Books I Want to Read

These are basically a bunch of titles I wish I could read monthly though don't always have the money or time to actually go off and buy new comics.

List items

  • I have been loving this series. I am trying my best to buy this monthly for the creative team and the character. Great book!

  • Comic Vine doesn't have the series up on the wiki yet. Yet will be next month.

    I have been wanting an Atom book for so long and sadly DC has failed to deliver. However Marvel comes into save the day with Ant Man. I have been really, really, really excited for Ant Man.

  • I love the this book! I love the line up and the love the Silver Age themes.

  • I am so excited for Robin's return and I am really hoping to at least catch an issue or two.

  • One of my favorite villains in a fun book!

  • I like Superman and from what I read of the current run I really wish I could be reading this right now. It has been very fun and for the first time in the time in the New 52 felt like true Superman.

  • Doesn't really interest me though I am a Dick Grayson fan.

  • I like the character though the book is bimonthly.

  • The story and art.

  • I heard this was a fun book and do have some interest.

  • Even if it is falling...

  • Fun character.

  • Beast Boy and Raven.