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Cosmic's Top Ten Comic Ladies

A selection of my favourite comic book ladies and in no way a mask for my insecurities. A startling number could kill me by blinking, which I think is part of their appeal. So, without further ado and in no particular order, I present my top ten comic ladies.

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  • All the powers of a Green Lantern and I love girls with green skin. Not to mention the best character in the Kyle Rayner years of GL because she wasn't nearly the n00b he was.

  • My love of Zee is well documented.

  • She kicks everyone's arse (and by kick I mean hacks to bits with a big sword) in nothing but a chainmail bikini. That's girl power we can all appreciate, just don't make her angry.

  • Part British lady (in the conventional sense), part super ninja. Throw in a playful attitude and purple hair and Psylocke is one heck of a woman.

  • Well, she might be the personification of our ultimate demise, but she is cute too.

  • Not many women have hair that's on fire, so those that do are special.

  • Since Helen Slater first bought Superman's cousin to the big screen, I've had a thing for the last daughter of Krypton.

  • Forget MJ or Gwen, if I was Spidey then Blackcat would be my jackpot. Yes I prefer redheads and I'm sure the others are all more stable than Felicia, but dang she's more fun.

  • Warrior woman, check. Plays with scary medieval weapons, check. Alien origin, sort of check. Confusing origin, check. Wings, check. Hawkgirl has everything I look for in a woman.

  • What can I say? She knows how to cook a dinosaur and she won't take forever setting ready. I shipped in extra misogyny for this entry as I was running low.