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Guardians of the Omniverse

Representatives from several different multiverses, the Guardians are only called together to handle cosmic level threats.  Sadly, this happpens more often than you might think.  Dimitria of Power Rangers Turbo doesn't have a page so jsut imagine her here.

List items

  • The founder and leader of the team until his death, the Great Zordon assembled the team and provided them with a constant source of wisdom and guidence. He is still missed. Dimitria replaced him as team leader and guide.

  • Zordon's right-hand robot, Alpha took care of all the physical things Zordon couldn't do. He stayed with the tema after Zordon's death.

  • The only one capable of gathering the various members of the team, the Eighth Doctor was the first Guardian and gave his life on a mission. His successors have all been Guardians. The Doctor supplies the team with knowledge and technology.

  • Founding member of the Justice League, the Outsiders, the Batman Family, and Batman Inc., the Dark Knight may act like a loner, but he's always been a team player. Batman acts as field commander of the Guardians.

  • Zordon origionally considered asking Dr. Fate to join but decided he had too many many responisbilities in the DC multiverse (for similar reasons, Zordon never tried to recruit Dr. Strange). Zatanna acts as both a warrior and the team's main supply of magic.

  • Zordan thought it would be wise to recruit a member of the Exiles to the team, but believed Captain Britain was too important to the team to be the one. So, he chose Nocturne and has never regretted it.

  • Zordon knew from the momment he saw the webslinger that Spider-man was Guardian material. An experienced crimefighter and monster-battler, Spider-man also gives the team a sense of purity and firm morality most of the other members have long ago lost.

  • Case in point. Zordon was wary of choosing a was so at ease with killing ot the team, but ultimately flet Jack had too much to offer to turn away. That said, the king of cities has brought the team plenty of trouble over the years, esspecially because he needs to remain in a city to live.

  • His powers are useful, but Snow's real contribution to the team is his keen mind and vast knowledge about the strangeness of his world. Along with Jack, he occasionally clashes with Batman over leadership, but is ultimately loyal to the team and its mission.

  • Although Zordon chose not to recruit Superman, he recognized the need for a powerhouse. Supreme's time traveling experience also aids the group.

  • Another heavy hitter, David Days also provided information on and contacts in his world's U.S. government, superheroes, and paranormal. Like Spider-man, Days acted as a moral pillar for the team.

  • Angel's experience with the Buffyverse's paranormal and lawless elements and his ability to adapt to any challenge have been of use to the team, but his recent activities as Twilight have caused a schism in the team.

  • Dimitiria was hesitant to bring one so young into the fold, but Tim's power easily makes up for his inexperience.

  • The King of All Night's Dreaming only served on one mission, but the others still mourned his passing.