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Hoping Into the Spider-Verse will win.

It has higher reviews than Incredibles 2 and it is way more unique, so I don’t see why it shouldn’t win. Honestly should be between Isle of Dogs and Into the Spider-Verse

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100% with you on that. Marvel movies tend to have forgettable scores but the music in Black Panther is amazing. It’s also incredibly unique, something never heard in a blockbuster before. It has so many African vibes with the rap in Killmongers theme to the traditional percussion of the Wakanda theme.

Hope it wins the GG and the Oscars

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The Golden Globes is a bit weird with their best picture nominees. They put “Get Out” in Best Musical/Comedy last year like wtf...

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Black Panther became the first superhero film in history to be nominated for Best Picture - Drama at the Golden Globes. The only other superhero film to become nominated was Deadpool in the other Best Picture category "Best Picture - Musical or Comedy".

It also got two other nominations, Best Original Score by Ludwig Göransson (First Superhero film nominated since Superman (1978)), and Best Original Song - "All the Stars".

This is huge news because the Academy Awards usually follows suit with their nominations. Not everything is 100%, but generally, you can predict the nominations the Academy will have with the Golden Globes.

I remember making this forum talking about Black Panther's Oscar chances, and everyone shit on me. Well, it is happening y'all. The Golden Globes does not even have categories for things like costume design, set design, hairstyling and makeup, sound design, sound mixing and cinematography, which Black Panther has high chances in. So we are looking at a potential 6-9 nominations for Black Panther at the Oscars.

Don't be upset that it is Black Panther this is happening to. Be happy the superhero genre is being recognized. I mean The Dark Knight is the film that single-handedly expanded the Best Picture nominees from 5 to 10 at the Oscars so more blockbusters like Black Panther could be recognized. It is now happening.

Anyway, if you're disappointed because Black Panther is overrated and shit like that at least be happy cuz the Avengers 4 trailer is tomorrow and the Far From Home trailer is Saturday. And Aquaman in 2 weeks. Great times for CBM fans.

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i’m nOt gOnNa fiGhT yoUr waR, I’m gOnNA eNd iT

Why did they give Brie Larson such cringe lines. I think people need to lay off Larson, I don’t think any actress could deliver these lines any better.

Luckily this is only a trailer, so I’m not expecting any of the cringe to be in the final cut, because trailer lines are almost never the same in the final version.

Anyway, not the most excited I have been for an MCU film but still looking forward to it regardless. Interested on how this will expand the MCU, and it has so many questions that need to be answered .

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Ragnarok Trailer is one of the best trailers ever made imo. It’s perfect.

Doctor Strange trailer has incredible music which really set the tone for how the movie was, so that was good.

Captain Marvel trailer was decent, but for some reason there’s just something off about it, can’t really tell. Maybe the fact that it has cringe lines and Larson delivered them badly but as we all know trailer lines almost never make it in the final cut, so i’m not worried.

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Pirates none of the MCU movies ahd good soundtracks besides GOG

Black Panther is going to be nominated for best original score at the oscars. Has a good chance at winning as well. Can't wait until it does so all the people that say MCU's soundtracks suck will be shown otherwise

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I know for a fact the action in this movie will be nothing short of amazing. It’s the Russos. They directed Winter Soldier, Civil War and Infinity War, which all hold the MCU’s best action scenes.

That makes me more interested in the story. I have no idea what’s going to happen, how it will resolve, who will live, how it will start the next phase of the MCU, etc. My curiosity chooses story.

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Very enjoyable movie with great action scenes, humor, visual effects and sound design. I’d go as far as saying this movie had some of the best VFX out of any MCU film. Everything was consistent, it didn’t have one shot that seemed fake.

Other than that, the plot was kinda weak. The idea of going to the Quantum Realm to retrieve Janet was a great idea, but it wasn’t executed well enough.

The plot was basically 3 groups of people fighting over the lab. Oooo, Hank gets it! Oh wait, Ghost steals it. Yay, Hank gets it again! Oh no, Sonny Burch grabs it. Wait, Ghost just got the lab. Wait we’re good, it landed in the hands of the Pyms again. I don’t think the idea of others wanting to lab was explored enough. Let’s make the 3rd act battle 3 drifferent groups all fighting over the lab for another 20 minutes. And if you think I exaggerated a bit—I didn’t. I just watched it 2 nights ago for the 3rd time and what I just described is literally what happens in the movie. Honestly, probably one of the weakest scripts in the MCU.

There are many moments where the movie could have ended, but a character does something stupid (mostly Scott) just to make it so the lab can be stolen again. For example, Hank, Hope and Scott had the lab and were about to go to the Quantum Realm. But no, we are only at an hour of runtime. How about we make it so Luis and his crew have a business meeting in the morning and they have a small problem so they NEED to ask for Scott’s location, which ultimately led to them being tracked down again. It’s just weak writing. It’s kept afloat due to the charm and chemistry between the characters though, I think I may like the characters a bit too much, makes me forgive a weak plot. I mean, it is an Ant-Man movie, maybe all this pointless chaos makes sense?

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Because he could have easily gotten out of it.

We saw Kaecilius and his followers break out of Strange’s spell about a minute into it.

I’m sure Thanos could have done it in seconds.