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Asmita with his Tenbu Horin. When activated, his opponent(s) can neither escape, attack or defend himself and Asmita can proceede into deleting his 8 senses.
-When he delete the five first sense (smell, hearing, sight, touch, taste) his opponent will no longer be able to talk, hear, move, feel or smell
-By deleting the sixth sense, he will shut down the brain of his opponent

-By deleting the seventh sense, his opponent can no longer use unconsciously his energy

-And by deleting the eight sense, his opponent will lose his immortality+ His ability to resurrect

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@eredin12: You need to understand one big thing, in fiction characters will sometimes create sonic booms and other times much faster characters will not that is how fiction works, DCEU Superman created sonic booms when he moved mach 3, but when he moved mach 50 he did not

Talking about DCEU superman is irrelevant.

You are forgeting one important thing. It wasn't established to a sonic boom in the first place.

Geralt had difficulties against much slower opponents and attacks, in the witcher 2 you can die, in a scripted cinematic events from a barrage of arrows:

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5:20, 6:55 and 12:10. Hell, geralt even failed to react to an to an old woman throwing drugs at him 7:50

Geralt struggling with bruxa is inconsistent and detlaff did not teleport here he moved at supersonic speed there that is why he made a sonic boom

I didn't say he teleported, i said that aura appears at any moment, even we he doesn't move. The fight with a bruxa is from a cinematic and Cinematic> Game mechanics

In the fight scene (cinematic scene) between Regis and Dettlaf none of them was crazy fast, none of them created a sonic boom.

In the comics, made by CDPR the same compagnie that made the witcher games. Geralt had some difficulties fighting against an assassin named Maraal . If he is as fast as you claim him to be, he would have blitzed him.

and saying if he was supersonic i could not see him is stupid becase goku if FTL i and can see him So yes Dettalff is above supersonic and no if you are 300 kmh you would not be FTE, not even blur, you do know that you can see arrow in the air, and Dettlaff was FTE and crated sonic booms , your logic of Elder not doing that fails

Goku is not FTL but let's not derail the thread. We are talking about a game that follows certain physics and command basis. These are 2 different things. And as i said before you don't need to be supersonic to appear as a blur. Infact if an individual is 70 cm Large and is 15 m away from the spectators he needs to move at 216 Km/h at a 7m distance to disappear from sight.

So no, nothing suggest that dettlaf is supersonic.

Geralt wouldn't even need a horse if he can move that fast. Geralt doesn't scale from dettlaf in the speed departement, infacts Geralt couldn't catch dettlaf when he was running after him. Geralt defeated him because he was more skilled. And since you like to compare other fictions with the witcher then let's take the example of flash, he was defeated by several opponents slower than him: Catwoman (three flashes at once), Deathstroke (several times), Trickster, Leonard snart..Etc

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Kasumi Kenshiro

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@thefirerisesbrother: Just read Dc/Marvel comics Databooks and you should fine with the background of the characters.

You can also read the DC secret files to know the origin of a character.

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Definitely slower than wolverine:

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Bullets leave visible blur, i have talked with shooters and yes if you look at it when you shot you can see it and Dettlaff does not, he is completely FTE which means he is high supersonic or low hypersonic range

Dettlaf doesn't move at supersonic speed. No, not at all.

"But dettlaf created a sonic boom when he attacked Geralt"

Even the elder vampire who is much stronger and faster than Dettlaf didn't create a sonic boom when he blitzted geralt

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Hell, in the trailer, Geralt almost died fighting a Bruxa.

There is nothing that suggest it was a sonic boom.

What you saw was not a sonic boom. Even when he teleports, he produces this aura:

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If he moved a supersonic speed, you wouldn't be able to see him.

The fact that he was moving at FTE speed doesn't prove that he is supersonic. Infact, if an object moves at 300 km/H in a 3 meter Distance, it would appear as a blurr.

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@alexander505 said:

The books are canon to the games

Go to say it to CDPR. CDPR just enlarged and enriched the Sapkowski universe. Beside, talking about Witchers lore only, is extremely poor and vague in books, lot more than you would think, that's because Sapkwoski had no interest to tell a story about Witchers, but using a Witcher like a pretext to tell a total different story.

Do you really wants to debate that despite the fact that the creator himself said, numerous times, that the games are non canon?

Even CDPR agrees with him:

They said that he is the authority, regarding the canonicity of the witcher:

"It's true that the game was based on the popularity of the Witcher novels, so there's no sense in wondering what came first, the chicken or the egg. In this case, the books and the author are both of those things.

"Our cooperation has a strict and defined direction. I can't imagine Andrzej Sapkowski playing a game to do research for the new novels. This is unlikely and would look like writing a book for a game or movie release, which ends badly in most cases; the novel winds up in a collector's edition and then covers with dust somewhere on the gamer's shelf.

"We want to develop The Witcher's universe in other media, not only video games. We have Mr. Sapkowsk's blessing and what we create is in line with his vision of the world, no matter how the saga will evolve.

"We want The Witcher's universe to be a part of pop-culture like Star Wars or The Lord of the Rings, and for our fanbase to expand rapidly. We just have to carefully and diligently do our thing."


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I don't want to talk about book Geralt only, we're talking about composite Geralt, which means games+books+dark horse comics, all in continuity in the same universe. All books are canonical in CDPR's universe.

Why taking the books geralt? He is much weaker than Game's Geralt.

Books are not canon to the CDPR universe since they contradicts 70% of what's written in the books. But i'd say the, only the books lore, are canon to the game. The rest: The story, the characters, they events are none.

There are some events in the books that are brought up in the game like: Geralt knee's injury, Regis "death"..Etc

But there a lot of differences which alones would make the books non canon to the games and the most important one is: Ciri, in the books is not a child of Elder Blood, that's Alvin. He is the child of destiny


I think we shouldn't take book geralt into account because in the books he is far from being the great warrior he is in the games,. Monsters, in the books, are rare, infact, it was mentionned that the witchers will come to inxtinct because Monsters jobs are extremely rare.

I mean, if you are looking for feat in the books and if you can find ones on par with the games feats then it's fine, but from what i've read you should just ignore them.

In the books, geralt is a strategist. He signs aren't as powerful as they are in the game. Infact, in the books, they have a totally different fonction: Igni in the books can light up candles and burn ropes. It's not a combat move

Geralt used his Axiis just to calm his horse.

Yrden is not a trap in the books, it's a protective spell.

Aard is employed in combat, but more to push an opponent off balance rather than to knock down multiple foes.

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@alexander505 said:

Because there isn't any feat of strength in books, but he said many times to be ridiculously fast and agile, basically he moves FTE almost all the time. Anyway in CDPR universe books are canon, so, he's still the same Geralt.

If you want to speak about canonicty, then according to the creator of the witcher, himself, the games aren't canon.

Sapkowski on non-canonicity of the games:

"Let me explain: the computer game cannot, in the slightest, be treated as a continuation of the witcher cycle, a sequel or a furthering of the events described in the last volume of the saga, titled "Lady of the Lake". Any and all adaptations - films, comics or games, including the game "The Witcher", are only adaptations, entirely separate narrative creations, the works of their creators. They have no relation to the adventures of the witcher Geralt as written by me, and definitely and absolutely cannot be treated as canon of any kind - as the only canon is comprised of my own writings, published in printed form. Therefore, if I indeed continue the tale of the witcher - regardless of whether as a prequel, sequel or spin-off - I will not, even in the slightest, base my writing on any adaptation, I will entirely disregard elements of these adaptations - as there is no place for them in the actual canon of the witcher stories. I stress that this is in no way a judgement regarding their quality - I especially view "The Witcher" game as a high quality product, a particularily well-made adaptation, true to the original source.

The game cannot be canon however, and may not be treated as such. The game world and the world of literature are entirely separate creations."


Only his books are canon, Comics, Games, Movies, TV series are non-canon.