Let me state this. I went in objective about the book. And it did exactly what I was afraid it was going to do.1. Mischaracterization of Hazmat and Mettle2. Ignoring Canon3. New Characters BlandHe depicts Hazmat as a bitter person even before her powers when it was established that she only became bitter after her powers emerged. He also mischaracterized her personality. When hurt, she swears and was shown as being cunning and sly in Academy. Mettle, he depicted one dimension. He made it seem Me...

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Carey does it again! 0

Let us go with one of the must read x-titles of the current pull list X-Men Legacy.  The Good The good is Carey and Rogue. The plan that unfolded throughout was amazing and the fact that Rogue gets a huge spotlight in this book is a plus for me(biased love Rogue). The issue displays Endgame's abilities as well as some of the undiscovered personas in Legion. Loved one scene in particular which I can't speak of. Ties into the next arc very nicely and shows off the brashness of Rogue.  The Bad The ...

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No Longer Spider Man, just everyday man 0

I LOOOOVEEEE Dan Slott's ASm series, so let that be known. And this issue does not disappoint. How will Peter survive this arc? He is no longer special as he once was. How will Peter deal with it?  THE GOOD Loved the interaction between Carly after receiving Spider powers and Pete. Puts him not telling her on spot. A really human way of showing there difference. Then the tarantula and spider king showing there strength when the street hoodlums started to escalate out of control. Jackal's plan st...

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Great Read 0

Alright not a big fan of Young Avengers, never got into them.  But this series has turned me into a fan. Love Wiccan's attitude and nonchalant attitude about teleporting into Doom's castle. This series got my attention due to Wanda being involved. A great character who got shoved to the side. Alright, the art is fantastic and marvelous.  The Good  Every character comes off as how they are supposed to. No matter what, he gets all of them. Logan shown to be feral and unreasonable, Iron Man to be c...

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Carey is awesome but 0

Alright, the writing of this issue was the sh*t which you can always expect with Carey.He does a fantastic job, on par with Kyle and Yost with every character he can touch. Would have been a 5 star issue but Greg Land brought it down. The way he drew Cyke and Logan looking exactly the same and how he constantly draws ALL the characters like models takes away from the said characters. Also, pretty much told you who Hope was in one panel due to how he drew her.  The Good Carey, nothin' more to say...

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The Dark Horse 0

Alright, haven't been following New Mutants but now on my buy. Was fantastic. A perfect issue, characters are themselves with Zeb Wells. Give this guy more stories, he was amazing with all of them and captured them all. The art by Ibraim Roberson was unreal. Was deep and made you connect with the characters. Set up subplots for the issues as well as Hellbound.   The Good Art fantastic Captures you with the sub plots All characters done magnificently Makes you feel for the X-Men and New Mutants a...

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Good but meh 0

Alright, this is a good issue but don't get me wrong: Good for Fraction with the X-Men. Fraction is not the best at writing them. He does not capture the character's fully IMO and he did not pace it correctly. Also, the art felt too cartoony for the X-Men. The X-comics to me should have emotional provoking artists who depict them as close to real as possible.  The Good Good storyline Has some good action sequences Brings out Hope's feminine side  The Bad Too cartoony Not paced right with writing...

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Good Solid Start 0

Alright, this issue was a good solid start. Written by Yost and Kyle, so good there. Has plenty of action in the issue to keep the reader interested. Start off with showing the ruins of the X-Mansion through time which was a good start IMHO.Gives you a feel of the X-Men  The Good Good Action sequences Excellent Art Character feel like them(Magik/Pixie quips are good examples) Feel the dire situation Understand the stress Cyke is under  The Bad Was missing something in the art and writing to give...

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