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My old about me got erased by a glitch so here's the new one..................my other was waaay better, I just know it!

I have been reading fro comics for over 30 yrs now and will until the day I die. Comics have played an integral part of my life! I am an 80's child, love cartoons like Spider Man and his Amazing Friends, Tranzor Z, Super Friends (Galactic Guardians!), and many others. Also a big Dr.Who fan, cheezy 90's foil covers, and old Gold Key Dr.Solar Man of the Atom!!!! I love collecting MEGO's, Kenner Super Powers, and Marvel Sercret Wars Figures (along with Bowen Statues!!!)

I love Tattoos, the band Phish (over 30 shows...), used to be a Chef (culinary School and all), grew up in VT....lived in PA, and now MI!!!!

I love Zombies, playing Paintball, and BACON!!!!

My son (and wife lol) is/are the greatest thing(s) in my life now and am passing on the tradition of the awesomeness of comic to him (and her, kinda).........