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Man I Was Afraid of This 0

I started reading this at the beginning of basically everything. Was there for Kandor and it's release, Zor-El's death, New Krypton, and Thara and Chris becoming Flamebird and Nightwing. When i first started reading all the Superman titles, and read all this happening, I had fears in the back of my head about how this whole debacle would end. Unfortanitly, it ended how I thought it would end.  As the issues winded down, and all the unraveling started happening, it seemed the writers only had int...

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Saw this, Read it, Loved it 0

So Brave and the Bold isnt a book i get monthly, but after reading this issue, i have to say i'm adding it to my list.  This book, written by Straczynksi and amazing art by Chang, left me in awe and almost in tears.  It begins with Zatana having a seemingly meaningless nightmare but it turns out to be something more.  This leads to a Ladies Night Out (get it, haha) with Wonder Woman and Batgirl.  Now, when u first read ths book, you'll probably be wondering, whats the point? Well, as this issue ...

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Sadness has hit the Outsiders 0

After the latest issues of Outsiders (Particularly issues 24 and 26) i was really hoping this issue wouldn't be what i feared, and unfortunately, it was.  Just by looking at the first page i could tell this book wasn't going to be what i hoped.  The art was lackluster and inconsistent (changing from artist to artist in the middle of books really grinds my gears, OUTSIDERS 25!).  I believe the art could've been better but  the change from colorist to colorist really buried the artistic aspect of ...

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I Think the Writer Missed a Turn at Albuquerque 0

Well i'd be lying if i said i wasn't excited to read this issue.  and this was totally NOT what i was expecting.  Honestly, i was expecting Black Adam, Isis, and Osiris to come back as a family and go after de-powered Billy and Mary. and what i got was definetly different.  Osiris comes back, but with a different agenda.  What really surprised me was how someone else came back and his interaction with Osiris as he came back.  I dont really know if i liked this different approach to the Black Lan...

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Wow did i love this issue 0

Well its time. The Blackest Night continuations of old series' has begun and my what a beginning they have had.  This was definetly on top of my read list seeing as i love Gail Simon and J. Calafiore.  I gotta say this issue was really really good.  Now i know you reader's are going to ask, "But why didn't you say you ABSOLUTELY LOVED this issue?' Well, thats because I only have one little gripe with this issue.  I feel as though this shouldve been the next Secret Six issue instead of the Suicid...

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What is Going On!? 0

Ok when i picked this up from the first issue, i had high hopes that the story would pick up from the first issue.  To be honest, it does, but not in a good way.  The story goes by way too fast from her battling one character to killing another to injurying another to picking up where Blackest Night Number 6 left off.  And i have to say that the character who died really didn't deserve to die here, at all.  I felt this issue (and the last issue for that matter) could've been great works of comic...

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