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Seven Imperishable Treasures

Seven of the most valuable objects (and individuals) in the DC Universe.  This deserves an article of its own, but I don't know how to make one.  Hopefully, this will do for now. 
P.S. If you know how ot ake a new article, PLEASE TELL ME!!!

List items

  • Became a treasure (and a superhero) after being exposed to experimental smart skin by accident. Her powers include flight, invulnerability, and super strength.

  • Also called the Undry Cauldron, capable of healing any wound, even death

  • The magical Sword of King Arthur

  • Apokolipian version of the mother box: the New Gods' high-tech swiss army knife (sorta like the sonic screwdriver)

  • A homunculus, an artifial man with the power to transform into anything

  • Hammer of Thor, Norse god of Thunder and Lightning

  • An intelligent, winged steed, akin to Pegasus