My Brother, The Psycho: Part II

My Brother, The Psycho: Part I

So there I was last night, in our living room, sitting down on the couch, making music on the laptop via software when I get this knock at my door. The dog goes crazy for a minute as I get up to check who it is. The person knocking on my door turns out to be my eldest brother, Butch (aka Butchy the Butcher). He seemed troubled so I let him in then go back to doing what I was doing before he showed up. About an hour later he comes up to me like, " Who's watching me? "

" What chu mean? " I ask, genuinely confused.

He puts on his I'ma-Kill-You face then says, " You know what I'm talking about, cause you do it too. "

So I put on my The-F-Is-You-Smokin-On face then look him in the eye like, " Nah I don't, actually. I sit here and I mind my own bidness. I don't bother you. "

" Keep lying, " he says, still muggin'. Then he walks out.

It's about to get real over here, folks. This your dude, Prynce, signing off and remember: I still ain't a psycho ... Yet.