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Ironman was awesome. The pepper spra afterwards, not so much...

So just got home from seeing Ironman. Don't think I need to tell anyone it was fantastic. It's the part after the movie I'm about to rant about.

Why the f* do people find it necessary to spray pepper spray into crowds of people?!

Seriously, what did we do to deserve being painfully blinded?

Here's what happened: I was with a group of 12 other people. We leave the theater and are standing outside, some waiting for a ride, the rest of us discussing what to do now and about the movie. Suddenly a large group of what appeared to be high school kids in gang garb run past us, and we here one yelling "GET THE F BACK HERE YOU %#$%&$!!!"

We stood there for a second wondering what was going on, then some guy walk past us and a couple other random groups of people and just spray friggin pepper spray at us.


Luckily, none of us got it dead on. A few of us, myself included, got a little in our eyes and had to be guided to the closest open building (Starbucks...)to rinse our eyes out.

Eventually the police made it down and asked us to give descriptions of the kids and exactly what happened.

I'm seriously thankful I was with the friends I was with. My buddy Nathan helped guide me around while I was blinded and my friend Cody arranged with one of his friends to get me a ride home after the chaos as opposed to taking a bus on my own.

So now I'm at home fuming to myself about this... My eyes are fine, thank god... the burning stopped after only an hour, but it seems no matter how much water I drink and salt water I gargle I can't get the burning in my mouth, nose and throat from inhaling the spray to stop.

Arrrg... What pisses me off more is these kids will more than likely just get a slap on the wrist... But now if I was to sleep tonight I'd better stop ranting... night all, hope you never have to experience this.