Casting Call: Frank Castle

Like many I felt that both of the Punisher films released by Lionsgate were lousy and did little justice to the actual character himself I liked the 2004 version and would give it 3.5/5 stars but still it featured very little Punisher kind of stuff I guess because of the comic it was based on was essentially supposed to be an origin story. So when the head of Marvel Studios-Kevin Feige announced that Disney/Marvel Studios had acquired the rights, I was happy because I knew that a good Punisher movie might be made. That movie or possibly show is going to be titled Frank Castle and is possibly going to be released in 2014 if the movie project is still in development.

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If done right, The Punisher could make an awesome movie but sadly the original film with Dolph Lundgren was just an action movie, 2004’s Punisherwas pretty good at times but still didn't have a great story, and 2008’s Punisher War Zone was all mindless action with no real story. Thomas Jane made a great Punisher but the story was the problem. All the film needs is to be grounded like the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films. The Punisher could be done right like that but so far, nobody has ever had much of a good idea on how to write the character well in a movie.


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Michael Mann is the best possible choice for directing a Punisher movie. Crime thrillers are his thing so a Punisher movie with him onboard means business. He’s directed such famed films like 1995’s Heat with Al Pacino, 1999’s The Insider which was also a crime film, 2004’s Collateral with Tom Cruise, and even 2009’s Public Enemies.

The guy has the experience and the know how to do a Punisher movie but the success of the film all depends on the rating. The rights belong to Disney and Marvel Studios who have yet to make an R-Rated film together and in fact Disney has never done an R-rated movie which presents a problem as the Punisher needs to R-rated in order to work.

Mann is the like the go to guy when doing crime film so I’m plenty sure he could make the best Punisher ever made. There’s no doubt in my mind that this guy could do a terrific Punisher film even If I’m not a huge fan of the character myself. He knows the genre better than anyone and while I've only seen Public Enemies, I know this guy can do it and can do it pretty darn well. Now only get Garth Ennis to help out on the script and you've got yourself a Punisher movie. Top that off with Thomas Jane and you have the perfect Punisher film.

The Punisher

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I really liked Thomas Jane when he was in The Punisher and I would go as far to say I would bring him back as the character. Ray Stevenson was good in the role as well but I just felt Thomas Jane felt more like the Punisher to me.

He played the character once before and he can still the play the character, even at age 42. During preparation for the role, Jane read as many Punisher comics as he could and even spent 6-7 months training with Navy Seals for the role. He hasn't done anything kind of even like the Punisher since it and I know he wanted to come back as the character for a sequel that never got made so I'm sure he'd do it.

When I heard about a new Punisher film, I immediately thought of having Jane reprise the role because I pictured Castle being a little older in this film because many of the other actors playing some of the heroes and other characters are actually in their 40’s as well. If Robert Downey Jr. can be Iron Man at like age 46 then I don't see why Thomas Jane couldn't be the Punisher. He was in the Jonah Hex animated short that came out in 2010 with Batman: Under The Red Hood and could have even played the character in live-action but obviously hasn't.

Lt. Martin Soap

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Martin Soap is Castle’s police contact who provides him with information from the police database. He is generally shown to be an incompetent detective but I’m not sure he should be that way on screen because comic-relief is no longer something people like in a movie. It’s funny for a little bit and then it gets annoying. Anyways, the character was created in 2001 by Garth Ennis who is commonly said to be the greatest Punisher writer of all time.

The actor I had in mind who I’m sure could do both the comic relief version of the character or the more serious and competent version shown in Punisher Noir. That actor is Bradley Cooper. I like Bradley Cooper and in fact when I’m stumped with casting choices, I usually go with Bradley Cooper as a temporary choice because he’s actually quite versatile.

The Punisher doesn't have a lot of great supporting characters and while Microchip is typically thought of as Punisher's ally, I'd prefer it if that character weren't used again because he just doesn't seem to be very important anymore. It's nice to have an explanation of where Frank gets his weapons from but the character of Microchip is kind of lame.

General Zahkarov

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Looking through his list of enemies on ComicVine, I stumbled across one interesting sounding Punisher villain called General Zahkarov. The character has only appeared in fourteen issues during the "Mother Russia" story arc of The Punisher Max series which was written by Garth Ennis. I thought it would be interesting to have a Russian gangster as the villain instead of a more colorful villain like Jigsaw.

An actor I thought of for the role would be Philip Seymour Hoffman. The guy is supposed to be a seriously talented actor that many comic book fans wanted to see as The Penguin in The Dark Knight Rises but that obviously never happened. Off the top of my head I have no idea if he's played villains before but I think it'd be kind of neat to see him as a Russian villain even if I know nothing about the character or Hoffman himself.

I don't know if that kind of a character would work in a Michael Mann directed Punisher movie but I really don't know. It was just sort of an idea I had but I'm not nearly big enough of a Punisher fan to really say that. Or another more famous villain from Punisher's rogues gallery could be Barracuda-a villain many fans like.


Terry Crews
Terry Crews

Thanks to not_a_bumblebee who suggested using Barracuda in this film, I can now find actors to play the character. The character could be played by any number of tough imposing black actors including Terry Crews, Michael Clarke Duncan, Wesley Snipes, and Quinton Jackson. Out of those actors, I know two of them for sure can act. Those two are Wesley Snipes and Michael Clarke Duncan. If the Noir Universe version of the character was used, you could have him working for Zahkarov like he did in the comics in that Universe or the regular version of the character could be used.

I think Terry Crews is the best out of all them to play the character. I'm one of the few who enjoyed Daredevil and one of the many who enjoyed Michael Clarke Duncan as Kingpin. Parts of the movie may have been lousy but casting Michael Clarke Duncan was a brilliant idea. I would choose him for the role except I don't want to see him typecasted as that kind of character and by casting him, I'd be typecasting him.

Barracuda is the kind of villain that equals the Punisher in terms of skill and ruthlessness. He was trained in the US Army and is a gang leader, so really a more modernish villain for the Punisher. War Zone made the mistake of making the villain Jigsaw a cartoon essentially and that's just one of the reasons why that movie wasn't very good.


Why I'm leaving this site.

I have now been on this site for nearly a year and during that time, I've grown to dislike this site considerably. The Whiskey Media Sites are great sites, it's just ComicVine isn't. People in general on this site seem to haven't the faintest idea of what respecting others' opinions means and generally rude in comparison to the other Whiskey Media sites. Now Screened on the other hand where I spend most of my time is a great site and it's noticeable that I spend more time on there as my Wiki Points considerably higher over there.

Reasons Why I'm leaving

Homer freaking out at the lack of content on ComicVine.
Homer freaking out at the lack of content on ComicVine.

Lack of quality content

If there has been one thing I've noticed since I've been on this site, it's that the quality of the content this site produces isn't very good. It seems to me that the main staff member whose name I shall not mention doesn't seem to care about this site anymore. I also have begun to notice that some of the articles and reviews on this site are clearly biased. I won't say which staff member I feel is biased or towards but just that I feel some of the writing is biased. This site also regularly fails to write news articles, sometimes even on big comic related new stories. Now I understand that the staff can not write articles on everything but If this site can't report major comic related news stories than I don't see why they even bother to write news articles at all.

I'm not a Paid Member and while I'd like to be, I don't have the money because I don't have job. It seems to me that the staff have forgotten about the userbase and care solely about the Paid Members. Still I have to complement InferiorEgo, Matt Demers, and Undeadpool because their articles are always top notch quality articles on this site.

Dumb Rules

The ridiculous rules we have on this site are ones that have been bugging me for some time now and I still fail to understand why some of them are in place. No matter what any Mod tells me, I will not believe that some of these rules serve any purpose. The most unnecessary and irritating rule we have has got to be New Releases policy. Not being allowed to add a comic, even if it has a comic until the day before it is released is just completely unnecessary. Giant Bomb doesn't have rule against adding games before they're released and Screened has no such policy either so why should this site. I never can add new issues and if I did, I wouldn't follow the rule as it's unnecessary. I mean no disrespect to the mod who came up with it or any of the other mods.

The Community

Now I can't blame the site for this and so I'm going to blame the terrible users that are on this site. Now I'm sure there are plenty of great users on this site but I can't help but feel that there are many users/fanboys on here who don't understand how to respect other's opinions. Sure all the WM sites have those users but it seems that this site and Giant Bomb have the largest amounts of them. Though one complaint that talking about the Star Wars prequels can leave with an inbox full of angry messages. I actually like them but trying to convince people they're not as bad as people say they are is nearly impossible on Screened.

So yeah, this is basically why I'm deciding to spend even less time than I do now on this site. I love the WM sites and Screened so you'll see me on them but Screened mostly and not on this site very often. I hate ranting but I can't help but express my dissatisfaction with this site. I'll still be here reviewing comics and an occasional blog but that's it. I hope this site can improve but as of right now, I don't think it will.


Casting Call: Namor The Sub-Mariner

Now I'm not one of Namor's biggest fans and in fact in comparison to Aquaman, I personally don't like him as much. Though a film based on Namor is more likely because he is an Avenger and Marvel Studios/Disney do have the rights and are currently aiming at a 2014 release for the film. Since he's a lot less well known than Aquaman, bringing him to the big screen would be easier and he would fit right into the world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is the first one of these blogs that I've done where the actor has already been approached for the role. The actor in question is Zac Efron, the once star of the High School Musical series.Though my top choice is Zachary Quinto. My second choice is Eric Bana even if he is a little older than most of The Avengers. Though RDJ is 46.

Extremely bad-ass looking Namor.
Extremely bad-ass looking Namor.
Namor wearing pants and a shirt ( for once)
Namor wearing pants and a shirt ( for once)

As some may have noticed, Iron Man 2 dropped a whole lot of references to the various Avengers and showed that SHIELD was looking at different super-humans or things in several countries and one location in the Mid-Atlantic. That was a reference to Namor meaning either that it's a crash site of something, something was discovered there, or it's Atlantis. Jon Favreau only confirmed that the location in Africa was indeed Wakanda and that one of the dots was about Thor and two were related to Captain America.

I don't think anyone would have too much of a problem with adapting Namor to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as long as the wings on his feet are completely gotten rid of. He also would definitely not need to wear that speedo because he could look like he does above, that is if he isn't wearing the speedo and wearing pants instead in that picture. In the comics, he has in recent times actually worn a costume which could work on screen. Like The Inhumans who are also getting a movie, Namor is closely connected to The Fantastic Four but due to the rights being owned by Fox we can never see the two meet on film and that's probably for the better.


Joe Johnston
Joe Johnston

Honestly, I think there are probably quite a few directors that could pull off the movie quite well but if it were going to be a period piece to tie into Captain America, then I would choose Joe Johnston hands down because The Rocketeer was pretty awesome and Captain America was pretty good as well. He knows how to do action scenes without using a lot of computer effects as he had to with The Rocketeer. I would still choose Johnston even if weren't a period piece because I really think he can handle Namor.


Zachary Quinto
Zachary Quinto

My top choice would be Zachary Quinto if he bulked up some and grew his hair out. Quinto sorts of has an astonishing resemblance to Namor.The character is Marvel's first superhero and hero in general so getting the ideal actor is very important but sadly Marvel hasn't really focused on trying to get his movie made. I can see him being introduced into the Avengers sequel before he gets his own movie but still he does deserve one pretty soon.

The problem with the character is that he can fly in the comics because of the little wings he has on ankles. In order for the character to work on screen, those would have to go. Of course the amount of internet vitriol that would be hurled at such a big change to the character could seriously hamper Marvel's attempt to get the character on screen because the numbers of fans who go to see these movies and see them more than once are large.

My second choice is Eric Bana. Sure Bana did a lousy job as Bruce Banner but that's because he had no room to do anything with the character because he was so poorly written. He made his comeback though as Nero in 2009's Star Trek which Quinto also starred in. Bana certainly could be the commanding Namor that I want to see. He's also a bit older which would make Namor being as old as he is a little more believable. Like Quinto, Bana is also over six feet tall with Bana being an inch and a half taller.


Ron Perlman
Ron Perlman

Namor has one of the absolute worst rogues galleries I can think of so Attuma was really the only decent villain I could find for Namor to face off against. Of course if it was set post-Avengers, we could have Namor facing off on his own against some alien race. Anyways, Attuma is basically one of Namor's oldest foes who constantly wants to take over Atlantis and rule it himself.

Attuma could be created digitally via motion capture and have an actor play him while filming. Finding an actor who could play Attuma is pretty darn tough though one actor who could play the character is Ron Perlman. Perlman played Hellboy with a lot of makeup and prosthetics and while that could work with Attuma as well, I think he'd probably be done by motion capture.


Casting Call for a Comic Book Movie: Batman

We are all aware of the fact that in around 2014 or possibly 2015, Warner Bros will have out a brand new Batman movie; another reboot of the Batman Series. I for one am happy because I did not like The Dark Knight but thought Batman Begins was pretty good because it really did a good job at representing what makes Batman, Batman.

Bruce Wayne showing the future of Gotham City
Bruce Wayne showing the future of Gotham City

With the many new concepts introduced since the last Batman film, a new Batman film could set up a lot for a whole new series, including Batman, Inc and really show Gotham City like it is now in the comics. The film could also really show how much influence Bruce Wayne really does have on Gotham City.


Darren Aronofsky

Darren Aronofsky
Darren Aronofsky

I'm not known for being a fan of Christopher Nolan's films primarily because some of them seem to move at very slow paces and that really turns me off. I would have like Inception better if it weren't so slow to get going. Anyways, finding a Director who can truly capture the 70 plus years of Batman's history and roll it all together into a fresh modern Batman movie is quite hard. However, Jon Favreau, Kenneth Branagh, and Joe Johnston were all able to take years of history for each Avenger and craft a realistic film that still remained faithful to the character and their history.

Aronofsky was once hired by Warner Bros in the early 2000's to do Batman: Year One which was going to be of course based on the legendary comic of the same name by Frank Miller. So, Aronofsky brought in Miller to co-write the script with him. Aronofsky also coincidentally approached the current Batman actor- Christian Bale for the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman. I guess Aronofsky was familiar with him due to American Psycho being released that year.

I think Aronofsky is a perfect director to do a Batman movie. He's been hired to do one in the past and was even approached for Batman Begins. Warner Bros. clearly likes the guy for a reason. He can craft these excellently well told stories and just make them so hauntingly bizarre. I think he really seems to be a generally good director and I think Black Swan sort of proves why he'd be able to tell us a very dark Batman story, not one that focuses on the villain instead of Batman and really shows the two sides to Batman-Bruce Wayne and Batman in a possibly doppleganger like way.


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I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest another actor that was once signed to play the role in the Justice League movie that was shelved. That actor is Armie Hammer, the great-grandson of Armand Hammer whose father I believe created the company Arm & Hammer and then named his son after it. Sure he may be young and was set to play the Lone Ranger in Gore Verbinski's now shelved adaptation of The Lone Ranger but I still think he could be good for the role because he was once chosen for a reason. Filmmaker George Miller handpicked Hammer for the role for a reason, but for what reason I really have no idea.

Going with a younger actor to play Batman, especially one who doesn't have a big career right now means the series could go on longer. Bale is a big actor now and Nolan is a big director now. Neither can keep doing Batman for forever and so a younger actor could be the right way to go. Sure Hammer looks quite a bit like Dick Grayson and could easily play Dick as Batman but he could also play Bruce Wayne.

Hammer happens to stand at 6'5 so he's easily tall enough and I believe actually has the build to play the character. I've never seen him in any movies but I've heard he does have a deeper voice as well which isn't something you need to play Batman but it just helps if he has a deeper tone to his voice, like Kevin Conroy does.

Mad Hatter

Ladies and Gentleman, The Mad Hatter
Ladies and Gentleman, The Mad Hatter

With Aronosky at the helm, I would have to say the Mad Hatter would be the best possible choice for a villain as Aronofsky could do wonders with the character. An actor I feel and many feel has the right skill to play the character would be Michael C. Hall. The Mad Hatter is one of the few Batman villains that is actually a wacko, he does actually have a great deal of mental issues and is delusional. The Joker is just a psychopath, not insane.

Michael C Hall has the necessary talent to play someone as disturbed as The Mad Hatter because of his work on Dexter where he played a Forensic blood pattern analyst who moonlighted as a serial killer of those who escaped justice. The Mad Hatter is a man who suffers from OCD and is delusional but at the same time has a genius level intellect.

Like most of the actors I've suggested for roles in other films, I haven't seen him in anything but from what I know, this guy is seriously talented. He was able to show great range with the character of Dexter and really could make Jervis Tetch a really twisted messed up guy. Combine that with Aronofsky's storytelling skills and you have on hell of a Batman movie.

The only problem though that I see some fans would have is the fact that the Mad Hatter is a rather short fellow. He's not even Five Feet tall but still, I would not really choose another actor for the role. There is Danny DeVito but he's a little old now.


Casting Call for Comic Book Movies: Aquaman

The Aquaman movie seems to have been in development for years now. In 2007, Aquaman was going to be in Justice League Mortal; played by Santiago Cabrera. That movie was shelved though and since then nothing has come of it. In July 2009, it was reported that Leonardo Dicaprio's production company Appian Way was developing an Aquman movie. That was confirmed by the CEO of Warner Bros, Barry Meyer.

Bad-ass Aquaman
Bad-ass Aquaman

Now if done in the style that Thor was done in, Aquaman could be a really good movie. Unfortunately though, the general public commonly dismisses Aquaman as being a wimpy hero because most are only familiar with the version of Aquaman they remember from the older Super Friends cartoons or they only associate the character with being able to talk to fish which he can not do anymore. Get Kenneth Branagh onboard and a really good writer, the movie could then be really good. Aquaman doesn't need to be underwater like Thor doesn't need to be in Asgard in order for the movie to work.


Kenneth Branagh


Kenneth Branagh really did a good job with Thor and I think would be the perfect choice for Director on this project. He can take a somewhat outlandish character, take the character's entire history, and cram all that plus make it a very modern Shakespearean superhero film and you've got Aquaman. Nobody thought Thro would work unless the character was completely stripped down, Branagh didn't do that and was able to take Thor's 40 plus year comic book history and make it into a very well made believable and cool movie.

Add in some Shakespearean intrigue into Aquaman, and you've got a pretty interesting movie. Though I'm not quite sure Branagh could make Aquaman as tough we'd like to see him be in the movie and he'd probably got the route of doing Grant Morrison's Aquaman with the beard and make him more of a King instead of the younger warrior like Aquaman.

Still, I have faith that Branagh could do wonders with the bearded slightly older Aquaman. I myself am a fan of all versions of Aquaman and would love to see any version except the old campy version to come to the big screen. By having Branagh do an Aquaman movie, it could set up the Justice League movie which Warner Bros. is so eager to do. Explain how the Atlantean magic is just extremely advanced science, and feature a cameo of some other hero or even somebody from somewhere else that will form the Justice League and then you've got a great Aquaman movie.

JJ Abrams

JJ Abrams did what everyone thought was impossible and made Star Trek cool. He redefined what Star Trek is for an entire generation and since Aquaman is generally viewed as uncool by the general public, Abrams could change everyone's minds on that. Course one problem is JJ Abrams is currently devoted to the Star Trek movies and as a result, he would have to choose between those and this. Big problem is if he left Star Trek to do this, who would take over the series. Certainly not someone like Brett Ratner but for me, I'd choose Bryan Singer.


Alexander Skarsgård
Alexander Skarsgård

Aquaman is probably the most difficult character to cast as not too many closely even resemble the character or are even right for the role. Though the one actor I have found that I really feel could play the character is Alexander Skarsgard. The actor is currently starring on the popular TV show True Blood. I haven't seen the show so I can't speak for his acting ability but his looks are enough to convince me he's got what it takes to play Aquaman.

Obviously by the way Skarsgard looks, the slightly older bearded Aquaman would impossible to do because Skarsgard isn't old enough and I don't want to see him with a beard as Aquaman. I don't know if Skarsgard has an accent but considering he's from Sweden, I'm going to assume he does. Coming from Atlantis, I've always imagined Aquaman with some sort of accent and I think it's reasonable to assume that he has one because he's from a place isolated from the rest of the world.

Aquaman seems like a tall guy to me and I'm pretty sure Skarsgard is also pretty tall. He's played a soldier before in a critically acclaimed HBO series so I'm sure he can play a tough Aquaman and not a pretty boy version. He's well known to big TV people but to moviegoers, he's not a big star so he's perfect to be the main star of the film.

No Caption Provided

My other choice is Sean Bean. Bean would of course be playing the older even more bad-ass Aquaman. He's a very good actor and certainly has the build for the role. His work on the Lord of the Rings is certainly enough to convince me that him playing an older Aquaman would be incredibly awesome.

Beardy Aquaman was a whole different kind of character than the Aquaman we had seen before. He was grumpier and acted more like a pirate than anything else. I think it would be cool to see Sean Bean playing that version of Aquaman because I think audiences would be in for a big surprise with the character like that. He also during that time mainly had the harpoon hand which is something I personally would save for a sequel.


No Caption Provided

For Mera I had some difficulty in finding an actress but hunting around some forums on the internet, one actress in particular came to my attention. That would be Rachel McAdams. I haven't seen her act but I'm pretty sure she's a good actress and her beauty is just stunning. Seeing her on the screen with Alexander Skarsgard would be pretty cool. I'm pretty sure she could play the girlfriend of Aquaman. Yes, I did say girlfriend as I would not want to see the two married right away. From what I recall, the character of Irene Adler whom McAdams played in Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes is somewhat of a tough girl as Sherlock Holes doesn't go after an ordinary woman.

For, Mera has to be tough. She can't simply be the woman who stays behind in Atlantis but instead goes after Aquaman in order to prove herself to him. He would at first reject the notion of taking her along but she'd prove to him that she can handle herself. McAdams is quickly becoming a popular actress and I think she'd be perfect for Mera.


Sean Bean
Sean Bean

I wasn't sure what villain to really pick for this but after thinking about it, I decided on Orm-Aquaman's brother. Branagh's good at having brothers with conflicts as shown in Thor and the conflict between Orm and Orin (Aquaman) is bound to be pretty cool. Casting Orm is a different story. I liked Tom Hiddleston but I would never cast him in another role just like Loki. I honestly can't think of anyone to play him or any Aquaman villain for that matter. Hiddleston was a great Loki but I wouldn't want to see him play the same kind of character again. I guess I'll really have to think on this one.Though some more poking around internet forums, I stumbled upon a favorite of mine-Sean Bean. Sure he's older than Skarsgard but I'm sure somebody can find a way to explain the age difference.

Viggo Mortensen would be my choice for the role if Sean Bean were playing Aquaman. Both around the same age which is a good thing when having the two casted as brothers. They worked together on Lord of The Rings and while I'm not sure if Mortensen has played a villain before, I'm confident he could be awesome as Orm.

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DC Comics' New 52 Reviews

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I was one of the few who was actually excited to see that DC was trying something new with their comics and trying to go modern. Before, DC's comics were getting a little stale and for someone like me who hasn't been reading comics all that long couldn't get all the titles I wanted to get because I wouldn't understand what was going on in the comics due to my not reading previous stories. I'm a loyal DC fan, I like several other companies including Marvel and independents but none of them mean as much to me as DC. I grew up with these characters and Bruce Timm's animated shows. Sure those were versions of my favorite characters that I loved but it didn't take me long to fall in love with the comics that those characters came from. Sure I missed seeing the flirting between Batman and Wonder Woman and some other relationships but I began to really like other ones as well. I liked most of the DCAU shows except for BTAS and Static Shock.

As for the new 52, I jumped at the chance to get all of them for only $52 because well I like to save money and I finally could start to read the comics I had been wanting to but without the problems of having to go back and catch up on previous storylines. Sure I'm disappointed that the JSA are disappearing off to Earth-2, that Supergirl is changing, Red Robin is losing his series, and that Stephanie Brown was losing the mantle of Batgirl. But I was excited that all issues with Hawkman's continuity could finally be cleared up, that we were getting an all new Justice League, that Aquaman was getting a new series by Geoff Johns, and that Barry Allen was keeping the mantle of The Flash. Below will be reviews of each title in alphabetical order. I will continually update this as the new titles come out over the next few weeks.

Week One Average: 7.9/10 or 3.9/5

Week Two Average:

Week Three Average:

Week Four Average

Action Comics

Action Comics is DC's flagship and upon hearing that It was going to Grant Morrison and Rags Morales, I was excited; but not for Morrison as I've never read any of his work but for Rags Morales as he's my favorite artist. There really isn't much of a story other than having Superman going around and trying to stop various things. This new version of Superman is younger as this is set before Justice League takes place. He isn't the big blue scout we all know him to be, this Superman isn't afraid of doing things he shouldn't do and even threatens a guy into confessing. He starts off as slightly misguided. We also find that Clark Kent isn't a reporter for the Daily Planet but is instead working for a rival paper and constantly steals Lois' story. He is also best friends with Jimmy Olsen and lives in some little apartment in Metropolis.

General Sam Lane and Lex Luthor are interested in capturing Superman to understand him and fashion him to a weapon. However they haven't faintest idea of what can hurt Superman until he fails to stop a train going 200 MPH and is smashed into a wall.

Grant Morisson really knows what he's doing with this new version of Superman and shows that in the beginning Superman wasn't perfect and like Smallville, he couldn't fly at first. He's rougher with criminals and his personality reflects how he was in the Golden Age comics. Like we've seen in other stories so far, the Police don't like and don't trust super-humans. Though some of the people do trust Superman whereas the Government and the Police don't. Rags Morales is my favorite artist out there and does a wonderful job with this issue and I liked the idea that Superman didn't have a full costume at first. This Superman doesn't have all of his powers at first and can only run really fast and jump great distances and heights but can fly. The premise though that Superman is the enemy of the city is neat at first but it definitely is not something that can go on for too long in this book because at somepoint Superman has to be accepted by the public as a hero.

I honestly can say the only real thing I liked about this issue was the art and I just felt like this comic just wan't great. I really hoped it would be and was excited for this but was let down and disappointed to find that Grant Morrison isn't as good of a writer as everyone says he is. . 3.5./5 Stars

Animal Man

No Caption Provided

When I first heard about this I knew that this title was going to be terrible as Animal Man has never been a cool character and has one of the worst superhero names out there, and his powers are nothing special either. First thing I noticed about this issue was it's art style. It didn't look like any of the other comics Had seen so far and didn't look like a DC Comic. After reading part of it, I realized I was wrong and found this to be exceptionally well written and really explored the character of Animal Man. It is also exceptionally well drawn by Travel Foreman.

Jeff Lemire really takes an interesting look at the character, making him seem more like an average Joe than a superhero. The story is that Buddy Baker who has since settled down and sort of retired from superhero life is now an actor and a family man but he decides to go back to being Animal Man and he finds his daughter is beginning to manifest strange powers of her own. This is by far the best book I've read yet and is much better than I had thought it would be. Jeff Lemire is really able to modernize Buddy and blends family drama with horror and superheroics.

Travel Foreman is an artist I am not familiar with but I was absolutely floored by some of his work in this book. If he continues like this, he could be one of DC's biggest artists in the future and the same goes for Jeff Lemire.

I originally thought this book was going to be bad but within a few pages, I was sold on this book and it is now one I plan to get each month. 5/5 Stars


At first, I was apprehensive about this title as I had really grown to like Stephanie Brown as Batgirl and that I had never liked Barbara Gordon all that much. My first introduction to the character of Barbara Gordon as Batgirl was with Batman: Sub Zero from 1998. Like many, I was first introduced to her as Oracle in Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham Asylum. I wasn't entirely all too familiar with writer Gail Simone before this book as I didn't read Birds of Prey ever and have very low expectations for the new book. However one thing I knew about her was that her work on Barbara Gordon is held in high esteem by fans and that is what made me curious about this book.


Anyways on to the story now. The story is the best possible jumping on point for anyone looking to get into Barbara Gordon. There are quite a few nods to her time in the wheelchair though whether or not she has ever been Oracle is not stated. The story is that Barbara Gordon is now looking for an apartment as she is trying to kind of have her own life away from her father whom she's had to live with for the past three years due to her being in the wheelchair. There is a new villain in town called Mirror who kills in creative, gruesome ways that mirror things within his victim's pasts.The subplot of the story is Barbara looking for an apartment, which she finds in a less then great neighborhood but it fits her needs and finds a roommate their as well who is going to presumably be too busy to really notice Barbara going out at all ours of the night.

Gail Simone is a talented writer and clearly knows how to introduce a character to many fans who had never gotten to see her as Batgirl. She is very careful in this issue in regards to Barbara's past and tries to stay clear of referencing to man older stories with the exception of Killing Joke which the events of are clearly shown in this issue. Mirror is the most puzzling character in this issue, I don't know whether it was Simone who created him or if it was somebody else working on the book. The good thing about him is he isn't an older Bat villain and is a brand new one which is something I enjoy because I like the Bat-Family's rogues gallery expand. There is also a Batwoman reference in this issue, meaning that Batwoman has been active for at least sometime now and that crooks have largely forgotten about the original Batgirl because there had been two other since.

No Caption Provided

Ardian Syaf is artist on this book and is a great artist. He had the trouble of designing a brand new suit for Batgirl that resembles the original but is different. It is notable that the suit isn't bullet proof because a crook nearly shoots Barbara and the line she says indicates that her suit isn't bullet proof like Bruce's or isn't all that resistant to bullets. The suit is definitely not a cybernetic suit because Barbara is able to walk just fine without it on. Batgirl #1 was a great issue and it definitely was better than I thought it would be and I can say it enjoy it. It still doesn't convince me that Barbara should be Batgirl instead of Stephanie but it still is pretty good. 4.5/5 Stars


No Caption Provided

Hot off his run on Detective Comics, Scott Snyder has Bruce Wayne all over the present day DCU fighting criminals to having him back at Wayne Manor. He finds that somebody is going to attempt to kill him as Bruce Wayne. I was really looking forward to this book as I wanted to see how good Scott Snyder was at writing Batman, considering how positively received his run featuring Dick Grayson as Batman in Detective Comics was. I expected goo things from and I was blown away by it.

We find Batman in the beginning of the book attempting to stop a massive breakout of criminals at Arkham Asylum. He is then actually joined by The Joker who actually beats the crap out of several criminals. I had never seen The Joker do anything like that before and that sort of proves that The Joker is top dog in the criminal underworld.

The art by Greg Capullo is simply amazing. The man probably put an enormous amount of work into this one issue and does a simply incredible job at it. There is truly not a better artist out there right now than Greg Capullo. Showing how all Bat-Villains have only makeshift costumes when attempting to break out was a really good idea. The only complaint I have is that Tim Drake and Damian both look slightly younger and smaller than I thought they were. I never knew Bruce Wayne was as tall as Capullo seems to draw him as and while I'm not complaining about that, it's just that he makes Tim and Damian look far to small compared to Bruce. Colorist FCO Plasencia is also worth mentioning because his work is equally important as the artist and is extremely talented.

I don't think I could have ever been more impressed by this book. Scott Snyder is said to an incredible Batman writer and I can see why in this issue. He really does a terrific job at bringing a great story together and sets the tone for the rest of his run. This is most definitely worth picking up and I can guarantee you will be blown away by this incredibly phenomenal issue. Everyone on this book seems to have worked very hard on it and the results clearly show that. 5/5 Stars

Demon Knights

Simply amazing Artwork there.
Simply amazing Artwork there.

Disappointing me with both accessibility and story in Stormwatch, I really hoped Paul Cornell's Demon Knights would be much better. After reading the first couple pages, I was sucked in; not only by the absolutely breathtaking art but the story of Etrigan as well.

Etrigan isn't exactly the most well known DC character but he's always been a favorite of mine and I've been waiting for him to get a book sometime soon and I'm glad he has a book currently. Cornell does a very good job at introducing to Medeival England and Etrigan himself. We are first introduced to him when we see that he is being imprisoned by Merlin. Jason Blood then enters the room and is bonded with the Demon Etrigan by Merlin.

As a fan of Etrigan, I obviously recognize all these characters like Mordru but others don't and Paul Cornell is able to introduce these old characters and completely overhaul them for new readers. The Medeival Era of the DCU is something we've only seen bits of with Etrigan and some of the others Medeival heroes of the DCU but with this, we get a book set entirely in a world before superheroes where Magic reigned supreme.

Much credit has to go artist Diogenes Neves whose work on this book is simply breathtaking. Of course his art would still be great but wouldn't be like it is in the book without colorist Marcelo Maiolo. Both guys simply poured their hearts out on this issue and it looks incredible. I hate to say it, but you could buy this issue just for the combined work of those two guys.

I had no idea that there was going to be a team in this book but having Jason Blood lead a team (Madame Xanadu, Sir Ystin, Vandal Savage, Exoristos, Al Jabr, and Horsewoman) of Medeival Era heroes is actually a cool idea. I'm curious as to why Vandal Savage was chosen to be on the team but I suppose that instead of having to create another character, Paul Cornell decided to use a character that isn't too often and I guess Vandal Savage fits the bill.

I honestly can say this is the best thing I've read from DC in a while. I love the Medeival Era and I love this book. Etrigan is a great character and I'm glad DC recognizes that. This title is worth picking up for both the art and the story. If you don't love this the way I do or everyone else has, then that's your problem. I never would have expected to see a book like this and while It ended sort of abruptly, that just made me want to get the second issue even faster.5/5 Stars

Detective Comics

This has been a series that I have been waiting to read for sometime but couldn't because I had no idea where to start. This is one of DC's flagship titles and thanks to Tony Daniel and Ryan Winn, it lives up to that. From what I've read, Detective Comics lately had been very good and this is certainly no exception.

Batman Vs Dollmaker
Batman Vs Dollmaker

The story is that like we saw in Justice League, the police are still after Batman even five years later. At this time, Batman is not a public figure like he will ( I said will because I believe Batman, Inc takes place after this issue) be in Batman, Inc. Jim Gordon is still Commissioner and at this time is allied with Batman though he won't admit it or really comment on the issue. Though the Mayor Hady disapproves of vigilantes; as does the GCPD and Detective Harvey Bullock. The story is that Batman is chasing The Joker and finds that a string of murders over the past year are not being done by The Joker but a new serial killer calling himself the Dollmaker who creates dolls out of the skin and limbs of his victims. He sends one of his "family" members to kill The Joker but of course that backfires as the Joker slaughters that guy but Batman of course appears and I believe one of the dolls blow up; leaving Batman with two choices: save a trapped girl or pursue The Joker. He saves the girl but is then ambushed by the GCPD and the girl is revealed to be a Detective. Batman takes down the cops and escapes down a sett of stairs but a GCPD helicopter outside the building is using infrared tech to pursue Batman and blast the wall. Gordon then asks who gave the order to fire and is told the Mayor did and states that he'll deal with the Mayor; confirming that he is on Batman's side. They then have a classic rooftop scene together and discuss things as usual. The rest of the plot I will not state so you just get an idea of what the plot is.

This was a fantastic issue that we would never have gotten without the new revamp because previously Batman didn't have the GCPD after him. Though that may only be because this is possibly set before the previous timeline. Tony Daniel is not said to be a great writer to my knowledge but I can say I really liked what he did with this. For the most part this is pretty new reader friendly though a new reader won't catch all the references in this like something Alfred says in it. Ryan Winn is a great artist and is probably best at the most gruesome scenes in the book. I particularly like the way he draws Gordon as not everyone can draw Gordon all that well. 5/5 Stars

Green Arrow

When I saw the cover to this issue for the first time, my thoughts were: This Is going to suck. I was wrong. One thing I was worried about was the colors of Ollie's costume because of the way it looked on the cover but colorist David Baron proved me wrong even if his hair is a little oddly colored to me.

No Caption Provided

I was curious of who this writer was and so I had looked him up and was surprised to read that J.T. Krul was considered to be such to be a terrible writer because if DC had given him the opportunity to write a major hero like Green Arrow then I thought he should be a decent writer. The story is that Green Arrow is France trying to take down a gang of superpowered thugs. J.T. Krul successfully modernizes Green Arrow, a character who was in desperate need of reinvention. Taking cues from the portrayal of the character on Smallville, he makes Oliver the owner of Queen Industries but no longer the CEO and makes the company bigger like Wayne Enterprises or Star Industries in Marvel Comics. This Green Arrow is more chatty and has a small group of his employees providing him support in the field of weapons and tech. There are many references to Apple including a whole company that is patterned after them and they even have a Q-Pod.

Unfortunately these villains in the story aren't great which is to be expected as they're sort of just low level crooks. You have a two headed woman, a guy with electric powers, and a big muscular guy.

Dan Jurgens had the task of redesigning Green Arrow's costume and like J.T. Krul, he takes cues from how it looked on Smallville. Combining that with his own style, you have a brand new suit for a brand new Green Arrow. Dan Jurgens is a great artist and does a fine job with this comic. Also heavily featured is the array gadgets that Green Arrow has including some strange Frisbee like object that I'm surprised hasn't got much attention because it is very odd. This Green Arrow I think is way more interesting than the previous and definitely benefits from being younger and taking influences from Smallville. I had my doubts about this issue but I can say I was wrong about it and it's worth picking up. 4/5 Stars

Green Lantern

Making Sinestro a Green Lantern after all he had done to the Corp since his departure as one has got be Geoff Johns' wackiest idea yet. The even stranger thing is that it surprisingly works very well. Geoff Johns is a master with all things Green Lantern and has been for quite some time now.

Imprisoned Sinestro
Imprisoned Sinestro

The story is that for some reason that isn't explained, Hal Jordan is no longer a Green Lantern and his ring chose Sinestro to be a Lantern despite the objections of Ganthet. The Guardians seem to see no reason why Sinestro shouldn't be a Lantern as the ring chose him, he didn't choose the ring. The subplot is that Hal, no longer being a GL is trying to adjust to "normal life" in which people own a house, pay bills, see their families, and go to work. Obviously Hal has no family, no job to pay the rent of his apartment, and hasn't a clue what to do with his life.

Geoff Johns is the go to guy when it comes GL related stuff. I love me some Geoff Johns and I love him even more when he's writing Green Lantern stuff because he introduced many of the concepts to the Green Lantern mythos that are now used really frequently. Dough Mahnke is one of my top five artists of all time; I don't know why but he just is. I've never seen him draw these characters but he does pretty darn well. It's not particularly hard to draw some of these characters like Sinestro and the Guardians though Mahkne is a boss when drawing Sinestro.

Despite that it didn't explained why Hal is no longer a Green Lantern, that is not enough for me to take even a half a star away from this issue. I'm particularly curious as to how Hal will try and get back on his feet since he was in the Corps for so long that he really doesn't understand how to live a so called "normal life". I really am interested to see how much of an impact the GL stuff has on this new DCU and how exactly well known they are. As Johns has written a majority of the GL stuff in recent times, you can expect that practically nothing he's done with the GL's has been removed from continuity abd that's really a good thing.

I had high hopes for Sinestro as a Green Lantern even though I was shocked at the announcement that he was as a GL again instead of a Yellow Lantern. This is probably the best thing I've read so far from the New 52 next to Scott Snyder's Batman and I think this book will continue to be good because it's Johns' home territory and Dough Mahnke is drawing the book. Pick this up, you really can't be disappointed by it. If you are, then that's your opinion and I respect that. 5/5 Stars

Green Lantern Corps

No Caption Provided

I'll admit while I was excited to see John Stewart in a GL book, I was less than enthusiastic to see that Guy Gardner would be joining him. However my hopes were once gain lifted when I found Peter J. Tomasi was writing it.Though as I started to read this, I began to slowly warm up to Guy Gardner. The story is that a mysterious being is murdering Green Lanterns and it's up to John Stewart and Guy Gardner to round a team of GL's to investigate the deaths of the two GL's and are sent to investigate the once water world of Nerro which had it's oceans entirely drained, killing all of it's inhabitants.

I really do like Peter Tomasi as a writer as it seems that he can write any kind of character from Batman to even the GL's. They choose a team of basically no name Green Lanterns. They're the ones nobody really cares about but that could be a good thing, we'll just to have wait for the next issue to determine that. Reading it all the way through, Tomasi has gotten me interested in finding out the next chapter of the mystery. I never though I'd see him writing a GL book because I primarily know for his work on both the previous and current Batman and Robin series.

Fernando Pasarin may be an artist I've never heard of but I do like his work with this book. I can say most of these titles that have been Week Two and Week Three so far have had the best artists. Gabe Eltaeb also does a good job with the colors on the book.

I wasn't sure what to think of this book when it was announced but I can say that out of all the GL titles coming out or ones that have come out this will be the only one I will pick up monthly. I'm still unsure about whether or not I'll grow to like Guy Gardner but as for John Stewart, I'm glad to see him in a leadership position because I really do like him. 4/5 Stars

Hawk & Dove

Hawk and Dove #1
Hawk and Dove #1

Hawk & Dove was the title I knew was most likely to fail upon release mainly because it's a team made up of two heroes that nobody cares about anymore. The original Hawk & Dove team was great because you had Hank & Don Hall. The came Crisis on Infinite Earths and Don died. Sterling Gates is a writer I am completely unfamiliar with though I'm somewhat familiar with Rob Liefeld though exactly why everyone hates his art is puzzling because while he can draw some things good, I don't see why people hate his art all that much. Though the why he draws eyebrows the way he does is pretty weird. If you've read this issue, you'll know what I'm talking about.

The story is that Hank and Dawn are trying to stop a plane that has been hijacked and it's cargo happens to be zombies. Yup, Zombies. Hank takes down all fifteen of the zombies while Dawn tries to fly the plane but nearly crashes into the Washington Monument and hits part of it. They are then met on the ground by some Asian government Agent who informs them that the plane and it's cargo is owned by some rich guy who's a wannabe politician. The biggest problem with the story is that if you don't know anything about Hawk & Dove, this doesn't explain anything and references the death of Don Hall but doesn't explain it. I know how he died but some people don't and that's a problem if you talk about something but never go into detail about it. The subplot which focuses on Dawn and Deadman's relationship is pretty much just as bad if not worse. Deadman isn't supposed to be able to communicate with others unless he's in someone else's body so the fact that Dawn can talk to him is ridiculous but what's even more ridiculous is the idea of a relationship between the two.

After reading this I can sort see why Rob Liefeld is said to be a bad artist but still he does draw Hank as Hawk and in his regular clothes very well. One character he seems to have zero idea of how to draw is Deadman. He ends up making him look a lot like Martian Manhunter instead. That said, I still like the way he draws Hank Hall and give him credit for that.

This comic was the one that I thought was going to be bad and in the end I was right. I never get to say that and It's unfortunate that such a team like Hawk & Dove are saddled with a comic written by a terrible writer and drawn by a somewhat lousy artist. The plot was terrible and I expected it to be more accessible to people who don't know as much as I do about the team. It seems to have quite a connection to Brightest Day and feels more like a spin-off title than it's own feature. 1.5/5 Stars

Justice League

I'll admit I was surprised that DC announced that they would be relaunching the New 52 with Justice League #1. I for sure thought they would choose to lead with Action Comics #1 but I guess they felt Justice League was a better choice. The story is that Five years into the past of the DCU where super-humans as they are called are a new thing and the people don't quite know whether to like them or fear them. The Goverment is after them and wants to study them. The GCPD is after Batman because well, they think Batman is a criminal and they don't support vigilantism.

The first encounter of Batman and Green Lantern
The first encounter of Batman and Green Lantern

We first see Batman pursuing some sort of robot that we learn is from Apokolips and the GCPD is pursuing Batman. Hal Jordan then comes down from the sky and smashes a fire engine construct into it. Batman and Hal then have their first encounter with one another, surprising Green Lantern by the fact that Batman actually exists. They then pursue the robot while Hal questions Batman about what his powers he has and is surprised to learn he has none. Batman then takes Hal's ring off without him noticing. They track into the sewer where it blows itself up and they find a Mother Box but neither Batman or Green Lantern can identify it. They then travel to Metropolis to question Superman about it.

The most noticeable things in this issue are that Batman and GL don't know each other, the world is afraid of super-humans, and neither one of them trust Superman. The characterization of Hal is noticeably as he's younger in this and is much cockier than usual. Batman is also a bit different and banters with Green Lantern, and even makes a joke. Geoff Johns does a fine job with setting up this new DCU and although the story would greatly benefit by being longer, it is still good even if it would be to read at as one trade and not one issue at a time.

Both Batman and Hal Jordan look different than how they did in the old DCU and while Batman might look the same at first glance, he doesn't. Hal I think looks different than he used to and his costume looks more like armor than it did previously. Hal's attitude is very different than how he will be written in some of the other books because this takes place before those and as a result he's younger and cockier and is easily defeated by Superman as a result; something that would not have happened in the old DCU.

Jim Lee is a good artist but the only problem is that I feel he doesn't have a real defined style to his art when he does DC. I can instantly recognize his Marvel work but I guess I just don't see much of a difference in how he draws the DC Characters from how other draw them. Alex Sinclair, colorist uses very few colors in the story and trys to make clear differences in the colors when you're seeing Gotham City and when you're seeing Metropolis.

Justice League I feel could have been better. If it had been combined with the second issue for an oversized issue, then I would not be complaining. 3/5 Stars

Justice League International

The entire team
The entire team

The original Justice International title is one that I've never read though I am familiar with it and the lineup of the team. I'm not fond of the idea of the JLI mainly because a lot the heroes on the time aren't great and I don't like Booster Gold or Guy Gardner. Anyways, reading it I found it was decent but still nothing special. I did like seeing Batman on the team ( Even though he's not an official member) as a reference to the original team.

Anyways, the story is that the JLI is sent to South America to investigate the disappearance of a research team. They are provided a jet courtesy of Queen Industries and upon getting on the plane, Booster realizes that somebody is flying the plane but he doesn't know who. He then finds Batman is because Batman somehow snuck onboard. However soon after landing, they are attacked by creatures from the ground.

I was only somewhat impressed by this issue. Dan Jurgens does a good job at explaining who each character is and bringing the whole team together, and getting a plot together but I can't help but feel the team needs to lose a member or two; like Godiva who is practically useless. It's a good first issue and is a fine way to introduce the team into the new DCU and into the 21st Century.I'm not particularly thrilled at having Guy Gardner in this comic as he has to be my least favorite character in all of comics. I don't have any complaints about the rest of the team and I thought it was a decent team.

The art is nothing spectacular and while Aaron Lopestri doesn't have much of his own style, he still gets the job done and the comic looks good. Only problems I have with this team is that Godiva just feels completely useless in comparison to the rest of the team. I do like seeing Batman serve on the team as unofficial liaison to the main Justice League and I hope Booster loses the showman attitude like he did in the old DCU. I was also disappointed that the UN rejected having Blue Beetle on the team because he was a rookie. I felt he would have been better than Godiva and I like seeing Booster with a Blue Beetle. I can say I think I'm going to enjoy this more than the main Justice League title and am dropping Justice Leauge from my pull list. 4/5 Stars

Legion of Super-Heroes

I'll admit I've never been a Legion fan. They've always sort of seemed to me like the rag-tag team of wannabe heroes. None of them were particularly special and while a few were cool here and there for the most part the team had always been pretty lousy.

I liked seeing a ton of new Legionnaires and seeing some older ones return. The story is that a major disaster has happened and The Legion has lost some of it's members. In order to try and bring the team back up to size, they have to bring in recruits from the Legion academy. So basically, they have to take a pile of students and place the burden of if they fail, the Legion's Espionage Squad will be killed.

Seeing Paul Levitz's name on the comic was a big surprise and also worried me because a lot of the times, the guys who were once Editor in Chief of DC Comics don't usually end up being great writers. Well, Levitz is a good writer and understands the concept of successfully taking in old concept and making it appealing to newer readers. He has a little thing giving you a few key things about each Legionnaire; their powers, where they're from, and most importantly their names. He made me a fan of this Legion. I never liked them in the past but Levitz modernizes them and I think successfully introduces them to prospective fans.

The new Legion of Super-Heroes
The new Legion of Super-Heroes

The best part about this issue is it's artwork. I was floored by Francis Portella's artwork as he had a lot to draw in most panels. He sometimes had several characters to put in each panel and then draw a good background for them. I don't know what these characters really looked like in the past or if any of them are new so I can't talk about their costumes. Of course his art is very well supplemented by Javier Mena who is the colorist on this. This definitely has more color to it than any of the other books I've seen so far.

I initially was hating on this book but after reading I realized my mistake in doing so. The Legion was once a crappy team but I think with Paul Levitz writing, they may yet become a great team. This is one of those books that many didn't expect to be good or didn't like but I did like it. Some didn't I and I understand but still I think this was actually was quite good. 4/5 Stars

Men of War

No Caption Provided

Upon hearing of this comic, I dismissed it as being a cash-in on the Call of Duty series since but after thinking about it, I thought it was a neat idea to show the DCU from a soldier's perspective because we don't see what warfare on Earth is like in the DC Universe because the main focus is superheroes. Obviously as I'm a fan and very familiar with much of the Golden Age DC Comics, I would have to be familiar with the original Sgt. Rock and other military heroes like The Blackhawks. The Blackhawks are some of my favorite characters from World War II but I'm indifferent on Sgt. Rock.

The story is that Corporal Joe Rock and Easy Company are entering an unnamed country in a top secret mission. However once parachuting out of there plane, the entire area goes up in flames and the men are separated from their Sergeant. Sgt. Torisi lands in an area with several enemy troops. He informs his men that he's not alone and Easy Company regroups to find him. Unfortunately they don't get their on time and Sgt. Torisi dies and promotes Joe Rock to Sergeant.

I really did not expect this to be very good but I was definitely wrong about it. Ivan Brandon takes an interesting concept of showing us the battlefields of the DCU and does a good job at it. I think the story probably will be explained in the second issue so without having both issues, you don't get the whole story. War Comics are a hard thing to pull off in a post 9/11 world where good and bad aren't so easily definable. Tom Derenick's art in this issue is so far my favorite. He draws some scenes so well like the last page of the Sgt. Rock story is incredibly well done. He grounds the story in reality in a universe where you have people flying around with capes and powers beyond belief. The problem though with the story is that a majority of it isn't easy to understand and it feels like it's nothing new. They could have easily have had a book focusing on the real Sgt. Rock in World War II. I'm sure it would be crazy popular because people find World War II interesting. DC took a gamble with this book and sort of pulled it off but not really.

Matt Wilson used very little color in this issue and while some didn't like it, I did as using a lot of bright colors just would not have looked right. Everything in this something like tan, brown, or orange basically. 3.5/5 Stars


No Caption Provided

I honestly can say I was disappointed to hear that Dick was giving up the mantle of Batman and returning to being Nightwing and while I started reading comics when Dick became Batman, I am not in the slightest bit disappointed that he returned to his roots and went back to being who really is. The story is that while Dick finds that Haley's Circus is back in Gotham for the first time since the murder of his parents, Dick finds that somebody is out to kill him as Dick Grayson for some reason. At the beginning it is clearly explained by Dick why he chose to go back to Nightwing. Because Bruce came back and returned to being Batman, Dick felt that he no longer needed to wear the cowl and could finally really be the hero he was meant to be. He obviously learned much during his time as Batman and got to see Gotham in a way he never saw it before, he just knew it was time.

Kyle Higgins does a good job at successfully making Dick Nightwing again. The story he came up with though, leaves much to be desired. I was hoping for something a little more interesting than some hired killer sent to murder Dick Grayson but having Haley's Circus return Gotham was a neat idea; especially now that Dick has returned as Nightwing. Artist Eddy Barrow's work however is much better. He gives Dick a lot of acrobatic stuff to do and really shows us some exciting scenes with Dick just doing acrobatics. I don't quite understand the decision by either him or Colorist Rod Reis to make Dick costume have red instead of blue but It actually doesn't look bad even if I can't understand exactly why they felt to change the color.

I like seeing Dick as Nightwing again but I just don't like the story in this book so far. I'll definitely continue to read this but I just hope it does get better I have no complaints for the Art Department except for the bizarre color change on Dick's costume. I was expecting more from and didn't get a sense of that. It's good but it just lacks an interesting story for Dick to handle as Nightwing.3/5 Stars


No Caption Provided

Before starting this review I would like to say I know nothing and I mean nothing about O.M.A.C. Other than he was a Jack Kirby creation, that's all I know. The first thing I noticed about this was the fact that Dan DiDio's name was on the cover as I had previously only known him to be the Editor in Chief of DC and never as a writer. One thing I noticed upon reading this is that this Cadmus has taken much influence from the version shown on Young Justice and not Justice League's version. The Cadmus building like In Young Justice is an office building on the above ground floors but below the ground is the labs of the Cadmus Project This comic does very little to explain who or what OMAC is to people like me who had no previous exposure to OMAC.

It became clear to me that while reading this that Dan DiDio had not written something in years and had very idea of how to write a modern comic. I'm not quite the 70's vibe from it like the others but that could be because 70's comics have never been my thing. The art is a different story and this is the most brightly colored with a wide range of colors used. Still the art can't make up for how poorly written the book is. It doesn't bother to explain a single thing about OMAC or who your main character really is. 1/5 Stars

Red Hood and The Outlaws

Just awful looking
Just awful looking

Red Hood and The Outlaws is one of DC's actually completely original ideas though it's similarities to The A-Team are noted and so as a result, we have no real expectations for the book and that's a good thing. A team made up of Red Hood, Roy Harper, and Starfire at first glance is completely laughable but thinking about it, you begin to realize that they all fit together well as a team. Jason is a bit of wacko and essentially shunned by the rest of the Bat-Family because nobody can stand working with him, Roy Harper is a loose cannon compared to Green Arrow, and Starfire is a princess forced into slavery from a young age on Tamaran.

The story is that Jason breaks Roy out of a prison in the fictional nation of Qurac because Jason wants Roy to become a solider of fortune with him because as the Bat-Family doesn't like him very much, he is on his own. Of course their break-out is nearly short-lived when 38 Tanks arrive to stop them. Starfire then arrives in a nearly obscene panel in which her boobs are barely covered.

No Caption Provided

The biggest problem with this comic is one many have and I also can agree with it. The problem is Starfire's horrible redesign. She is made out to be in this comic to be nothing more than eye-candy for teenage guys. I'm 17 and a guy but I don't like the way Starfire is presented in here. I'm not sure what anyone was thinking when they redesigned her because it's just awful. Sure, she's never been known for being modest but this costume is a little out of line when the rating on teh book doesn't necessarily indicate the content inside. On the other hand, Jason and Roy both have very redesigns with Jason's biker look returning instead of that ridiculous outfit he previously wore.

Scott Lobdell though does seem to have an understanding of how to write Jason Todd quite well but unfortunately struggles with Roy Harper. Roy used to be so much more as a character but currently, he's not really much like how he used to be. Though the idea of a relationship between Todd and Starfire is a bit bizarre because I don't see why she would go after a punk like Jason but I guess since this new Starfire has no real personality, I guess it could happen.

Despite that I didn't like what was done with Starfire, I was entertained with this book. The idea of DC having their own version of The A-Team is pretty neat and I look forward to seeing their place in the DCU. I hope Starfire is given some sort of costume later on in the series because as of right now, she looks terrible. Still she may look crappy but this is a well written book and you'll probably enjoy it.3/5

Red Lantern Corps

Just simply dazzling artwork
Just simply dazzling artwork

Despite that I'm a fan of most things Green Lantern and a fan of the creative team working on this book, I really didn't have much of an expectation for this book or even a desire to actually read it. I think the Red Lanterns getting a book was nice idea if not entirely unnecessary but there are some other DC books currently out there that are not needed (coughs...Mr Terrific) and could be replaced by something better. Hopefully one of those gets cancelled and we can get another Lantern Corps book. A lot of people seem to like The Red Lantern Corps so I guess DC though it was a good idea. Even better of an idea is getting Peter Milligan and Ed Benes on the book. Milligan is best known for his work on Hellblazer and Ed Benes is a great artist whose run on Justice League of America with Brad Meltzer was pretty awesome.

First thing I really noticed about the book is Ed Benes' great art. This kind of a book calls for an artists to be creative since you have to draw a pile of random aliens and some artists sometimes decide to go lazy and not come up with good designs for random aliens. Benes' drew one of my favorite Justice League incarnations and seeing his name on this book really got me excited about it. His work combined with Nathan Eyring's is just perfect. The Green Lantern books usually get some great artists and this is no exception.

The main focus is of course Atrocitus and I didn't know who he was before this book but Milligan explains who that is and I'm glad. I still don't understand much about the Red Latern Corps but Milligan's got me interested in them. The story is essentially that Atrocitus and The Red Lantern Corps are actually fighting injustice around the universe, doing what the Green Lantern Corps doesn't, can't, and won't. We really get to learn a lot about Atrocitus and it begins to pain him as a sympathetic character of sorts. We see how the destruction of his race by Krona really affects him. Milligan not only introduces Atrocitus but gives an entire background story on the guy, something none of the other comics I've read so far from the Relaunch have done. In Green Lantern Corps, new readers unfamiliar with John Stewart or Guy Gardner would be lost because it doesn't explain who they are or any of the other GL's they reference.

I wasn't entirely sure about this at first but the creative team on the book did give me some confidence in it. I didn't know anything about the Red Lantern Corps prior to this but thanks to Milligan, I now know who they are, how they were formed, and a lot about Atrocitus. Ed Benes and the art team is great as well. The Relaunch books were supposed to be new reader friendly, but most weren't and this is an exception. Milligan introduces the characters and then explains who they are for new readers. This is a great, great book and I have high expectations for the following issues thanks to Milligan and Benes on the book.


StormWatch #1
StormWatch #1

Before hearing about this title, I knew next to nothing about Wildstorm and the fact that it is very new reader friendly is the only thing I enjoyed about this issue. if I were a big fan, then i know for sure I would not be happy with some of the changes to the Wildstorm heroes. Among the biggest changes are that Wildstorm characters now exist in the DCU and Apollo and Midnighter are not married; and it is not even referenced if they are indeed gay or not as this comic shows their first meeting. One big change is that Martian Manhunter is both a member of the Justice League and Stormwatch.

The story is sort of a mess and aside to a reference to the Death of Superman, I couldn't understand much more than the subplot involving the recruitment of Apollo to Stormwatch. The other plot was something about Adam One leading the rest of the team to the Himalayas to recover something. This does sort of a poor job at introducing the characters to new readers and lacks a coherent story. I'm sure the Wildstorm characters could be interesting but with this issue, I'm not seeing that. Paul Cornell just didn't have a clear idea of how to introduce these characters to new readers but doesn't do a bad job at putting them in the DCU. However the art by Miguel Sepulveda is pretty darn good and is better than the story or writing. 2.5/5 stars


Good idea or Bad Idea?
Good idea or Bad Idea?

Supergirl may be a very controversial title because of the drastic change in her look, personality, and history. No longer is Kara Zor-El like we knew she was. This is a different Supergirl and while I'm not sure why DC had to change Supergirl so drastically, I do quite like this new one.

This issue gives a brand new origin for Supergirl. It's not quite as good as the one Jeph Loeb wrote for her in Superman/Batman: Supergirl but it is nonetheless an interesting way to reintroduce Supergirl. The story is that Supergirl crash lands in Smallville but wakes up thinking it's a dream and is soon found by a pile of Mechs who attempt to capture her. Kara still thinks it's a dream and actually fights the Mechs with her new found powers, though she is still convinced that she's dreaming. Though even with her powers, she can't defeat the Mechs until Superman arrives who stops the mechs.

Michael Green and Mike Johnson's way of redoing Supergirl is very odd and while I'm not fully convinced it will work, I'm still optimistic about it. They take Supergirl and sort of make her nothing but a lonely girl convinced she's dreaming in order to rule out the possibility that she's been sent to some strange planet by her parents. A lot of people are very angry about the decision to change Supergirl very drastically and while I don't really think it was a brilliant idea to do so, I nonetheless am going to try and remain optimistic about these changes.

This is another title with very good art, this time by Mahmud Asrar. Colorist Dave McCaig appears to actually have used some watercolor paints on this book. Watercolors seem to becoming popular in comics as artists seems to using them more often now. I could totally be wrong about the usage of them in this book but that's just what appeared to have. The controversial change in Supergirl's costume Asrar is something I'm still not sure about. I liked the way how Supergirl previously looked and making this Supergirl so it's kind of hard to see her change so drastically.

A lot of people are bound to not like this at all because many held onto how Supergirl previously looked and was so her changing drastically is not exactly a very popular idea. I liked this issue quite a bit. This new Kara is different and I like seeing things change every now and then. Obviously not everybody liked this but I did. 4.5/5 Stars

Swamp Thing

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Swamp Thing is a character that I am absolutely unfamiliar with. Little did I realize that the version Alan Moore worked was quite a ways after the character originally debuted. I always though Alan Moore created him but I guess not. I'm not a huge fan of Vertigo, I like titles like Hellblazer and stuff like V For Vendetta. Anyways, I found myself quite fascinated with the character of Swamp Thing/ Alec Holland.

The story in this seems to pick up not longer after the events of Brightest Day and the "death" of Alec Holland. Returning from his death, Alec finds himself working as some sort of construction worker as he left his job at the lab. Superman then appears to check up on Holland.

I have to this is the one instance I have seen so far where a writer that is very acclaimed lives up to his acclaim. Putting Swamp Thing back in to the DCU was a bold choice by DC and making it one of the New 52's was even bolder of a choice. Scott Snyder is coming fresh of his critically acclaimed run on Batman and I'm not surprised that this issue is fantastic. Swamp Thing previously hadn't had a good selling comic in years but the sales of this issue speak for themselves.

Even after reading this, I still don't quite understand the dynamic between Alec Holland and The Swamp Thing. I guess I just don't understand how he becomes Swamp Thing or how he goes back to being Alec Holland. Though to further understand that, I guess I have to get the second issue because I'm sure it's explained. Anyways, that doesn't stop this from being a great issue and a great way to bring Swamp Thing into the DCU. It is well written, has one main plot and doesn't switch between too many characters. It is also well drawn by Yanick Paquette who seems to have some trouble drawing Superman's face at times and excellently colored by Nathan Fairbairn. I can not give this comic anything but a five and this most definitely worth a pick up if you would like to get into Swamp Thing.5/5 Stars

Wonder Woman

Next to Aquaman, Wonder Woman was the title I was looking forward to the most, Sure it appeared to be quite different from the Wonder Woman we all knew, but that's what intrigued me. I'd been wanting to get into the character for some time now and thanks to this, I can.

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The story is that a woman named Zola is found by Hermes who is sent to protect her because she is baring the child of Zeus. When some strange monsters attack her house, Hermes sends her to the one person who can protect her-Wonder Woman.

Reinventing Wonder Woman is no easy task as she seems to be a character that DC has had much of an idea to do with lately. Luckily this writer named Brian Azzarello comes along for the new DCU and reinvents Wonder Woman. She is now sort of separated from The Amazons and the gods have been updated as well. She now has a flat in London, since she in the past has never had much of a base of operations. She still retains everything about her that made her who she is in the past but the world in which she lives in makes this Wonder Woman sort of a brand new character. We don't know a lot about her yet but that is sure to come with the following issues.

I have to give much credit to Cliff Chiang for his work on this book because he's excellent at it. Sure she no longer has the pants, but his design for Wonder Woman is really good. I began to actually like the pants on Wonder Woman and hated to kind of see them go but this new costume for her is a definite improvement upon the other ones she has worn in recent times.

Wonder Woman was a title I definitely knew was going to be good and I had planned all along to pick this one up monthly. Luckily the issue is just as good as I hoped it would be so I still am placing on my list to pick up. This seems to be free of continuity from her previous series so this is a perfect example of a new reader friendly comic that will still please long time fans of the character. 4/5 Stars


With the DC Reboot, should Kyle Rayner be given his own series?

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I don't know about you but I'm pretty excited for the reboot as we get a whole new Aquaman series but unfortunately Dick Grayson is being reverted back to Nightwing and Stephanie Brown will no longer be Batgirl. I'm all for making comics more accessible to a newer generation and changing the costumes as DC has finished second to Marvel in sales every years since 2002. Another unfortunate thing is Hal Jordan will still be the main Green Lantern, while I enjoyed his early comics in the 1950's Hal since then has grown ever more boring. 
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With this new reboot, we have a new Justice League, it's not that new with the exception of Cyborg whom to my knowledge has never been a League member but I'm probably wrong. With this sort of new League we have new costumes designs as well. Counting both post-crisis and pre-crisis history Hal has served with five different Leagues, with my favorite one consisting of Hawkgirl, Vixen, Red Tornado, Flash, Black Lighting, Red Arrow, Black Canary, and the Trinity. 
One would think that since Hal has served in so many leagues and such a well known character he would have some personality to him, after all he debuted in 1959. 
  Kyle is a huge fan favorite, while he isn't my favorite Green Lantern, I feel he hasn't gotten the attention he deserves from DC, he was barely featured in Justice League and all the animated GL Movies or movie appearances have featured Hal Jordan. Hal has been the most popular Green Lantern since he debuted, not because people like that much but because DC generally only uses him in movies or on TV. Since DC is doing a reboot to try and appeal the newer generation like me, I like DC but I honestly don't think they have had any great ideas in a longtime until now. The way to successfully reintroduce the Green Lantern would be to bring in Kyle Rayner who is obviously younger than Hal and is multicultural which could also be a big thing since a lot of people nowadays are multicultural and it certainly makes a character more interesting.
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The question is what costume for Kyle, I would choose the one I've always particularly liked and that is the solid green one with the white revamped logo.
So what do you Viners think, is it time to bring Kyle back into the spotlight or not?

Booster Gold-Time for a new costume?

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I'll admit i'm not a big fan of Booster Gold, I know next to nothing about him but one thing that I never liked about him was his costume. He's had the same costume for a while and it's kind of....Ugly. Considering he's from future i would expect him to have a cooler costume but who knows maybe people of the future like yellow and blue jumpsuits that scream 1980's retro. Recently we saw what he was going to look like on Smallville and I actually would like to see him wear a costume like that in the comics. His Smallville isn't that different from his one in the comics but It's darker which makes it a lot better and his shades are smaller. His hair is a lot shorter which is good because his haircut in the comics is really dated.
 How about a costume in the comics that looks this?
 How about a costume in the comics that looks this?

Should Assassin's Creed be a monthly series?

So far since the first Assassin's Creed game we have seen Assassin's Creed get a few graphic novels and three issue series, so why not get a monthly series? The games have sold amazingly well and Assassin's Creed The Fall sold pretty well.  So fare there have been three main assassin's introduced, Ezio Auditore, Altair, and Nikolai Orelov.  


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 Altair has appeared in a few graphic novels already and he's had a game featuring him in it. But he is also the least developed out of the main characters and really needs more development as a character because while I like him he is quite bland. I think he comes off as bland because that's the way he is, he's supposed to be cold which can be good and bad. His supporting is also a problem because he doesn't have a big one like Ezio, Desmond, or Nikolai and the few people he has are quite boring. I doubt if the series became a monthly comic that he would be chosen.


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Ezio has appeared in one graphic novel and several games so he doesn't need to have the series focus on him but it could be really good. He's the most recognizable of the characters and has a large supporting cast and a really backstory. I would like to Ezio have his own comic series because he can hold his own, it could really flesh out the character even more, and I really like Ezio. There is so much that could be done with him and his supporting cast. Maybe explore a romance he has with someone. I'm not sure if that's been done because I only got to rent Brotherhood for 2 days a few months back so I haven't finished.

Desmond Miles 

There really hasn't been a lot of focus on Desmond up until AC: Brotherhood which really shows that he is the main character, not Ezio or Altair. I've always Desmond was never given enough game time in the AC games which disappointed me because I really find him the most interesting because he hasn't been fully explored yet. I would really like to see him in the modern day world as an Assassin without the Animus or going into the memories of his ancestor's. We would be able to see the relationship between him and Lucy grow, and maybe grow into a romance (Which I have been waiting to see since the first game). Desmond is the one I most want to get a series.   
Would you like to see him and Lucy have a romance together?
Would you like to see him and Lucy have a romance together?

Nikolai Orelov

Nikolai hasn't made any appearances in the games yet but he was the main focus of Assassin's Creed The Fall which was a three issue series set in late 19th and early 20th century Russia. I haven't read it yet because I've been trying get a hold of it but nowhere seems to have all three issues for the price they're supposed to be sold at. The story follows him and his descendant Daniel Cross, a modern day assassin who is also looking for the Staff of Eden. Once I get it I'm going to update this blog with my opinion and thoughts on whether or not it could be a monthly. (Note AC The Fall was published under DC's wildstorm imprint and not Ubisoft)

Original character

If one existing characters wasn't chosen a new character could be created, much like DC did. If an original character was created I would like to see the Cold war era chosen and have it set in 1950's Russia. Another idea for
 So Would anyone else like to see a monthly Assassin's Creed comic?

Anyone else find Jason's newer Red Hood costume Ironic?

The other day I was thinking about Jason Todd's death (Why, I don't know) at the hands' of The Joker and how he became red Hood. Recently he got a new costume, one that resembles the original Red Hood costume worn by The Joker. I thought it was ironic that he would style his costume after the Joker's because The Joker was the cause of his death. Jason hates The Joker and somewhere inside him he hates what he has become because of him. When he first became the new Red Hood, he wore motorcycle fashion and eventually transitioned from that to a new costume, one resembling The Joker's red Hood suit. My question is Why would he style his costume after the very man who killed him and why would he want to become like him? 

Joker as Red Hood 
Joker as Red Hood 
Red Hood
Red Hood