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Top 25 DC Comics Heroes

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  • I love him as Robin and I love him as Nightwing. Not really sure how to feel about him being a spy though Grayson is still my favorite. I think he represents the legacy of the DC universe the best (probably only Wally could compete with him) and I can really relate to him.

  • He is the God damn Martian Manhunter. Enough said.

    I always thought he was the coolest member of the original 7 members and even though New 52 changed that sadly I do enjoy him in Justice League United.

  • I love Robin. So far out of all the stuff I read Damian is my favorite Robin after Grayson. He is just so different from the others and fun to read.

  • Used to be my favorite though time kinda changed that. I am getting bored seeing Batman everywhere. Though I do still like him and find him interesting when he isn't stealing the spotlight.

  • He has been my favorite since I was kid watching the Teen Titans.

  • Same reasoning as Beast Boy.

  • A hero with such a different motivation for fighting crime. After the death of Elast-girl his journey and tragic fall as a character is pretty awesome! Which is why Mento, of all heroes, is up so high.

  • I can relate so well to this character.

  • I partially relate to him in some ways I guess. Really like how he is the constant and the idea for this character is just kinda morbid and gross when you think about.

  • Her position on the team is vital. To me it doesn't exactly feel like THE Doom Patrol without her.

  • It's Babs.


    Such a fun character that says no.

  • This dude got very political and real early on in addition to fighting zombies and having such a badass costume design.

    I really like his creator and in way I feel like I can relate to Mart Nodell. So of course I like his character too.

  • This dude got himself killed for the DCU.

  • I love her in all the classic Titans stuff. I miss her.

  • She is a successful mix of the new and the old. I really like her relationship with the Martian Manhunter recently in Justice League United.

  • This dude has awesome powers if you think creatively.

  • Just because he is Superman.

    I enjoy much of the classic Superman stuff. Like Curt Swan art and all that.

  • Such an awesome design. Both new and old 52.

  • Looc tsuj si ehs.

  • Love everything with the character up until around the time Freddy took over as the Captain. Kinda started going down hill from there.

  • Her powers and relationship with Robotman.

  • Just a fun character who needs more publicity.

  • Aqualad was the greatest character idea ever!

  • That is the Question.