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I didn't say the sorceress helped him block the attack. Geralt did block the attack but he was pushed back by the monster. Radeyah had to interfere to give geralt the time to drink a potion.

And even if the monster weighs 60 tons, geralt isn't benchpressin him, the monster is pushing geralt.

Silver is effective against monster and not effective against humans, in the game you do little damage to humans with a silver sword, and you also do little damage to monster with a regular sword. The silver sword isn't as sharp as a steel sword, but he cuts monsters more effectively.

Silver is also less durable than steel.

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The pain factor played a major role in geralt pulling the dragon's head back. And cutting the head of a fiend is definitely not a 10 tons feat, espacially when you know that geralt has a silver sword t Radeyhat is super effective against monsters.

And geralt definitely didn't block the sea creature since it pushed him back. He needed help from Radeyah to escape it. It gave him time to go drink a potion that gives him strength so that he can pierce the monster's skin.

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And he is right, the fact that geralt can't break metal door open disprove that geralt is not a 10 tonner.

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Prove it that he was amped. Show me the pages that states that.

Anakin had the potential to be 2 times more powerful than emperor but he lost it on Mustafar and is now weaker than emperor so Anakin had greater potential but Vader is more powerful and force users to become strogner with time

He didn't. Infact, george lucas stated that the reason why Darth Sidious wanted anakin to join the dark side was because vader has lost his potential:

“Anakin, as Skywalker, as a human being, was going to be extremely powerful,” he says. “But he ended up losing his legs and an arm and became partly a robot. So a lot of his ability to use the Force, a lot of his powers, are curbed at this point, because, as a living form, there’s not that much of him left. So his ability to be twice as good as the Emperor disappeared, and now he’s maybe 20 percent less than him. So that isn’t what the Emperor had in mind. He wanted this really super guy, but that got derailed by Obi-Wan. So he finds that, with Luke, he can get a more primo version if he can turn Luke to the Dark Side. You’ll see, as this goes on, Luke is faced with the same issues and practically the same scenes that Anakin is faced with. Anakin says yes and Luke says no.”

Vader is superior with force, is superior in some stats and comperable i others, and skills are debatable

Tell that to George Lucas.

Tell him "i know star wars better than you do"

That is your logic? I can hear the sound of supersonic bullets in moves and supersonic characters speak in their fight, i can hear superman moving at MHS in his fight with Flash and there are no sonic booms and in comcis FTL characters speak all the times at that speed,

That's your logic, not mine. A few lines earlier you said that animation doesn't count, and now you are saying it does.

Hell i could hear Vergil in his blitz so he is subsonic confirmed

Stupid logic

How do you do that? Most vergil's actions are in slowmotion

Star Wars does not care about laws of physics like most fictions that proves nothing , blasters are hypersonic, hell in star wars there are no sonic booms at all

Too bad for you, star does care about physics, they've even made a guide where they described how the blasters works with detailed informations.

Of course, there are no sonic booms. There isn't a single character that moves at that speed in star wars.

Blasters are guns that shot plasma


What facts?

The facts that Vergil with feats is FTL and Vader is extreme wank is only hypersonic

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@eredin12:There is no headcanon here

Contradicting the canon is headcanon.

it being number means nothing,

And your calcs does?

it is WIS like Thing hitting with force of car crash at his full power and Raiden being mach 2, feats are just as good as statements, feats are not headcanon no matter what you say

The feats says 20 hit per second. There is not a single feat in the star wars novel that agrees with you. Did you play metal gear solid rising?

Do you know that there several types of speed?

- Combat speed

-Travel speed

-Reaction Speed

-Flight speed

-Attack speed, like sound base attacks are logically sonic-supersonic-hypersonic. And the solar flare in DB is lightspeed.

Batman and wonder woman have explained it well

No Caption Provided

"Who is faster? Bruce lee or usain bolt?"

Vader combat speed is below prime obi-wan. And his traveling speed is even lower because of his new body.

Yes, they are that fast in EU in combat speed, not evrey Jedi of corse, only high tiers,

Fast yes, like FTE speed, but not crazy fast

Jedis have stomped entire amry before in EU without being tagged even once

Are you just throwing random information hoping they are true? Because jedi never defeated entire armies just by themselves.

Hell, the stormtroopers have executed all the jedis when palpatine gave them the order and they couldn't do anything about it.

, General Grievous has speed blitzed group of superhuman clones before they can react, so yes they are that fast in combat speed

So blitzing 4 random humans at once is an impressive feat?

And you can say Dante and Vergil do not kill entire amry in hundredth of second as well

Neither did the jedis. Stop lying bro. I've watched the movies and read enough comics and novels to know that the jedis did no such thing.

Also, dante and vergil would laugh if you asked to fight random humans.

First milion stab means nothing , that is just fancy name like the infinite mass punch, but it means nothing , deflecting light speed attack is an outlier for them, they are not that fast

SO far, nothing contradicts it. Dante has blocked lightspeed attacks from Mundus, and no, it's not an outlier, since just after that, dante transformed into a demon and flew past stars in microseconds.

-When they were in outer space mundus has shot dante several times with his lightspeed attack and dante dodged them all.

-Same goes for nero, he dodged artemis attacks. It is said in the description when you starts the mission that artemis uses light attack.

-Beowulf also uses light attacks "Forces Beowulf to retreat by cutting his eye - Gatekeeper sealed away by Sparda for 2000 years. He anxiously awaits his chance at revenge. His overwhelming strength and light attacks make him a force to fear."

The infinite mass punch is not just a fancy name, but i'm not surprised you don't know that. The closer you get to lightspeed, the most your mass increase. When you reach lightspeed your mass becomes infinite. In the comics flash never hit anybody with a lightspeed attack.

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Here superman infinite mass slammed a moon. Read the description:

No Caption Provided

And that is not stamtnet, you use single WIS statement that you dont understand aginst many consistent feats and say that they do not matter so that is not stamtnet i can say that does not matter, it is your headcanon

Yeah, because the writer knows that their characters are being used on fictionnal battles.

And in order to be an outlier or a PIS, you need other similar feats to compare with. So unless you bring another statement saying that obi-wan can hit 100000 times per second, you arguments are invalid.

Star wars characters create after images all the times, Jedi much slower than Vader appeared in 3 places at once that requires insane speed so that does not help him here and that is not statment

Never happened, never mentionned, never implied. You are just making stuff up.

Remember when rain moved much faster than Dante bullets? So they are very slow.

Your point? Does that somehow contradicts the fact that random humans have dodged blasters attacks before they were shot?

I mean you do that with star wars characters so i will do that to that here as well

that is still a good feat, but star wars characters have better feats

They don't, otherwise you would have shown them

Creating vortex is mach 6 nothing compared to star wars characters on Vader level

Wrong. That's the speed required to create a vortex in tube (so in a constriced area with little air) using gas.

And when did vader create a vortex just by spinning his sword?

Yes they have much better feats and we don't need numbers like i said feats beat numbers, using numbers Magnaguards are FTL yes they were said to be FTL so it is WIS and there is no number for Dante and Vergil so i guess their feats dont matter, they are unquantifiable You did not give me any numbers, milions of cuts is like infinity mass punch just name, and besides that, you gave me feats slower than Vader

Using your numbers, not actual numbers. If you use actual numbers then star wars characters are just subsonic. "Blasters are hypersonic because i said so"

That is from comic, not novel, so of course, you did not read it in a novel,

I did read the novel and there is no such thing. I know what you are doing. Since not many people read the novels, you are assuming i didn't and therefore you are telling yourseld "i can tell him anything, he can't contradicts me, there a lot of novels".

Boba who is a clone effortlesly speed blitzes Connor Freeman Boba's half brother who inherits some of his and Jango's speed

He didn't blitz him. So according to your logic, if A defeats B it means that A blitzed him? No, that's not how it works. Boba nevers blitzed anybody in his entire life.

- ripping his gun out of his hand before he can even comprehend what has happened. He just stands there surprised how his wepon just magically disappeared from his hand

How is that a proof of his speed? I've already taken object quickly from people's hand when they weren't concentrating. Does that mean i blitzed them? Hell no.

And he didn't disappear magically, XD, what you are saying is laughable. This trick is overused in the TV shows. It's generally a kid stealing an object from an adult and hiding before the adult notice him. Lol

Normal Humans brain can process light in 1 hundredth of a second and Boba Fett did it before he can process anything, he was a statue and was consumed how his weponinstatly disappeared before he can realize what happened, so Boba Fett would need to do it in less that than 1 hundredth of a second if he was normal human but he ha was part clone so he had some decent level of super speed which mean that Boba Fett feat is at least 4,5 times better and for normal human to disarm somone like this would take at least half second which to mean that Boba Fett is hunrends of tiems faster than normal humans and Boba Fett did this casually

XD, that's not how it works at all, you got it all wrong. The brain can procede informations at 0.15 second and the human eyes capture 24 Frame/second. XD keep your bu**shit to yourself. We are humans not saiyans, lol. a large body moving at 213 km/h is invisible to the human eye. Since a hand is smaller, it disappear from sight at a slower speed.

Let's do a test. Move your hand faster from a point to another. Did it appear as a blurr or was it invisible? Anyway, a human hand moves at 30 mpH.

In just a few seconds, Boba is able to calculate the exact distance between himself and Neelah, as well as the exact angle, speed and direction of the moves necessary to disarm her. He is capable of disarming her in this way before she can react and pull the trigger of the blaster she is pointing at him.

Congratulation, he is human level.

It would take normal humans much longer to calculate this with this much precision and it means that Boba can get out of his chair close that distance and grab her before she can move a finger or even react

You are wrong, Jerry Miculek can calculate precision and shoot faster than that.

Easily crushes a rock to dust with his bare hand, something even strongest humans cannot do, he did not just crush it, he crushed into dust, this is a multi-ton feat

Nice try, bu the Mandalorian armor is equiped with Crushgaunt, a gauntlet designed to augment the strength of its wearer

Boba's genetic clone, Jango Fett, kicks a thick durasteel door down with a single strike.

Durasteel is one of the strongest materials in star wars and has no solled powerful rockets

That would require at least 100 to 200 tons of force which is 1000 times stronger than a punch from Connor McGregor who is a powerful striker in his class

Don't forget to mention that mandalorian armor enhance strength

Boba Fett is closer spiderman than to peak human so saying he is peak human is stupid at best

Only in your wet dreams.

saying that Boba Fett is peak human laughable at best, though you could say that he is peak human-like batman, it would be at least partially correct but is but he is still above batman in everything and its not close

So far, he didn't show any peak human feat.

No, i am using the analogy with Thing to prove my point but :

That is creation feat, not destruction feat so it is irelvant

Creation> Destruction since it requires more energy. Also, after defeating mundus, the underworld crumbled

No Caption Provided

The novel confirms that. It says that by defeating mundus, the universal level void that he created exploded

No Caption Provided

BFR people to the alternative universe is irelvant and shaking world? Show me that

The beastheads also grants anybody the power to manipulate and reshape reality:

No Caption Provided

And about the beastheads shaking the world:

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

the Beastheads were about to bring about the end of the world,and were later described as actually causing seismic activity

We have feats which is all it matters so yes it is WIS like with Thing, and you did not give me any number for them

You would have shown them already, if it was the case.

Something does not need to be stated, Dante and Vergil were never stated how fast they are, Star Wars characters have feats to prove that

Something that was never stated or implied. It's your headcanon. You want us to take your headcanon as fact.

Nope, that's not how it work

Yes, i know what it menas, hitting somone before he can react, and yes he has speed bltized group of clones

Not blitzing. Killing a bunch of clones. Defeating a character doesn't mean you blitzed him.

and saying that Boba Fett is peak human and that Grevious never blitzed somone only proves your lack of star wars knowledge.

I'm not questionning the speed of darth grievous. I'm questionning your understaing of the those feats.

And what did Vergil do here, move like a blur to fodders? Somehting Geralt of Rivia can do and evrey other Jedi? Impressive

Those "fodders"> Stormtroopers. And geralt never moved as a blurr.

Grievous moves so fast he appears to teleport.

Appearing as burr to normal human is not an impressive feat. This statement comes from the same novel that sayss Grievous was throwing 20 hit per seconds at obi-wan, i remember it.

That alone is better than being a blur to fodders and he blitzed one fodder in that rush, literally one fodder, Hell Savage Opress did better here.

Wow, being so fast that humans can't see you, that's an impressive feat (not)

He can easily take out both of his sabers and ignite his sabers and then throw them faster than a room full of guards, or anyone else could react, decapitating five people at once.

20 hit per second, remember.

Vergil also blitzed Beowulf, a demon that moves at lightspeed.

Hell Obi-Wan when he was much weaker than in ROTS was FTE to fodders

Yeah, he was using Force speed. According to Relin Druur, the force speed allows him to cross 100 meters in a second, that's subsonic level. The speed of sound is 343 meter per second.

Yes they were intended to be fast and yes they are that fast they have blitzed best soldiers consistently and if somone dodged them good feat for him

If any human can dodge them that proves they are not that impressive.

First Dooku has weakness agisnt strength which is why Anakin was a problem for him and Savage strength was a problem for him as well, as well and Vader is much strogner than Dooku, Vader has better TK Feats than Dooku and it is not close, so he can ragdoll him, Vader is more skilled than Dooku by feats

Vader from realizes of using his strength on his targets and that is Dooku weakness

Did you read the novel? It was said that Dooku's weakness was the djem so+ Dooku was weakened.

Vader has defeated large numbers of Jedi Masters at the same time, something Dooku never did

And what makes you think he can't? Vader had an entire army to back him off. Hell, the stormtroopers did most of the job. They killed the majority of the jedi masters when palpatine gave the order 66.

FIrst Maul destroyed Obi-Wan and his arrogance and him being cuaght of the guard is the reason why Obi-Wan "defeated him"

Obi-wan has told dooku that they were much stronger than they were when they fought Maul.

Like with Anakin, without that he gets destroyed

, he has consistently ragdolled Obi-Wan, and vader not using some style is irelvant and does not mean he loses here

Anakin has lost to Obi-wan who can parry 20 hits per second.

Massively pre-prime Vader lost to amped Maul,

Prime vader is anakin skywalker. Alos read the comic

you are using headcanon here Maul was amped and that was pre-prime Vader like i said and that was not Darth maul but his clone Well its better than saying Boba Fett is peak human he would solo entire UFC the same time ( evrey single fighter) with complete ease, does that look like peak human to you?

*shake my head hard* First, it was never stated and never implied that Maul was amped. Second, It wasn't Maul clone, Maul was brought back to life without any amp. Did you even read the comic?

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@eredin12:Again its extremly low shoving,

It's the only number we got from the star wars franchise. Saying it is "a low showing" because it contradict your beliefs is not an argument. Canon> Headcanon not matter what you say.

It doesn't take a genius to know why the jedi aren't crazy fast, otherwise they would be rampaging the battlefield at a massively hypersonic speed.

we dont have any actual number of how fast is Vergil either

Both dante and Vergil have a technique called "Million stab" that sound crazy fast but when you think about it, dante deflected a light speed attack with his TK during his fight against mundus.

No Caption Provided

Notice how he waits for it to get right to his head be4 deflecting it.

-Mundus firing the same attack from his third eye during the boss battle:

Even trish who is much weaker and slower than vergil did it.

Official explanation of Mundus particle beam:

No Caption Provided

If you're not familiar with particle beams there are two basic categories of directed energy weapons from a technical point of view: light guns and particle throwers. Light guns are the traditional lasers, along with their slight variations like microwave lasers (masers), while particle beams only travel near the speed of light.

They travel at relativistic speeds about 0.99997 times the speed of light.

In the cosmos interplanetary particle beams also travel at these relativistic speeds


Let's go back to the judgement cut, when used vergil is moving so fast that there 4 after images of himself attacking at the same time:

In the manga, Vergil cut dante's bullet in 6 part when it was in the middle of the air. Dante's bullet are faster than regular bullets

No Caption Provided

Devil May Cry 3, Code: 1 — Dante, Dante's Weapons — Ivory: "Ivory, his right gun, is custom built for rapid firing. Various parts are rounded to ensure fast draw times."

In the cinematic dante vs Lady. Lady shot dante first, her bullets travelled some distance then dante fired at her bullet, the impact was instantaneous. In the gameplay, when you fight lady, you can see her bullets moving slowing while your bullets hit the target immediately.

Another proof. In mission 8 dante shot his sword with his gun, the sword went so fast that it caught fire. To take fire, an object must move at atleast mach 25.

Vergil can make his blade spin so fast that it create a whirlwind that sucks it's opponent right inside it.

Million StabB t/Bx y (hold after Stinger)A blinding whirlwind of stabs with enough momentum to blast an enemy backward.
Round TripB t/Bx y (hold then release)Hurl Force Edge at an enemy. It will create an whirlwind of vacuum that sucks the enemy in while carving them up.

agian force users have much better feats than this,

Oh realy? Because in the comics there aren't spectacular move and in the novel it's the only time that they ever gave us a number about how fast is a jedi.

even Boba Fett has them, Boba Fett can speed blitz characters with super speed faster than they can see or even realize what happened, faster then they can even form thought

That never happened. I've read the novel and there isn't a single feat that suggest that boba fett is above peak human level.

your logic is stupid like when Thing was said to attack as strong as car crash but he has much better feats than that like destroying mountains with a shockwave of his attck

Wanna compare destructive power? Mundus create universe according to the author of devil may cry.

No Caption Provided

Dante also defeated the beastheads a 4D creature capable of shaking the world and sending people into alternate universe. The beastheads were stated to be weaker than Mundus, since he created them. And before you tell me "Vergil was defeated by mundus so he doesn't scale from him" the novel pretty much cleared that out saying that vergil lost to mundus because he was weakned by his fight against dante:

"The brothers in-fighting would only benefit him. Vergil's defeated and wounded state was indeed a benefit to Mundus."

And vergil in devil may cry 5 destroyed a dimension just by fusing his two personalities and becoming one.

This is just WIS

Not a WIS since we don't have anything similar to compare with.

and its not about the number of attacks per second but the speed of attack like i explained

Oh you mean the number that you came up with and that were never stated in any star wars canon or non-canon?

General Grievous has speed blitzed small army of superhuman clones before they can react or even realize what happened, and i already said how fast are clones, they have hypersonic reactions

Do you know the meaning of speedblitzing?

This is a speedblitz:

Grievous never speedblitzed anybody, let alone an army. He fought men 4 soldiers at once and has defeated them. But he never blitzed them.

I can see Dante and Vergil fight so they are slow, they do not blur to even me, how about that?

Not at all what i said or what i meant, you are just putting words in my mouth. I said normal humans have already dodged the blaster because the blaster were never intended to be extremely fast.

And yes vader is above Dooku

Not a chance. Have you read the novel or did you just find some random respect threads and posted informations from it? Or maybe you are just throwing random informations hoping i wouldn't have read the novel. Too bad for you, i've read this part of the novel. It was stated that dooku lost to anakin only because he was using the makashi against the Djem so of anakin, which was stated to be weak against acrobatic the djem so. And anakin is a master of djem so. It's his favortie martial art. Not only that but it was also stated that dooku was weakened because of his fight against both obi-wan and anakin and it is only once Anakin started drawing on the Dark side that he gained the upper hand on Dooku.
Darth vader can't use the djem so. Infact, Vader is weaker than darth maul who was defeated by a young Obi-wan. And you can't change that fact.

but he is above maul and Dooku,

He lost to Maul, it's right in the page i showed you. See that's what we call a head canon

that was amped maul and massively pre-prime Vader,same is how amped Dooku could hold his own against Yoda even thguh on their normal level Yoda would stomp him

Maul wasn't amped, read the damn comic before stating such a thing, you would just embarass yourself, it's star wars tale 9. And prime vader= Anakin skywalker.

You clearly dont know anything about star wars,

That's rich coming from you, XD

yes it is exactly like that, force users become much more powerful as tiems passes like in dragon ball

Again, you are trying to contradict the canon. Anakin is a better fighter than vader. Vader can control the force better than anakin. And since he fully ambrassed the darkside, he is far more potent than anakin was when he first joined the dark side.

No, it is not, vader is strogner than Anakin ever was but weaker than what Anakin could become, vader lost Anakin's force potential but it was said that vader is strongest in ROTJ

Again, anakin is superior to vader in skill and combat and force potential. But vader is superior to anakin if force control.

In was said that anakin had twice the potentiel of palpatine and that after the incident he had only 80% of palpatine's potential.
So there is your proof.

Blasters are hypersonic in EU, you are judging thigns based on how they look in moves which is idiotic, in clone wars blasters have moved kilometers in seconds, for example, also using that logic Dante and Vergil are slow as they do not look fast in the game

Didn't you say that the animation doens't count? Also you can hear the sound of the blaster before they hit their target, meaning that they are slower than the speed of sound. And blasters never moved kilimeters in seconds. Do you know what a blaster is?
A blaster is a the hand canon that the storm troopers carries. Anything else is not a blaster.

Blasters are not slow, and no they consistently blitz even best soldiers and humans, and humans dodging it means nothing, humans in fiction dodge bullets with ease, Batman is a normal human and he has dodged point-blank bullets with ease and moves faster than bullets

In the comics, random humans dodged blasters after they wer fired. And normal humans are nowhere near batman level.

No, he does not, vader is faster than him and stomps him

The facts states otherwise

Vergil has no speed feats better than Vader, instead of lowballing Vader post some feats for Vergil that are better than even Obi-Wan Kenobi much less Vader

Already proved you wrong.

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“First of all, as king, as new king [of Asgard], she needs to find her queen. So that will be the first order of business. She has some ideas. I’ll keep you posted.”

- Tessa thompson

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Poor thor.

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@eredin12 said:

You always come up with the lamest excuses to try to "debunk" the canon because it doesn't suit your headcanon.

20 attack per second is the only we had an actual number on how fast is a character in star wars. Obi-wan started to back off when grievous attacked at that speed, he was perfectly fine with 16 hit per second.

And vader is not above dooku Vader was stabbed by random persons with a laser sword.

No vader is not the strongest character in the star wars series. Infact Vader=< Darth maul. in the comics, Vader fought Darth maul, the latters had a small advantage against Vader.

In the end, Maul has defeated Vader:

No Caption Provided

When he was about to finish him, Vader stabbed himself in order to kill maul

No Caption Provided

This is no DBZ, where the more the story goes, the more powerful the enemies and characters become.

It was always established that Anakin Skywalker> Vader. By becoming Vader, Anakin has lost his speed and agility, Anakin is a well know master of Djem so, the acrobatic arts, it was his strongest point, he had an advantage of Dooku because of his djem so and ataru, anakin came up with his martial arts which a mix of Ataru, Soresu and Makashi. As Vader he lost his mobility and had to compensate his djem so by the Soresu (the defensive form)

And finaly, no blasters are not hypersonic. The blaster are actually really slow, they can be dodged by random humans. The blasters don't shoot laser beams, they shoot concentrated tibanna gas.

The argument still stand, Vergil would cut Vader into a thousand pieces before even vader realizes what happenned to him.

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Telepathy? I don't know. The only characters i know, in db, who uses telekinesis in combat are General blue and guldo.

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Yeah, the word "Infinite",in comics, is overused.

No Caption Provided

Marvel: New york city has an infinite number of buildings

Vs battles: **Powerscaling intensifies**