My Brother The Psycho

My bro, Butch. The psycho. Back in the islands his nickname was "Butchy The Butcher" because he used to torture little animals. He used to like baseball so he would steal chicken eggs and baby chicks then practice his fastball with them on brick walls. He found a puppy once and took it to the ocean as far out as he could go while standing and tossed it out to sea. It swam back. He did it again. It swam back again. He did it some more and noticed its belly growing (or should I say filling?). Long story short, the puppy eventually stopped swimming back because it stopped, period. He found another puppy once. My dad didn't approve and told him to get rid of it so he took it out back along with his favorite baseball bat. Well, that's a good place to end the blog. CozyDaPrince again, signing off, and one more thing: I'm not a psycho ... Yet.