My top 10 Favorite Non-Mainstream Chartacters

I've done a list similar to this before, but I left out Image, Valiant, and some other companies. This list is an updated version, and scaled down to only 10 choices.

As always, I may or may not elaborate on my choices............sometimes I like to be cryptic and mysterious hahahaha.

Please, PLEASE feel free to comment............I'm interested in some of your feedback. Some, lol


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List items

  • The Gold Key Version, the Dynamite version, the Valiant version, the blah blah blah version. It really matters not to me, this guy is my top choice favorite non mainstream character. I grew up reading the old Gold Key comics I would find at garage sales and antique shops, and Dr.Solar was my favorite. Before Captain Atom, Firestorm, and Dr.Manhattan......there was Solar. Such a cool character, born in America's Nuclear obsession age.

  • Even though I love his character from reading the Forgotten Realm books, I was super excited when they decided to partner with IDW and do comic adaptations. Drizzt is IMO the greatest swordsman in all of literature and such a fantastic character. He comes in second on my list despite my love for other characters....Drizzt is the epitome of a complex bad ass that would rather be a pacifist. If you have no idea who he should begin reading. you wont be disappointed.

  • Ok, even though Marvel did some adaptations of Stephen King's Opus work...The Dark Tower series (which I have and read them all the time), I still consider him originally a "non-mainstream" character. Roland of Gilead, son of Steven of the Eld, and last of the great gunslingers is one of the best written characters I've ever come across. Of course when he's written and created by Stephen King you should expect nothing but the best, however King did something special with Roland. He created an incredibly complex and iconic "hero" character that you can't but help to root for. He is simply....bad ass personified.

  • Good God, do I love this character and his series.I found the concept fresh and innovative. Coupled with fantastic artwork and this series blew my mind. To this day, I read and re-read the Luther chronicles....and they never get old. Luther was turned into an unbridled killing machine and uses it for good. Bravo Luther, wipe the planet free of vermin. You go big boy.

  • The collected team and concept. A lot of people I talk to have no idea what this is, and I feel it "slipped under the radar" when it was out. It only lasted 27 issues, and sometimes there was pauses it an issue coming out on time.

    It was the brainchild of Warren Ellis, and beautifully brought to life by the talented John Cassaday.

    Basically it was Indiana Jones meets X-Files perpetrated by Comic book empowered beings with a nod and twist to just about every genre. Classic movies and TV, literature, pulp fiction, you name it.

    Sheer brilliance and I will never tire over poring over and issue again and again.

    If you have never heard of this, go out RIGHT NOW and buy the collected volumes, do yourself a favor. please. and then PM m,e to thank me for enlightening your world.

  • Ahhh, the Aardvark. Creator Dave Sim's masterpiece hit a mark with me growing up, and it was one of my accomplishments to obtain and read every issue of the series 300 mark. The character went through many evolutions ranging from a barbarian (a la Conan), Prime Minister, and even Pope. Although the Barbarian arc was my personal favorite, a nod to "sword & Sorcery" stories. The book was innovative and groundbreaking and really challenged my thinking on an array of topics. The artwork was always my favorite, even though I didn't always understand all of the stories. The book was so Epic that acclaimed writer Alan Moore once stated "Cerebus, if I need to say so, is still to comics what Hydrogen is to the Periodic Table".

  • Ahhhhh, good old Pulp Comics and characters. Doc beats out two others I would have put on my list only slightly (Conan and The Phantom). I grew up reading his stories, and love the Man of Bronze. His stories and archetype led the way for a myriad assortment of stories, characters, and concepts. Heck, a nod t Doc Savage was prominent in the Planetary series itself. He truly led the way for the modern superhero and most of them take their roots in Doc Savage almost directly.

    If you love action and Sc-fi..........check Doc Savage out.

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