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Real Name: Daltar

Origin: Delos

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 280 lbs.

Physical abilities: Delos is (or was) a world that was high-gravity, compared to Earth. As a result, Delossians tend to be stronger and more muscular than humans of comparable physical development. Daltar routinely engages in strenuous physical exercise, so he possesses roughly the strength of a top human powerlifter. Delossians have also been a spacefaring race for countless generations, so they do not experience the loss of muscular and skeletal strength that frequently plagues humans who spend extended periods of time in low-gravity environments. Additionally, Delossians are highly resistant to the many kinds of radiation encountered in space.

Skills: Daltar is an expert pilot, capable of flying most conventional, non-capital spacecraft. He is most experienced with freighters and other cargo-haulers, and frequently makes (or hires someone to make) modifications to their speed or maneuverability. He is also a skilled marksman, preferring his trusty plasma pistol, but possessing the manual dexterity to hold his own with practically any projectile weapon. Although he has no formal hand-to-hand combat training, he is an experienced brawler and street fighter.

Gear: Varies, although he usually carries some manner of sidearm.

Biography: Daltar is one of the few remaining natives of the planet Delos, having been off-planet at the time of its extermination by the Abyssal Imperium. This was largely because he had been banished, as a result of a long career of interstellar smuggling that he embarked upon after discovering that he lacked both the discipline to serve as part of Delos' defense fleet, and the patience to follow a career in legitimate intergalactic shipping. Since learning of his homeworld's destruction, he has not outwardly changed; he still makes his living transporting shady cargo for shadier characters. However, he has been inwardly struggling to come to terms with what this means for him. Most nights, a good time with a strong array of beverages allows him to function, but he has been increasingly quiet and melancholic when he thinks no one can see him.