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Cosmic Allies

Team up season is here, these are the characters I would like to see in a Cosmic Sentinel comic. For those wondering where Zatanna or the JLA are, they are series regulars in my book so they don't make the list.

List items

  • It would take something truely epic to bring two of DC's greatest heroes together. Cos first appeared in Action Comics, so this could be a homecoming story of sorts.

  • Firstly, this means I get to resurrect her, secondly I think this has great potential as a space adventure.

  • The She-Devil and Cos could not be more different. A full on 'sword and sorcery' adventure with Sonja at her deadliest (her Spidey crossover was understandably toned down) and the two heroes almost as uneasy with each other as they are their enemies!

  • Given Cos's extra-dimensional origin and advanced alien know-how, it's only a matter of time before he crosses paths with Marvel's first family.

  • He's in every other book, so a spot in my hypothetical team ups is practically a given.