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Makeup, Trinkets and More By Haley Oatway

Hey guys! I am now a "professional" make up artist! And by "professional", I mean I am now making money off of it. Which is awesome! I am now making money doing something I am passionate about!

If you have facebook and would like to check out my work, I have my page set up Here.

I also sell ornaments and dragon plushies that I hand make, which you can see examples of on that page as well. :D

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Career vs. Kids

There is something I feel I need to get off of my chest…

First off, I am a young woman. Almost 23 now. I am single, and happily so. I have no children and no romantic prospect in my life at this time. I am hilariously unprepared and unready for such things. I want a career. I want my own life, at least for a few years. This past year especially…

I feel as though I’m surrounded by young mothers, young families and young children. Many of my friends (actually... all but one of my friends) and people of my generation in general have started families of their own.

Now, getting to my story…

Over the last couple of years, this is what has been happening:

I meet up with a friend, I go to work, I run into an old acquaintance from high school perhaps…

Well, someone brings their kid… And this I probably wouldn’t mind… If this didn’t happen:

“You’re a young woman, you must just be aching to hold this baby!”

or “Now don’t you get caught up in baby fever now!”

or “I bet you just can’t wait to did your claws into some man and make a little bundle of joy for yourself!”

And of course, “When are you gonna find some guy to tie down and get your life started?”

Well first off, I can wait. That’s not the life I want right now… Second, why is it that because I’m a lady that it’s automatically assumed I MUST just NEED a baby? Or a man even? Third.... I've been alive for nearly 23 years. I think it's safe to say my life has started. I don't need a man and babies to have a life.

This is something I am getting increasingly tired of. It’s an old way of thinking that, to me, feels outdated and it doesn’t interest me.

I will admit that there was a time when I really wanted to start a family and follow that path. But over time I came to realize that's not for me. At least not yet.

And the best part… When I try to explain this to the people that say such things to me… To explain that their life just isn’t for me… One of two responses occurs. It’s always either complete bewilderment, like I just shattered everything they’ve ever believed in… Or it’s anger. A “how dare you not follow what I believe is the proper way for you!” and often they try to argue me over it. Argue that I am wrong because young women are supposed to be the ones to want kids and families and not worry over a career and building a life of their own. That's supposed to be the mans job.

I have also tried the method of just not saying anything, the old “smile and nod” tactic… Doesn’t help any. Often they just continue on and on and I don’t care for that.

That, for now, is my rant… I just really don’t want to deal with this kind of thing anymore… It’s frustrating...

And... reading this back to myself... I sound like a total feminist... HA!

I guess I just want some thoughts on what you guys think.

What plan do you guys have? Career? Family? Just going with it and seeing what happens? Am I alone in this thinking or are there others out there?

Open discussion, but please be respectful.


Some Peoples' Children...

I've had a number of blogs about events that have taken place at work... So many in fact, I could probably compile a book about them...

Here's a few to add...

I'm in my last week at an electronics store job that I've had since last February. Starting a new job on Monday that luckily, I won't have to work with customers and it pays almost 4x more.

Anyways... So today I had this fellow come in asking about waterproof cameras and color selections. A gift for his girlfriend. Now, I have several different selling methods that vary from customer to customer depending on the vibe I get from them. With this guy, I went with the witty/sarcastic boarder-liner flirty type and we joked around back and forth a bit. After explaining his options to him, he made a call to his gf and left. About an hour later, he returned and the conversation went something like this:

Me: "Guess you just couldn't stay away, could ya?"

Guy: "Haha, yeah, I've got no will power."

Me: "Must be my irresistible charm."

Guy: "Yeah, I was hoping to see that smile again. But yeah, the boss told me to go for the pink one."

Me: "Good choice, I think that one suits best."

Guy: "And if it doesn't, I'll be back and tell 'em the short, attractive blond sold it to me. But I'd better stop here before your boyfriend beats me up."

Me: "Oh, you mean my invisible boyfriend? Thought only I could see him!"

Guy: "Ah, so you're single! Well in that case, wanna borrow a key to my hotel room tonight?"

Me: "... Uh, I'm good thanks."

Guy: "You people with your morals... I'll never understand you!"

Like, seriously? Really... You just bought a camera for your girlfriend and you're propositioning the sales girl? WTF??!!!

Then about a week ago I had a really special one...

This fellow in about his 50's comes in and seems confused. He's looking for a camera that has just gone clearance and the only model we have left was a demo. After explaining this to him, he goes and check out our competitors down the street, who have 0 in stock. He goes back and forth between us about 5 or 6 times, just to make sure a factory fresh model didn't manifest in the few minutes he was gone...

After a lot of thought, he finally decides to go with the demo, and right after I finish processing the sale, this exchange occurs:

Me: "Alright, well enjoy your new camera sir!"

Customer: "Oh! I need to pick up some fruits and veggies! Where are they located?"

Me: "Well there's [Grocery Store] across the main road there."

Customer: "No! Where are they here?"

Me: "Here? As in [Electronics Store]?"

Customer: "Yeah! Where are they?"

Me: "I'm sorry sir, but I'm afraid the only food we sell is some candy and pop up by the tills there. We don't stock fresh produce."

Customer: "Since when?! You've always had it before! I need fruits and veggies!"

Me: "I'm sorry, but as I've stated, we don't carry produce here. You can try [Grocery Store]."

Customer: "You're hiding it! You are discriminating against me because I'm a man!"

Me: "Pardon?"

Customer: "You heard me! You just won't sell it to me because I'm white!"

Me: "Wait... Wha-"

Customer: "Because I'm old!"

Me: "Sir-"

Customer: "YOU'RE HIDING IT!!!"

This goes on for sometime... about 45 minutes actually... Finally I'm able to get a word in:

Me: "Alright, you've caught me... I am, in fact, hiding all the fruits and veggies. I keep the across the main road there at [Grocery Store]. But you'd better hurry! They're going to ship them off soon to the Athabasca (Large, touristy river in Northern-Central Alberta) Pirates."

Customer: "Oh no!" *rushes out of the store*

Yeah... I get some special ones...

Anyone else got a story?


Ummm... WTF?

So today at work a coworker that I don't talk to very often walks past me and in a very cartoon chracter-like voice says "My name is Haley and I'm so adorable! Rawr!" I respond "Wait... What?" To which he replies "yeah, that's you!"

I'm still not sure as to whether tis is mockery or a compliment... This is a guy that often growls and barks at me when he walks by... I work with some strange people.


So... Apparently I'm Awesome..?

So last night I went out to a friend/coworkers going away party and "volunteered" to be a designated driver for the night.  Now that involved driving 4 very, VERY intoxicated guys around all night.  There was definitely a lot of amusement in the night (video is featuring Matt(coworker moving away) and Morgan(randomly failing at a German accent and dance moves)), 

and I did put up with a lot of drunken shenanigans throughout the night.
Towards the end one of my buddies I was driving, Tyler L., started going on about how awesome it is that I drove them which turned into this long and drunken rant.  It was hilarious to say the least... But then he told me to record it...  
WARNING:  Lots of F-Bombs
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Stalker, Ghost or something else?

For those of you who follow me, you know I am kinda into photography.  Lately, in a few of my photos though... I have been noticing something... strange...
It started back in March, I noticed it while uploading photos from a shoot with my friend, Stephanie.  The photo was taken in a place called Muskoseepi Park.

No Caption Provided
Do you see it?  In the trees?  
At first I though my eyes were deceiving me... But after finding I wasn't the only one to see him, I considered that maybe it was just a man in costume.. wearing stilts (I measured the spot where he's standing and found that he would have had to have been approx. 8' tall)...  
Now had it of been just this photo, I would have passed it off as this... But it's not just this photo...  Since then I have noticed him turn up in many, though most you couldn't see him unless you were really searching.  I didn't even notice him in most until last night...
Yesterday I went on a phtotoshoot with Albulena.  Went drove out of town to a historical site called Dunvagen.  It, again, wasn't until I uploaded the images to edit that I noticed it.
No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided
  There, in the windows... See him?  How freaking creepy is that?  After uploading these to my computer, I called the tourist information center in Dunvagen to see it if was possibly there actually was just a guy inside the house.  The girl on the other end told me no, there couldn't have been anyone in that day because there were no tours of the site and she was the only person in with the only set of keys to get into the houses.
At this point, I'm a little freaked out.  I've since been going through photos I've taken between March and now and have found him several more times...  I will try to post more pictures later on when I can...
Today I showed these images to several of my friends.  At first the common belief was "stalker", then after hearing the background it turned to "ghost"... and then there's the odd person saying it's the Slenderman...  At this point I'm not so sure what to think...  Just needed to get this out for now.  
Thoughts and ideas?

Shenanigans in the Workplace

So I work a few different jobs... but one of the most fun by far is my position at a store called Future Shop.  For you non-Canadians, it's a nationally franchised electronics store.
Of course, what makes it so fun is the people.  We mess around at work all the time and are usually encouraged on by managers, so long as our shenanigans don't disrupt our relationships with our customers.
A common favorite is breaking into dance in the middle of your shift out on the floor.  There are times when every single employee will stop what they're doing and dance completely randomly, even with customers around and watching.  It usually just provokes smiles or odd looks, and on occasion sometimes the odd customer will join in.
Anyways, just a little footage I captured on my phone during one of the little outbreaks involving my coworker in Digital Imaging, Tyler and Kevin (Home Theater Floor Manager).

 So what kind of shenanigans do you guys participate in at work?  Pranks, games, random/awkward moments, etc...

I got my lip pierced!

It's something I have wanted done since I was 13.  The only thing that stopped me from getting it doe these past few years was I wanted my parents approval, but now being 21, I've decided that, you know what?  I am a legal adult, I can do whatever I like with my body... so yesterday I made a call to a local parlor to inquire about pricing and what not and today after work, I went in and had it done. 
I love it!  Right now it is just the metal ball piece, just for 3-10 days... Once the swelling goes down I'm going back in to have it changed out to a little crystal.

And of course, pics!

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Photo Manipulations

Been doing a lot of these lately out of sheer boredom..  Thought I might share a few.  These images in particular are pretty basic and are not very time consuming.. Mostly just for something to do...  If I find the motivation I may add some more complex images to the collection later.

 Original photo, untouched.  Yes, this is me...
 Original photo, untouched.  Yes, this is me...

 Blue eyes...
 Blue eyes...

 Close to my natural eye color, slightly more green.
 Close to my natural eye color, slightly more green.

 White... I love it.  Very Hail the Villain
 White... I love it.  Very Hail the Villain


 "Romantic Portrait"  This is a photo I originally took of my friend Albulena in the summer.  Really simple, but pretty edit.

 "Romantic Portrait"  Me again... photo was taken by Albulena last summer.  Taken at the same time and the same effect was used as the above picture.

 I like playing with highly pigmented eye shadow colors..  If you can't tell, this was done for Christmas.  Picture meant to show of the makeup more than anything else.
 I like playing with highly pigmented eye shadow colors..  If you can't tell, this was done for Christmas.  Picture meant to show of the makeup more than anything else.

What to do, what to do...

So, I have recently decided that I am in need of a change so far as my hair colour goes.  I have been dying my hair red for well over a year and am itching to go back to my natural colour (medium blonde) or lighter.  I made this really basic and quick photo manipulation to try and figure out what I want to do but am still indecisive over this...  Any thoughts?

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