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I went to the comic shop for the first time the other day (I've been ordering trades online), saw this issue and decided to pick it up. The only Batman stuff that I have read before this was the War Games story arc, so I was a little nervous about not being caught up on everything going on in the Bat-world. Luckily, this issue explains enough of the back-story that it makes sense to a new reader like me. It was very well-written and showed a good amount of character depth such as Stephanie's "ad...

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Not Good at All 4

I have to say that I love the Twilight books. My sister, who hates reading, was actually reading them, so I figured they must be worth it. They totally were! I finished all four books within 1 week and think that they are very well-written. My issue lies with the movies, Robert's acting is sub-par at best and Kristen Stewart is perpetually stoned and won't stop biting her lip. IMO, it is the movies that turned Twilight into such a hated thing. I read the graphic novel during one of my breaks at ...

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