The Aphelion

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The Aphelion is Daltar's personal ship, the home and livelihood of the wayward Delossian. On the outside, it resembles a standard Xeloxrian freighter, but Dal has spent a good deal of time and resources on upgrading its systems, making it a unique and exceptionally high-performing means of traversing the celestial shipping routes.

Its navsystem and warp drive have been modified so that, under optimal conditions, it can calculate and make a jump into warp within 45 seconds of exiting a planet's atmosphere. Its cargo hold can be fully sealed off from the rest of the vessel, allowing it to transport environmentally hazardous material, including radioactive elements. It also contains a hidden cargo hold, disguised as an auxiliary fuel tank, for transporting cargoes that may be of a less-than-legitimate nature.

The shield systems have also been tweaked, giving the vessel exceptional protection from hostile fire, and its dual plasma batteries can be manually controlled or operated by a personalized targeting computer.

The ship is powered by a "black hole" model fuel system; it can convert nearly any available material into a viable fuel source, although the efficiency of said fuel can vary widely, based on the properties of the material. A solar siphon has also recently been added, allowing the Aphelion to power itself using solar energy gathered from nearby stars and stored in a battery array.

For those occasions when a contract involves passengers, a number of guest bunks have been included, surrounding a communal living space that includes a lavatory and small cooking galley. The bunks, while neither spacious or luxurious, are comfortable enough (and his passengers are generally more concerned about getting to their destinations quickly and quietly than they are about material comfort, at any rate). There is also a modest medi-bay, which contains enough first-aid equipment to keep any but the most critically-injured patients stable enough to reach the nearest medical facility.

Daltar keeps his ship well-stocked, though the exact supplies depend upon the nature of a particular contract and what resources he has available to him at a given moment. At the very least, he always carries enough provisions for several months, a number of adjustable zero-g/hazardous environment suits, and an array of personal armaments.