Female Characters Featured In DCnu #1 Covers

In lieu of this controversy, I wanted to compile some statistics in order to see just how women are represented on the covers of DC's September launch. Of course, numbers don't lie but they can mislead or fail to tell the whole story. There are more women featured on the covers of Playboy then DC, but that doesn't mean that Playboy has higher esteem for women than DC does.
There are: 
52 Books  
21 Books that feature Female Characters on their covers 
34 Female Characters featured on the covers Total
12 instances of Female Characters being featured in the Center
23 instances of Female Characters being featured Off-Center
2  Female Characters who appears in more than 1  Cover (Wonder Woman and Bleez)
6 Female Characters who have Solo books 
0 Female Characters who have more than 1 Solo book
25 Instances of Female Characters appearing in Team books 
2 Female Character who appears in neither a Team nor a Solo book (Mary, Queen of The Damned and Bleez) 
There are a few characters I haven't been able to identify. If you have any information on them, that would be really appreciated. They are: 
Birds of Prey - Tattooed woman (Center, Team)
Blackhawks - Woman with eye-patch (Off-Center, Team), Red-haired girl (Off-Center, Team)
Frankenstein, Agent of S. H. A. D. E. #1
- Woman with multiple arms (Off-Center, Team), Little girl with mask (Off-Center, Team)

There are also two new characters who don't have articles yet. 
Lady Godiva - Justice League International #1 - Off-Center, Team
Bugg - Teen Titans #1 - Off-Center, Team 

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