Five of the Best Things Karl Urban has Done for Fandom-Kind

Sorry/not sorry if you guys are disappointed I left Doom off of the list.

List items

  • The life and death of Skurge the Executioner in comics was so well captured in Thor: Ragnarok, as an Asgardian warrior who was perceived by many as a joke became first a villain, and then sacrificed his immortal existence to stop the forces of Hela. Thanks, Karl.

  • Leonard "Bones" McCoy is the signature character of the late DeForest Kelley. In the rebooted Star Trek films, Karl Urban's portrayal is not pastiche, but heartfelt homage, recreating some of the one-liners and foibles Kelley brought out of the character as well as investing his own talent into the doctor, dammit, not the flat character.

  • Sylvester Stallone's Judge Dredd was a watered down, Diet Rite Demolition Man, while Karl Urban gave us THE Joe Dredd, never taking off the helmet to show off his mug and never compromising his performance to be a Hollywood action hero. Urban IS Dredd.

  • One of the most memorable fight scenes from any comic book movie for me is Bruce Willis and Karl Urban throwing down. Yeah, he has acting chops, but he's also got the skills to pay the bills when it comes to thrills and simulated kills.

  • A remake of a Norwegian film, Pathfinder tells the story of a Viking child raised by a tribe of indigenous people who stands with his foster parents when the Vikings return. Clancy Brown is the best person to have been the antagonist in this film, and Karl was the best pick for the role of Ghost.