My Thoughts On The Stalker Status Quest

Now that the Stalker Status quest is over with, I thought I’d share my thoughts on it. Personally, I thought the quest was a great idea. While I do enjoy quests where you have to find certain pages located on the site, this one seemed like it was planned to bring the ComicVine community closer together. Unlike most quests, you don’t complete this one on your own. You have to rely on other people completing it for you, which forces you to go out and interact with the other members. It kind of seemed like a big test to see how far people would go to help out other members. I know a lot of people found the quest overwhelming and that only around 90 people ended up finishing it during the week, but I think the quest was a success. It introduced me to numerous members that I doubt I would have met otherwise. I won’t mention anyone by name because there’s a good chance I’d be forgetting some people, but you all know who you are. Hopefully in the future there’ll be more quests like this one, with the goal of meeting and interacting with the community members.


Crazy Price Differences

I was at HMV the other day, buying Batman: Under The Red Hood on Blu-ray (Which I advise each and every one of you to do, since it’s awesome!), and I saw that they had all four of the original Batman movies bundled together on Blu-Ray for $99.99. Then I glanced over to the other side of the store and noticed they had the same four movies bundled together on DVD for a much lower price. $12.99. But wait! It had a 2 for $20.00 sticker on it! Right next to it were other movies bundles, most featuring at least 3 movies. So you could pay $99.99 for 4 movies on Blu-Ray, or $20.00 for the same 4 movies on DVD, along with 3 or 4 other movies included. Now, I didn’t buy either bundle, since I’m not a big fan of the older movies, but if I had, I would have gone with the $20.00 deal. A fifth of the price and nearly double the amount of movies. Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand that Blu-Ray is better than DVD and likely has bonus features the other doesn’t, but that’d be just too big a deal to pass on. Thoughts?


Happy May 19th!!

Not sure how many people will get this, but Happy May 19th!!! It seems like it's been forever since that started, but I guess it's only been 4 years.



I picked up a bunch of the old Titans books recently. I have nearly the entire series now, only needed 3 more issues until I have the whole thing. I was really into the story and at the end of what I found to be an interesting arc, (issue 38, I think) there was a mis-print about half way through it. It was 6 pages of some other story instead of the big fight between the Titans and Epsilon. I was really looking forward to the battle since it was pretty much the first time Epsilon got to fight while being in control of his own body. I know how the fight ended and everything, but I wanted to see exactly how it all played out.


Breaking News:

I had a follower! I feel like I'm important now. That's 1 down and I think 24 more to go. Hopefully it won't be too long and then everyone can read my words of wisdom.


My Thoughts On Thor (1-12, 600)

This is my first blog, so it’s likely going to suck. But anyways, here we go…

I’ve always been a fan of Norse Mythology and got into reading Thor a little before Siege started. The other day I picked up the trades of when the Asgardians came back to life. I found the story really interesting and I love the way the characters interact with each other. Volstagg is hilarious and I think the Warriors Three make great supporting characters. The only problem I had with it was how Loki went back in time and killed Bor and gave instructions to his younger self. Maybe it was explained in some of the older comics, but how would all the events take place in the past if it was Loki who made everything happen? The events had to happen in the first place for Loki to be where he was in the present. So someone would have had to originally kill Bor and talk to little Loki, or else Odin wouldn’t have adopted him, and he never would have grown up and become the God(dess?) of Mischief. Maybe it’s just a big plot hole that the writer overlooked, or maybe I’ve missed something and it actually all does make sense.


Other than that, I thought the books were great and I’d recommend that anyone who hasn’t read Thor to check it out.