Nashville Comic Con Photos :)

So here are some photos of me at my table at the Nashville Comic Con :)! Enjoy!

Me in front of my 6 foot tall banner of Sammykins :P Sporting my Ionic Comics Shirt and forgetting that I had my
Me in front of my 6 foot tall banner of Sammykins :P Sporting my Ionic Comics Shirt and forgetting that I had my "Finn" hat dangling out my pocket lol.
Me drawing a commission at my booth :D
Me drawing a commission at my booth :D
Me giving a thumbs up at my booth! To my left, a teaser poster for Magia High :D
Me giving a thumbs up at my booth! To my left, a teaser poster for Magia High :D
Drawing another commission of Wolverine :3!
Drawing another commission of Wolverine :3!
Me with
Me with "Pizzazz" (left) and "Jem" (right). The voices from "Jem and the Holograms" :D! Super nice ladies!

I can't wait to do more cons! I have sent in my application to Dragoncon with a buddy of mine! Pray that I get in!


Budgeting for Comic Con:

Okay so...going to list out the things I want to get for the Nashville comic con I will have a table at and see what my general budget should be. Figured that it would be cool to get input from others on here about ways to save money!

  • A printing of 100 full color comics from KA-BLAM Digital Printing: $300 (allowing some money for shipping).
  • 6ft by 2.5ft banner from, $40 (again, allowing money for shipping)
  • 400 flyers from kinko's, $71.98 (picking up at location, no shipping required :D)
  • T-Shirt from, $35 (Shipping monies included there too)
  • (OPTIONAL) Business Cards for Ionic Comics, $50
So total that being $496.98 ($446.98 if I don't do business cards) so roughly I should save up anywhere from $500 to $600.
Any thoughts on how I can cut costs?

I'm having issues with the way they write in Ravager lately...

So there are some things that bother me lately about good ol' Rosie. And by lately I don't mean events lately, I mean just in general I've been thinking on it. So if you don't know about Rose, first of all, SPOILERS. Anywho, continuing...

Rose ran away from the Teen Titans after the events happening with the Terror Titans and Clock King. Because of the fans demands for her (I guess) they gave her a small chunk of the Teen Titans comics in the back called "Ravager: Fresh from Hell" or something like that I dunno. It's 8:30am and I have to go to work soon. So anyway, during this kind of mini series, she is struggling with her addiction to adrenaline drugs. Not only that, but she's saving women slaves, killing bad guys, etc. So that arch ends and...well it just ends.

The next time we see Rose, she's attacking Deathstroke in Blackest Night. What confuses me is that in that issue it says it was BEFORE the events of Ravager Fresh from Hell! So at the end of that issue she's like "I'm going to find my mommy!" but in Fresh from Hell she never mentioned anything about that at all or whatever.

Then the NEXT time we see Rosie, she's suddenly back to being a Teen Titan!? This is NEVER explained other then Wonder Girl briefly saying once something like "Oh she needed a second chance" or some bullspit like that. All of the sudden Rose doesn't kill anymore and is off her addiction from drugs? When did this happen?! WTF!? What's going on here?!?! Not to mention I cannot recall her ONCE reacting to Eddie's death! I know Rose wouldn't weep about it but she cared for him! The least they could do is have her giving her two cents. If she did respond, I must have missed it because it was THAT short and carelessly written of a response!

What really pisses me off is that I feel like they just threw her in there to have her 3 comic interaction with Damian Wayne and now she HARDLY gets TWO WORDS in any comic. She's BARELY in the current issues of Teen Titans DESPITE that cover of her and Superboy kissing which I guessed before hand "she's possessed or that's not her".

The whole thing just really bothers me. They put Rose on the Teen Titans as the badass character that always argues and pisses off the leader or they portray her as the general slut of the team. She's such a great character and I feel like she deserves way more than to just be cast aside so we can watch Wonder Girl and Superboy have their teen romance issues that ALWAYS take up freaking half an issue of comic.

GIVE ROSE HER OWN TITLE! Stop treating her like a side character when she DESERVES to be a star! She's FAR more interesting then any of the other Titans!


How the Follow/Stop Following Action Works:

To those of you that don't know, you do NOT have to see what people are updating on your sidebar unless you voluntarily hit the "follow" button on their profile, like so: 

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Here is how you unfollow someone thereby making it so you can no longer see their status updates, blog posts, etc:
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Granted that you will still see their stuff up if you go into the MAIN activity stream (where you see EVERYONE'S stuff) and they just happen to post recently enough within the time you click on it. But really this is a rare thing. So unless you and that person you do not like happen to be active on the same forum around here, you are intentionally looking them up, or people keep telling you what they're up to, odds are you won't come in contact with them or even see what they're doing. Or at least you shouldn't.
There is NO block feature on this website, unfortunately. I looked into it and apparently it cannot be done. And I think that reporting someone for personal issues against them that don't involve harsh trolling on forums is a bit extreme. I don't want to get someone banned because they've taken to whining about everything I post but it's just rather annoying. I just want people who obviously don't like anything I have to say to just leave me alone, STOP FOLLOWING ME, and get on with their lives.
After I post this, I'm asking those of you who keep telling me that a certain someone is addressing my posts on their page every time I post something to just stop telling me. Just let it goooo...And I expect that certain people who keep getting flustered over things that I post to be MATURE, STOP FOLLOWING ME, and GET ON WITH THEIR LIVES. This is MY page on comic vine and I have the right to post whatever I want in my statuses keeping under the rules of comic vine. And I've done absolutely nothing wrong.
There is absolutely NO WAY that my posts are showing up on the side bar of your page unless YOU ARE FOLLOWING ME. If a mod/admin happens to read this, please confirm this so that people know I'm not just being crazy...

Just because it is part animal does not make it a furry...

I get kind of tired of people laughing at some of my characters because they think that they're "furries" in the bad sense of the word. I'd like to start by saying that these characters were characters BEFORE I gave them their powers. I didn't say "Okay I want a tiger chick...what is her story?" I said "Okay here's this girl with this story, I should figure out what super powers she has." to which I decided on super strength, agility, etc. But I wanted to go further then that by making her appearance something that would constantly be a haunting thing per say. Mutated enough that it causes her stress. I didn't do it because I have a fetish for furries. I didn't do it because I just like tigers. I did it for the character's sake.
If I'm considered a furry then I guess Batman is too. Sam is stuck with her appearance. Batman just plain CHOOSES to put on a bat themed costume and run around Gotham! To inspire fear? Surrrreee right right...Admit it Bruce! You just have a fetish! What's that? Fans disagree? Then STOP CALLING ME A FURRY DAMN IT!


Passion + Burden = Awesomeness!

So something I'd like to touch on is passions. A lot of us on this site have an awesome passion for comics. That's awesome! Comics are great so why WOULDN'T you like them eh? But my real question here is how can you put your love of comics to good use actually helping people? As in, it's great to be passionate about comics but how can you use this thing you're passionate about to help people?

One thing I always tell my teens in my church's youth group is to take something you are passionate about, and then use it to help an issue that burdens you. For example, one high school student had a passion for ballet dancing and a burden for lost children. So using what she was passionate about (dance) she created a free after school program for young kids to learn dance then at the end of the program, they would host a fundraiser dance showing off what these kids learned as a way to raise money for a children's charity. So this girl, passionate about dance, took time away from her own life, her own schedule, to help others. And because she used her passion it makes it even more amazing.

That being said, to those of you who are passionate about comics whether it's creating them, reading them, collecting them, etc, how can you use that to help an issue that burdens you? I'd LOVE to hear some responses in ways that you can help people or causes through comics! Let's actually use what we love to make a positive change in the world!

I guess I can start! I have a passion for comics, cartoons, and art in general and then I am burdened by teens who are troubled. I signed up to give free lessons in comic creation to troubled teens through a program called the Be Proactive Foundation that mentors youth through various after school classes that they sign up for. Programs like karate, photography, jewelry making, organic gardening, and of course then comic book making :)

What are some ways that you think you can help people (or a general cause!) through comics?


Don't read this if you're easily offended on the topic of love.

First of all, a disclaimer. This is my personal opinion on my blog. It is a sensitive subject for a lot of people but it's been on my mind a lot lately...

I need to go on a rant for a minute. So I had a date the other night. First I've had since I broke up with my ex. Anyway, guy tries to kiss me and I tell him that I much prefer it if he and I were friends. He asks me why and I say because our outlook on life is just too different. That he tends to only see the negative and I always see the positive. That I'm looking for something in a guy that he just doesn't seem to want or have. Which I think is understandable on my end. In the end I just was not attracted to him like he was to me. And I don't like to ask people to change for my benefit. I would rather you be yourself and us not end up together then for you to change and be someone you're not just to try to impress me.

So I talk to one of my buddies about this and he says that I have too many standards when it comes to a guy which is why I always tend to say no to new relationships. I may have my standards but who doesn't? Just because I'm attracted to certain types of guys doesn't make me a bad person. Why is it okay for some people to be attracted to certain things but when I point out mine, people get all pissy at me? Here's my standards:

My man must have the following traits...

  • He has endless Self-Confidence/Confidence in life in general. Always knows that things will work out one way or another and doesn't dwell on the negative.
  • He is optimistic and happy, seeing the glass as half full, NEVER half empty.
  • He is brave and not afraid of the future or obstacles that might pop up in the future.
  • He is doing what he loves/is passionate about career wise (ie if you love video games, comics, etc you're not just playing them you're actually MAKING them) or if not career is pursuing these in his spare time (ie like how graphic design is my career but I create comics in my spare time and volunteer to teach kids how to make comics)
  • He is mentally STRONG and NEVER bends to negative temptations or falls under peer pressure. And if he is tempted, he is man enough to admit it and seek help to overcome it.
  • He is a leader and not afraid to step up and lead the way for his family, his work place, and his friends in a positive and Godly direction.
  • He is a Christian (I only date Christian guys. So sue me.)
  • He is into comics, cartoons, art, etc. Stuff that we can talk about.
  • He has good hygiene (clean body, teeth, etc)
  • He is either trying to lose weight or already in shape for HEALTH purposes (being someone myself trying to lose weight and get healthy, I can sympathize with overweight people as long as they're at least TRYING to get healthy)
These are qualities that I find highly attractive in a guy. Notice that the only physical aspects I speak of are health related. Otherwise, I could care less someone's skin color, facial hair, etc. You might think to yourself that these standards are imaginary and way too high. But it's just what I am attracted to. I myself try exhibit these qualities as best I can and I want my guy to do the same. One thing I have come to learn is that you will not find these traits in a young man. I understand that and am willing to wait for my male peers to catch up. Not to diss my comic nerd friends but something else I've come to discover is that a lot of (guy and gal) comic nerds I have met are really shy, introverted, not doing anything for their career or even trying, and fearful of the future. Which I just find unattractive.

People tend to get this idea in their head that by finding Mr./Ms. Right, all of your bad characteristics will just vanish and everything will end up okay. I strongly disagree with that theory. If you try to make a chain out of two broken links, even if you weld it, it is still not as strong as two links that are whole to begin with. I have these standards because a guy like that, rare as he may be, would want a woman the same way. And therefore, I become that person. Not just for him but for ME. Because I WANT IT. I want to be a better person. So please for the love of Pete...stop sitting around whining about how crappy your life is and actually try to improve it. Instead of sitting around hoping Mr./Ms. Right will pop up and fix all your problems because that is NOT how it works. How about we all stop being so selfish and try to become the person that the person we are looking for is looking for. Do it because if you really want someone to love you then you've got to become the best you can be first. Do it also for YOU. Because it is unhealthy to sit around wishing things will improve. Take action and make your life better. Don't just half-ass life. Stop being so gosh darn pessimistic and turn your life around.

Free Comic Book Day Rocks!

So I had possibly one of the greatest days of my life today. Not only was it my first ever table event, but it just really boosted my self esteem. I started out doing a bunch of Adventure Time sketches for kids because one kid saw it and then another and then another and it just kept on going haha. Eventually I got some better requests like a few Batmans, a few "do whatever", one Superman, a bunch of Tiny Titan art, etc. It was so much fun.

At one point in the day, I drew Montgomery from Chip N' Dale Rescue Rangers. A few minutes later, a dude came by and asked for one as well stating he didn't know I worked for Disney. It really made my day haha :)

Later on a little boy no older than 5 asked for a sketch of Michael Jackson and then began to sing Thriller as well as dance to it.

My favorite part of the day: A woman comes up to me and hands me her free copy of Aspen. She goes "will you autograph this for me?" I quirk my eyebrow and am like "Um okay" and she goes "so how long did it take for you to draw this one" and I'm like *derp smile* "I didn't draw it :D" and she's like "WHAT?!" So yes, I did autograph some random comic I have no connection to xD!

All drawing things aside though, it was great exposure for BLAM (my girl comic group). There were so many girls who took great interest in the flyers I handed out. Then I was called on stage to talk about it. I even got to meet a couple of freelance artists for Marvel and DC (one of which was a girl who said she was so excited to meet me).

All in all, I had a hell of a great time and I can't wait to do another table event. Note to self: bring extension cord for laptop otherwise you'll be screwed when a little girl wants you to draw Donald Duck and you can't remember wtf he looks like.


Commission me PLEASE!!

 So here's my situation...

My folks bought me my 15" macbook pro for a graduation present 2 years ago (give or take a couple of months). The store people convinced her to buy the most expensive one (I would have been content with a dell laptop no more then $500 but they decided instead to get me this one as my birthday present for the next 2 years haha). Anyway, they convinced her to get this $2700 computer and told her it would last me 10 years. Suddenly, not a week ago, it just died. Dead. I don't know what happened. I have dropped it maybe twice in the course of two years and NEVER a bad drop. I hardly think that's cause enough for a $700 repair to the motherboard? I don't know...

At this point, I'm kind of wanting to just say "forget it" and buy a new laptop. So instead of putting $700 to a broken old computer, why not put $700 to a new macbook pro which is just $1700 (roughly) for the same one?

So that being said, I am asking and begging people to put me to work. Commission me! Help me afford this new computer! I NEED this thing! My last macbook had my life work in it basically ... I can't live without a laptop! I know I sound overly dramatic but...

Yeah. I have a paypal account so therefore, if you want to commission me, please send me a PM and we'll discuss the price!

--Annie (Crazy Pan)

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So a few months ago (about 6 to be precise) I went into a panic. I felt like my life was just not doing anything or going anywhere. So I frantically began to search for internships. I decided if I was going to do it I needed to reach for the stars. I applied at Cartoon Network, Mad Magazine, and Nickelodeon. I was going to apply at Disney but I feared I'd be put to work taking out trash for a semester in Disney World (no thanks...).
A few months went by and I hadn't gotten word from any of them. Finally, Mad Magazine replied to me about their internship. Sadly, it didn't work out. They weren't accepting internships. I had utterly given up at this point thinking there was no way Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon would even bother taking a look at my resume. I began to search around town for internships in various graphic design studios and such. A small town in Kentucky...there aren't many options.
But much to my surprise, when I got off work at my part time job (at a gift shop), I noticed I had one new voicemail on my phone and a missed call from a number with an areacode I didn't recognize. I listened to the voicemail and squealed in excitement as the lady on the phone spoke.
"Hi this call is for *my real name here*. My name is *lady's name* with Cartoon Network. I'm calling in regards to a winter internship. We saw your resume and portfolio and we wanted to talk to you about it. Please call me back at *number here*."
I eagerly called the lady back and left a message (it was late, her office was closed I'm sure). The next morning I got a call back asking to do a phone interview with me at 3PM. I excitedly said yes. 2PM my time rolled around and, like an idiot, I forgot about the time difference. So she called me at 2PM and was ready to interview me. I was in a bit of a panic (because I was in the grocery store), but I pulled myself together and answered all her questions as well as the questions of the designer also on the phone. She told me she would email me back the next day.
The next day rolled around and I got an email from another lady at Turner Broadcasting suggesting some places to search for living arrangements in Atlanta. I was confused, so I called the first lady back and she was like "Oh, yes, we forgot to mention that yes, we do want you to internship for us."
 I jumped up and down for a few minutes and finally calmed down after we hung up.
Internship details: Starts in 2 weeks (I have 2 weeks to pack my crap and move to Atlanta O.o), ends in mid-April. Pays minimum wage. Best part of this is that because I'd be taking a break from school, they're willing to extend my hours to a full-time position where as other interns will only be getting part time. I'll be working in the Graphic Design department for their website ( It's a HUGE step in the right direction for me. I'm way excited :)
I am super duper excited about this. Wish me luck and pray that everything will go great!!

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