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Why Do So Many People Dislike Him

I've heard of instances of him ignoring continuity, but the only instance that I can think of is him keep trying to make Emma an Omega Level mutant. So why do soo many people seem to dislike Matt Fraction?


King Hyperion vs Storm and Maxima

King Hyperion vs Storm and Maxima 
First Battle: No morals, takes place in an abandoned city. 
Second Battle: Morals are on, battle takes place in a populated Metropolis. 
Sidenote: This is for all of the Storm trolls. Please understand the characters that is Storm is fighting with and against. Please at least read King Hyperion's page or preferably go pick up the issues of Exiles with him before posting in this thread. I don't want to hear any "Storm can flash freeze him" crap, he was able to survive in the vaccuum of space. I also reserve the right to take out or add people if I feel it's too mismatched.

Online Bar Error

Google Chrome and Windows XP 
I created another account tonight and although I'm not currently logged in on it, it's giving the "Online Now" bar thingie for that account, but not for the account that I'm currently logged in on.


Quest Points Error

Google Chrome and Windows XP 
When I hover over my quest level bar it tells me that I have 31,896 points, but when I go to my Quest Tracker it tells me that I have 33,246 points. That is a pretty big difference. 



Exiles Namora

Shouldn't all of the Exiles pictures of Namora be in the alternate universe gallery of Namor as opposed to Namora? It says several times in the series that she is that earth's counterpart to Namor, not Namora.    


Hayley Williams vs Amy Lee

First Battle: Who has the better voice? 
Second Battle: Which band's (Paramore or Evanescence) music do you like better? 
Third Battle: Who do you think is better live? 
Evanescence Live:  

  Paramore Live: 

Storm vs Element Lad

Storm vs Element Lad 
Versions: Current version of Storm and Earth-Prime version of Element Lad 
Equipment: Storm has herself and E.L. has his flight ring 
First Battle: Purely h2h combat (like most of my first battles). Morals are off and E.L. doesn't have his flight ring for this one 
Second Battle: All bets are off. E.L. has his flight ring and there are no morals. Fight takes place in the middle of Metropolis city. Win is by death.

Aw Snap

Browser: Google Chrome 5.0.375.0 and OS: Windows XP  
OK. I am officially really, really angry. I was most of the way done with editing a page, I had added in nine or ten pictures and probably one or two hundred links and I get this message:  
This is the SECOND NIGHT IN A ROW that this has happened. I spent hours going through this page, adding links and adding pictures and finding those pictures. Seriously ComicVine, what the heck? I understand that this is not the same amount of work as going through and writing a bio, but it is still hours of my time spent and wasted.

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