Male Characters Featured In DCnU #1 Covers

In lieu of this controversy, I wanted to compile some statistics in order to see just how men are represented on the covers of DC's September launch in contrast to the women.

There are: 
52 Books  
45 Books that feature Male Characters on their covers 
72 Male Characters featured on the covers Total
41 instances of Male Characters being featured in the Center 
43 instances of Male being Characters being featured Off-Center
7 Male Characters who appear in more than 1 Book
6 Male Characters who have Solo books 
2 Male Characters with more than 1 Solo book
51 Instances of Male Characters appearing in Team books 
10 Instances of Male Characters who appear in neither a Team nor a Solo book
Characters I can't identify (any help would be appreciated): 
Legion of Superheroes #1 - Man with rifle (Off-Center, NA)
Men of War #1
- Man with rifle (Center, NA)  
Green Lantern: The New Guardians #1
- Alien with Staff (Off-Center, NA) 

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