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@paytience: Interesting. You have my respect for taking the time to work that out.

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@reikai: Would it though? I'm not sure any of the physical attacks like Unrelenting Force could get through Samus', the Didact's, or the Dalek's armor, and unless the radius of the shouts is much larger than it is in the game Sidious and Master Chief have the speed feats to avoid them. I'm not sure about the non physical shouts like Bend Will or Soul Tear though.

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@reikai: To make it more fair the Dragonborn can't use Slow Time unless the fight is extremely one sided against him.

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@amethystgravity: By standard gear I meant what gear she would normally have at the end of a game. I'm not a big Metroid fan so I'm not 100 percent sure what exactly that would be.

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@paytience: Out of curiosity, how did some of the stronger armors like dragonbone and daedric compare to steel?

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1. Master Chief (with all weapons from Halo 5, but only one clip of ammo for each)

2. Doomguy (with all weapons from Doom 2016)

3. Darth Vader (Legends and Canon feats)

4. The Ur Didact

5. Samus Aran (base gear only)

6. Darth Sidious (Legends and Canon feats)

7. One Time War era Dalek

Dragonborn has full knowledge of The Didact, Samus, Sidious, and the Dalek.

All fights take place on the Throat of the World in Skyrim.

Dragonborn has a full set of daedric armor and all dragonbone weapons, with unlimited arrows. All spells and shouts can be used. Dragons can only be used as a distraction and can not fight for the Dragonborn. Slow Time can be used only if the fight is too one sided. Lore Dragonborn.

My knowledge of most of these characters is limited, so let me know if the order should be changed.

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Is it that one sided? Keep in mind this is the Dragonborn from gameplay, not lore. So no shouts that can destroy mountains or completely stop time.

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1. Master Chief (With an assault rifle, shotgun, and DMR.)

2. The Arbiter (With a covenant carbine and an energy sword.)

3. The Last Dragonborn (With a full set of daedric armor, and full set of dragonbone weapons. All spells and shouts. No potions or enchantments. Gameplay DB, not lore DB.)

4. Kratos

5. The Ashen One (With full Armor of the Sun set, Lothric Knight Sword, Longsword, and Black Knight Shield. All spells. No potions.)

Fight takes place on Titan. The team has an hour to prepare and plan their attack. Prep time would be taken away if the fight is too one sided.

Thanos has all infinity stones except the time stone. He gets no prep time.

Basically just take the battle on Titan in Infinity War and replace Iron Man and his team with these guys.

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A few months ago I thought of what I call The Ultimate Crossover, which would have been a 12 part series of fanfics that featured a crossover between the Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, and Doctor Who. The main plot would have been Sauron recruiting Darth Vader, Voldemort, Khan Noonien Singh, and The Master to help him find the Spear of Destiny, an ancient artifact that could change reality itself to rewrite reality in their image. The Doctor would have recruited Luke Skywalker, Harry Potter, James T Kirk, and Frodo Baggins to stop them. Based on DC's Legends of Tomorrow season 2, and highly influenced by it.

It would have been divided into two parts, the first being about the heroes and the second about the villains. Of the 12 parts, there would be parts devoted to showcasing one of the franchises. There would have been two parts for each franchise, one in the first half devoted to the hero and the second devoted to the villain. The first part and the final part would be general parts focusing on establishing and ending the story. When I first thought of this I had only planned on writing the first and last parts, with the other 10 being written by other fanfic writers in order for it to go quicker and be better written. But no one ever wanted to help me out with it, and I have given up on writing it by myself since I have more important priorities.

To give anyone who wanted to get some image of what this would be like I will post a detailed issue by issue summary of how I intended it to go. Enjoy, and have a merry Christmas.

Issue 1- Sometime during Return of the King, the Nazgúl bring Sauron an ancient artifact said to be from the beginning of time that Sauron wants for its ties to the mythical Spear of Destiny, a weapon so powerful it could rewrite reality. Upon touching the artifact Sauron is given a vision of the Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, and Doctor Who universes and realizes that the Spear of Destiny is located somewhere in their five universes. After harnessing the power of the artifact to travel through the Multiverse, he seeks out Darth Vader, Khan Noonien Singh, Voldemort, and The Master and recruits them in his search. The Doctor, who witnessed The Master being recruited, uses his TARDIS to recruit Luke Skywalker, James T Kirk, Harry Potter, and Frodo Baggins to stop the villains.

Issue 2 (Lord of the Rings issue)- The villain's quest begins in Middle Earth, were they attempt to find other artifacts. The heroes attempts to stop them by intercepting them at Weathertop and a fight starts, where the heroes are forced to flee when they are attacked by The Nazgúl and a small Orc army. In the TARDIS, they decide to rethink their strategy. Meanwhile in Barad-Dur, the villains expands their search for artifacts throughout the Multiverse.

Issue 3 (Star Wars issue)- In their own attempt to find artifacts, the heroes splits up to search their own universes. Luke senses a disturbance in the Force at Eadu and heads there to find Vader, who offers Luke a choice to join the villains and help Vader betray the others once they find the Spear of Destiny. Luke refuses the offer, and Vader tells him he has until their next meeting to decide. As Vader leaves Luke is attacked by a group of Cybermen, and The Master arrives and reveals to Vader that he too is plotting on betraying Sauron, and they join forces against the others. Luke tells the heroes about the conspirators and The Doctor decides to set up a meeting with The Master.

Issue 4 (Harry Potter issue)- In the Harry Potter universe, Harry finds an artifact in the Room of Requirement. Voldemort's Death Eaters attack, and Harry, trapped inside Hogwarts, sends a distress signal to the others, who promptly come to his rescue. After seemingly defeating the Death Eaters and winning the day, Voldemort himself arrives with Vader and The Master with their own armies. The Doctor and The Master have a chat about the Spear of Destiny, and The Doctor fails to recruit him to their side. The villains successfully steal the artifact from them and return to Mordor. The heroes regroups and make plans to capture a villain.

Issue 5 (Star Trek issue)- Deeming Khan the weakest of the villains, Frodo, The Doctor, and Kirk go on a mission to the Star Trek universe to capture him while Harry and Luke remain behind. Kirk's team successfully capture Khan, and interrogate him to discover the Spear of Destiny is in the Time War. They are attacked by a huge army of Stormtroopers, Cybermen, Orcs and Death Eaters, and The Doctor takes the TARDIS to Harry and Luke and the three go into the Time War.

Issue 6 (Doctor Who issue)- Venturing into the Time War, The Doctor, Luke, and Harry find Voldemort, The Master, and Darth Vader already there. One of the villains find the Spear, and they successfully bring it to Mordor despite resistance from the heroes. Surrounded by Daleks and Time Lords, the fate of the heroes is left ambiguous. In Mordor, the villains regroup and use the Spear to rewrite reality in their image.

Issue 7 (Star Wars issue)- One year later from the villain's POV, they are all in complete control over their universes with little communication between them. Sauron rules Middle Earth, Darth Vader is in charge of the Empire with no cybernetics, Khan runs a tyrannical Star Fleet, The Master is the president of a Gallifry with a Dalek army, and Voldemort is ruling and brutally murdering all muggles and half bloods. Vader goes to Mordor in an attempt to get Sauron to lend the villains the Spear of Destiny, but is denied. He conspires with The Master, and they convince Voldemort and Khan to join them. Deciding to deceive Sauron and steal the Spear but still prepare for a war, they go their separate ways to find weapons powerful enough to combat the Spear of Destiny. The Master reveals that he has kept The Doctor alive and intact.

Issue 8 (Doctor Who issue)- The Doctor, still alive but captive on Gallifry, has a chat with The Master, who reveals that he kept The Doctor alive in hopes that he can help him defeat Sauron. The Doctor escapes from Gallifry and steals a TARDIS, then travels to the Star Wars universe to find Luke as a powerful dark side user and Vader's second in command. The Doctor deduces that he can restore his allies' memories by presenting them with an object from their normal life, in Luke's case his lightsaber. The two fight off the Empire long enough to escape. Vader, very unhappy with his son's escape, confronts The Master about his poor handling of The Doctor's imprisonment. The Master points out that the heroes can be useful in the fight against Sauron. Vader begrudgingly doesn't decapitate The Master but force chokes him, and tells The Master he will kill him if he slips up again.

Issue 9 (Harry Potter issue)- The Doctor and Luke venture to the Harry Potter universe to discover that Harry is Voldemort's prisoner in Malfoy Manor with traces of his memories, and is tortured daily by seeing his friends die every day only to be brought back by the Resurrection Stone. Luke rescues Harry and fights off Death Eaters while The Doctor has Olivander remake Harry's wand. The heroes restore Harry's memories, and they flee from that universe. Voldemort tells the others about what happened, and Khan sets a trap for the heroes in the Star Trek universe.

Issue 10 (Star Trek issue)- The heroes deem Frodo, who is one of Sauron's many hobbit slaves, a lost cause for the moment since the only object they think of that could restore his memories is the One Ring, which is in Sauron's possession. They decide to save Kirk first, and find out that he is one of Khan's must trusted captians. They capture him and bring him to the Enterprise, which they believe is the object that would restore his memories. However, it proves not to be, and Kirk springs Khan's trap. Harry makes off with Kirk while The Doctor and Luke are separated from them. After fleeing onto the Enterprise, Kirk's memories are restored by seeing the captain's chair. With Kirk commanding the Enterprise, they save The Doctor and Luke and cause Khan to flee. They follow him to an emergency meeting of the villains, and the two groups make a deal to defeat Sauron, but the Spear of Destiny will be given to whatever group gets it first.

Issue 11 (Lord of the Rings issue)- The heroes and villains go to Middle Earth, and use Sting the sword to restore Frodo's memories. He guides them through Mordor undetected, but Sauron reveals that he has been aware of their plans from the very beginning. The 9 heroes and villains are then attacked by the Nazgúl and an army of Orcs, and The Master appears to flee.

Issue 12- The heroes and villains fight off the Nazgúl, but are unable to defeat the Orcs. The Master returns with his Dalek army, which allows them to storm Barad-Dur and defeat an evil Gandalf and Saruman. They engage in battle with Sauron and Luke successfully disarms him of the Spear by cutting off his hand, then he is repeatedly shot by phasers and death curses before being decapitated by Vader. The Master attempts to claim the Spear of Destiny for himself, but is stabbed in the back of his leg by Frodo and is killed by the villains. A small fight starts and one of the heroes gets the Spear, and uses it to make Sauron never learn of the Spear, thus preventing the crossover from happening.