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Name: Annie Erskine

Alias: Crazy Pan

Occupation: Owner/Lead Artist of Ionic Comics, Illustrator, graphic designer, comic artist, motivational speaker!

I am the founder and lead artist of Ionic Comics and Happy Doodle Studio LLC. I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil. As a young adult, my passion has lead me toward a career in comics, illustration, and graphic design. I've done illustrative work for many clients including Cartoon Network, Sony Records, Hitcents.com (Draw a Stickman: Epic), and many more. In my spare time, I teaches people to create comics through my free non-profit comic creator group. I also go around to various schools and show them my comic book, Magia High, and give motivational talks on following your passion and dreams! I also frequent comic cons as an Artist Alley guest.

For more info on me or my comics, check the links below!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ioniccomics

Twitter: @ioniccomics

Artist Alley Schedule, 2013:

- Lexington Comic Con: March 16 & 17

- Animation and Gaming Ohio: April 5 - 7

- Derby City Comic Con: June 29

- Dragon*Con: August 30 - Sept 2