Cozy Da ... Artist???

The Tutorial

The Warm-Up

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The Real Deal

I quit after messing up the hair
I quit after messing up the hair

So what you guys think? Should I stick to traditional pencil-and-paper art or get all the way fly widdit and cop me a drawing/graphics tablet?


So what about Polygamy?

I'm gonna keep this one short so yeah, with gay marriage being generally viewed as ok these days, does that mean we can look forward to the legalization of polygamy any time soon?

Cozy out. Oooooh! And remember: I'm not a polygamist ... Yet =]


My Brother, The Psycho: Part II

My Brother, The Psycho: Part I

So there I was last night, in our living room, sitting down on the couch, making music on the laptop via software when I get this knock at my door. The dog goes crazy for a minute as I get up to check who it is. The person knocking on my door turns out to be my eldest brother, Butch (aka Butchy the Butcher). He seemed troubled so I let him in then go back to doing what I was doing before he showed up. About an hour later he comes up to me like, " Who's watching me? "

" What chu mean? " I ask, genuinely confused.

He puts on his I'ma-Kill-You face then says, " You know what I'm talking about, cause you do it too. "

So I put on my The-F-Is-You-Smokin-On face then look him in the eye like, " Nah I don't, actually. I sit here and I mind my own bidness. I don't bother you. "

" Keep lying, " he says, still muggin'. Then he walks out.

It's about to get real over here, folks. This your dude, Prynce, signing off and remember: I still ain't a psycho ... Yet.


Quick Shout Out

I have to give a quick shout out to my homegirl, she knows who she is. She's leaving for Nigeria tonight and won't be back on CV for a while. Take care of yourself and watch your back cause there are some crazy muhfuggers out there in Lagos. Remember to use the buddy system, ha (seriously, though, use it). Alright, this is the Prynce, signing off.

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