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No Boinking for Green Arrow 0

The last issue of Green Arrow as crap. The only reason why it got two stars was because of the cover. It is a nice looking cover to display with a collection. Being Cliff Chiang on cover duty, this book looks nice too. Though is it truly good? Will it leave me with a "screw you" feeling that last issue gave me with it's Zatanna tease? Why I am I prolonging the review when there is no history or anything I really want to talk about?Let's get to the review.So the book opens up with Green Arrow and...

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Wonder Woman's Adventures When She Was a Girl 2

The Silver Age was an innovative time for comics. Marvel Comics were trying the realistic superhero with teams and characters such as the Fantastic Four, Spider-man, and the Hulk. DC Comics, who is the oldest publisher, were trying to find new ways to reboot older superheroes that went into retirement with the decline in superhero sales in a more sci-fi setting where there characters that still stood like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman got redos of sorts.DC made the Flash more science based...

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Social Graces with Mia 2

Identity Crisis is a tale that DC released that many loved and many hated. Personally I enjoyed it. There was tons of stuff wrong with it and really in a way brought corruption to the Justice League unlike any other. Really altering the past comics. However there is enough homage in it and Rags Morales art is a beaut ever so much that its okay in my book. Though what does this have to do with this book? Everything. Not really, though Green Arrow #52 (September 2005) is a tie in.In the Identity C...

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Martian Manhunter is Understood 5

J'onn J'onzz, the Manhunter from Mars (better known as the Martian Manhunter) has long been a character that it seemed like no body understands (Must. Resist. Singing. Fairly Odd Parent theme.). Before getting into the review lets take a look at the Martian Manhunter's history so we understand that.First appearing in Detective Comics #225 (November 1955), he was regulated to the back pages and became the first superhero to really appear in the 50's. However he did not usher in the new age of com...

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Have Fun Taking Out the Poster! 1

The year was 2013! The year of the Superman! Superman turning 75! The people over in Hollywood made the Internet go in rage over doing something that Superman has done many times in the comics... KILLING ZOD!!!! Meanwhile Superman's publisher started to thing that keep comic dealers and fans alike complaining. 3D covers and the Superman series that is always coming out at the wackiest of times! Superman Unchained came at us at a time when Superman comics weren't all that good. We looked at star ...

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Batman Helps J'onn Get a Boost in Sales! 1

The year was 2000 and the whole DC universe must've been smoking something because Lex Luthor was elected president of the United States! While this was happening, I guess out of disappointment of Earth, Martian Manhunter takes a trip down memory lane as we see his first encounter with Gotham City's Batman. So the story begins with detective John Jones (aka the Martian Manhunter) and his partner Diane Meade (who was actually a character from the Martian Manhunter tales told in the late 50's and...

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Try to Follow the Adventures of Robin! 0

Robin #135 (April 2005)The year was 2005 and DC universe was getting over an Identity Crisis and Hal Jordan traded in his Spectre cape and boxer briefs to once again be a Green Lantern. But what was that Red Robin kid doing back when he wasn't named after a burger place? Looking like a crudely drawn Damian Wayne!Hello! This is the CrazyScarecrow coming at you with another review, trying to do a different format for my reviews, and I am going to be attempting to review more!In this issue of the o...

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Fun with the Atom! 7

The year was 1983! DC would actually come out saying a certain series would be mini-series or maxi-series instead of just cancelling suddenly, DC gets the Charlton heroes, Jason Todd dons the Robin suit and becomes everyone's favorite Robin, and Adventure Comics (the comic home of the original Superboy, Legion of Superheroes, Green Arrow, and Aquaman) gets cancelled. Meanwhile, DC had something in store for the little shrinking man known as the Atom. Ray Palmer has been around parading as the re...

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Bet You Didn't See All the References 0

Villain's Month! The event that many have branded as nothing but a stupid gimmick. Hate has ran through many minds as they read these 3D covered tales seemingly trying to find thing to complain of. What did I think of the comics? What did the CrazyScarecrow, usually a back issue reviewer, think of these new fangled comics of my era? Quite honestly I enjoyed the month of villain comics. Were there some crappy ones? Of course. It gave us the Creeper and Joker's Daughter. But it also gave us one of...

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Yay! The Flash Helps a Team Cheat in Baseball! 2

For those of you who clicked on this review for the Hawkman, Black Canary, Atom (Al Pratt), Ghost Patrol, or Johnny Thunder story, sorry. Seeing that I read this issue through 80 Page Giant #4 (featuring Flash reprints!) only the Flash story will get reviewed sorry.Now that we got my apologies listed lets get on with this review:The Golden Age of Comics is going into it's final years and delivers us a Flash story that takes a sport and superhero combination that makes it fun. Jay Garrick is walk...

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It Takes a Superman to Stop a War 0

Like my review of Action Comics #1, I'll only be reviewing the Superman feature because I am reading this issue through the Superman Chronicles series. So sorry for those of you who came to see how the Zatara story inside was.OK now that we got that settled on with the review of Action Comics #2 which takes place right where Action Comics #1 left off: torturing a corrupt senator! Fun! Anyway after noticing that the senator learned his lesson he takes off to hunt down the lobbyist which was assoc...

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A Superman than Doesn't Give a Crap 3

Action Comics #1. The comic book that started it all. That started to move the comic book world from recycled comic strips and new comic strips to a world of superheroes. It is the first appearance of Superman, Lois Lane, and quite possibly Perry White. Superman and Lois Lane though especially. This book is the start of a brand new DC Universe in a way and signaled the beginning of Golden Age of Comics. So how did this book go? Great!Seeing that I am reading this through The Superman Chronicles...

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Lex "Grodd" Luthor 0

Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Judging by the cover you defiantly know this issue of the Flash is going to contain some high dosage of Silver Age fun, so buckle up and get ready to flash (see what did their) to the past with #115 of the Flash!OK! So the story begins with Gorilla Grodd in his gorilla prison in Gorilla City telling us (the readers!) about how the pill he has can trap in the body of any living creature, but he will take the chance to break out. Before us (the readers!) can tell Grodd that ...

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Mr. Zero Changes his Name and the Riddler Made No Sense! 0

1968! The Silver Age for Batman is almost to a end where in almost a year Dick Grayson would move to college and Batman/Alfred will leave Wayne Manor. However before the Silver Age of Batman ends Mr. Zero makes one last appearance! In the first Batman/Robin focused story Bruce, Dick, and Alfred are all riding to the hospital as Aunt Harriet Cooper is being rushed to the hosiptal. At the same moment Mr. Zero (whom announces his name change to Mr. Freeze) and his henchmen are off to rob a rich man...

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Superman is on His High Horse 0

1966! Civil rights movements, Beatles claiming to bigger than be Jesus, Superman on Broadway, Batman and Robin go off on campy adventures on ABC, and Metamorpho says NO! Yes the JLA gets rejected for the first time. Now that we got this little introduction out of the way let's go on with the review! No?The cover features the new hero that DC ever so tried to make popular early on, Metamorpho, saying no to the Justice League while showing how he is perfectly capable of not needing any help.The st...

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Dr. Death Cheats Death! 0

This comic contain many historical things. One being that Batman gained a recurring villain with the likes of Dr. Death and two being that this is the first comic that features the use of the Batmobile despite it being unfamiliar to our modern eyes. So let's start with the cover! Very interesting and it totally would've caught my attention with the art and the coloring. I think this may be for the Slam Bradley feature (a character who was the original star of Detective Comics created by the sam...

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I Do Funny Things Sometimes 0

Who do you think the first villain for Batman who wasn't just some gang leader? Joker? Catwoman? Penguin? Riddler? Two-Face? If you thought any of those you were wrong! The first super villain that Batman fought was a odd fellow named Dr. Death who has made appearances (though very few) outside of this comic. So the story begins with Death reading about this hero named, The Batman. Wanting to kill Batman he sends a message to the personal message column to the Daily Paper (the name of the Gotham...

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Batman and the "Jool" Theif 0

Detective Comics #28 is not only the comic with the second appearance of Batman, but also the second review of mine here on Comic Vine. So lets begin! The cover is nothing exciting by today's standards though I do suppose back in 1939 when it was released it would've been because fans of Detective Comics must've loved the cop stories. The art by Fred Guardineer on the cover is great. Now on to the Batman story! So in this story by Bill Finger, Bruce Wayne (aka the Batman!) over hears a young pap...

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Batman Begins 0

The year was 1939! World War 2 was just beginning and over here in America we were creating our heroes. In 1938 in Action Comics #1 creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster created the famous hero Superman and a new genre was born. Almost a year later Bob Kane and Bill Finger debuted their version of a super hero. He had no powers relaying on his fighting skills, mind, fear, and objects close by. Who is this character? The Batman! In this issue of Detective Comics we get our first look at the Batma...

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