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  • First Appearance: Batman #181 (June 1966)

    I got her first appearance at a comic show my dad took me too when I was first getting into comics way back when I was in fourth grade back in 2009. I was beyond excited to see a first appearance Batman comic of Poison Ivy and Ra's al Ghul. I could only choose one comic at that booth for some reason (think it was my dad controlling how much money I spent so I could buy more comics at other booths).

    Anyway I chose Ivy because I knew more about her and enjoyed her character more. Interesting thing about my issue. The top part of the comic is torn off where the Batman logo is suppose to be. Back in the way tearing off the logo was a way of keeping count of how many comics sold. Apparently most news dealers just threw the comic away after they were to be taken off the stands. This makes a comic in this condition rare.

  • First Appearance: DC Comics Present #26 (August 1980)

    Didn't even notice this was the first appearance of Raven...

  • or Cyborg...

  • or Starfire when I was bought the comic. I bought the comic cuz it had Superman and Green Lantern.

    I also got this at that comic show I got the Poison Ivy comic.

  • He was in the Green Lantern/Superman part of the book.

  • Yeah he was also in the DC Comics Present #26

  • First Appearance: The Fantastic Four #47 (February 1966)

    Black Bolt's evil brother!

  • Look above for first appearance comic.

  • First Appearance: The Fantastic Four #33 (December 1964)

    A Namor enemy!

  • First Appearance: Aquaman #35 (September 1967)

    Knew I was missing one of my favorites in my collection! I got this back in January for $5 in a surprisingly decent condition. Its a fun story. All the Aquaman characters (except for Tula) are in it facing the horrors of Black Manta and Ocean Master!

  • First Appearance: The Incredible Hulk #212 (June 1977)

  • First Appearance: The Fantastic Four #129 (December 1972)