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  • Unlike most people on this site I wasn't brought up with comic books and I didn't even know what a comic book was up until about six years ago when I was ten years old, so one of my first comic books was a reprinting of an old Spider-Man comic book that came in The Chicago Sun-Times every week for a few weeks.

  • Up until Smallville I never had much of an interest in Superman but now I really do like the character.

  • I really like him because he's has such an interesting history, I mean he's been robin, Nightwing, and now Batman. I'll admit I never liked him as Robin but now that he's Batman I really like him, even more so than Bruce.

  • A few years ago when I was just starting to get into comic book characters Hawkman was one that really peaked my interest for some reason. I'm a big history buff so he really appealed to me.

  • Marc Spector is a really unique character, there is no way he is a Batman knock off.

  • Wonder Woman is a kick-ass character and that's why I like her.

  • I love Doc Savage because he has no super powers he just uses his mind,his money,and his muscles to solve the world's problems.

  • My favorite Green Lantern, I always liked him because I've always found him to be the most interesting Lantern besides Kyle.