Who Saves The Supermen?

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I am a huge Superman fan. I have been since the early eighties when I first saw Christopher Reeve and the films he starred in on the telly. In fact, I'm not sure I would have ever gotten into comics if it wasn't for those films. This is why, when asked, I tell people that Superman is my favourite comic book character. He just is and always will be. 
So now there is a new Superman film in production, I should be a happy camper right? Well, I was. When I heard Christopher Nolan was over-seeing things, I was excited. He has done a fantastic job revitalising Batman after he caught franchise leprosy with Batman and Robin. Then came more good news, Zack Snyder is directing. He had done such a fantastic job with Watchmen that my biggest complaint was that it was, if anything, a little too close to the book. That's two people with a strong history of bringing comics to the movies, what could possibly go wrong? 
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History likes to repeat itself. Bryan Singer had done great things with the X-Men franchise when he was drafted in to Superman's never-ending battle against development Hell. Fans rejoiced as talk of giant spiders, polar bears and a Superman who can't fly ended. He wanted to create a loose sequel to Superman 2, I like Superman 3 but most people don't and so the general feeling was that this was a good thing. He knew where the Superman franchise and it's fandom had started to part ways and was going back. Then details of the plot leaked out. Superman has been gone for five years and now has a new boyfriend and a child that may or may not be half Kryptonian. Lois Lane was being played by Kate Bosworth, who, since she looks like she's half Brandon Routh's age, just looked miscast. I worried. The end result was a mixed bag. When Superman was saving the day, it was great. The rest of the film veers between boring and awful. 
Now the rumour is that Matthew Goode is going to be Superman's alter ego, Clark Kent, Anne Hathaway will be Lois. Rather than have Goode hit the gym, CGI will be used to give him the Kryptonian physique, much like Ryan Reynolds is in his Green Lanterncostume. Goode is only an inch shorter than Routh, who was fantastic as Superman. Fan opinion is mixed on the results for GL, where it actually makes sense, so Heaven only knows why Nolan and Snyder think it's a good idea for Superman when there is a much less controversial option. The story appears to be a reboot, with Clark helping people as he travels the world, avoiding using his powers. While not as awful as Returns, it feels a bit unnecessary given Smallville is still on the air and Superman has one of the most famous origins in comics. I just hope this is just the first act to bring people up to speed with where Superman is at before getting to the story proper. 
So how worried am I? Well, nothing is confirmed and so Nolan and Snyder deserve the benefit of the doubt. Hathaway seems like a good choice. Goode I'm not so convinced about, but maybe that's because I want Routh back. There are two worrying parts. The first is the CGI. When will film makers learn: if you can do it practically, do it practically. We want it to look real and the more CGI intrudes (and you can't intrude more than being on the main character's chest) the more it looks fake. The second is the rumour that this will focus mainly on Clark. We want SUPERMAN! That's when the last film actually worked! If I wanted more Clark, I'd watch Smallville. It's all about Clark and the biggest frustration with that show is he won't put on the bloody cape and fly! I want to see him catch bullets, I want to see him be a boyscout, lift cars above his head. 
I want to believe a man can fly!

DC Universe Online Previews

Superhero MMO, DC Universe Online, is currently in beta. A few gaming publications have posted their impressions and have been mostly positive about it (links at the bottom). The game's facebook page has also been showcasing some of the participants. As a life long DC fan and a gamer, I'm looking forward to this game. While I was disappointed that it was delayed, it was originally scheduled for release this month, I'm heartened by their commitment to quality and that they are willing to delay it rather than release it unpolished. That said, past unpolished game experiences (naming no names) have made me wary and I am hesitant to commit to buying this game without trying it myself.  I've brought games that had great previews that were buggy and poorly designed. I know beta is not meant to be a free demo, I have been in a few in the past, but more and more companies are realising that that is the way players treat it and a good beta experience can lead to a successful launch. And after all, those previews at the bottom of the page are from journalists trying the beta.


DC Universe Beta Registration Opens

Beta registration has opened for Sony's upcoming MMO based on the DC Universe where you create your own hero or villain to fight for or against DC's heroes and villains. There is the option to sign up for either PC or PS3 platforms and as the game launches in November, if you're interested sign up ASAP at the link below. 


Of Mars and Men

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Some may be aware that there is a planned film adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs' John Carter of Mars series of books. The film, which is now in post production, John Carter of Mars, features a couple of former Spider-man actors (Willem Dafoe and Thomas Haden Church) in it's cast and is scheduled to be released to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the publication of the first book, A Princess of Mars. You can get a head start on the (possible) plot as some of the books are available to read online for free as they are now in the public domain because their copyright has expired. See the list here. Burroughs also created Tarzan and some of those books are available as well. 
Apologies for the awful pun in the title, I can't help myself.
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Cosmic Sentinel Blasts from the Past

      Not many people know that my adventures not only take me across the far reaches of space, but also throughout time. I've decided to bring some mementos from my trips with me. Remember the beginning of this century, when Smallville was just an ad in the back of a comic book with Tom Welling in a field with a red "S" on his chest? Those first episodes when the theme song was still new and cool. Here they are performing it when Conan was still friends with Jay Leno and NBC.

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Comic Vine Job Fair


Take the Comic Vine Job Fair

Your Results:

Batmen of All Nations 100%
Every country should have its own Batman. Take your pick. You'll be re-located and get your own silly costume based on Batman. If you're lucky, you just might be able to meet the man himself.
Mystery, Inc.
Time to celebrate. Break out the Scooby Snacks. You now get to be one of the "meddling kids" and help stop all those spooky dudes that like to play dress up. And just maybe they'll let you drive the Mystery Machine too.
The A-Team
Welcome to the A-Team. A soldier of fortune is the life for you. You'll get to travel to different places, shoot machine guns and help polish Mr. T's chains.
Team Youngblood. You get to have the glory and beat up bad guys. The world loves the hero. This is your chance to shine. And if you're lucky, maybe Rob Liefeld will draw you.
And I thought I was this nation's Superman.
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Date a Superhero Chick Quiz


Take the Date a Superhero Chick Quiz

Your Results:

She-Hulk 100%
Tall, strong, and...green. She-Hulk will show you a night on the town. Make sure you're a perfect gentleman. You don't want to make her angry...or have her sue you. Be sure to do your stretches before you date. Remember, she dated the Juggernaut before. Make sure your home is ensured.
Psylocke might show you her sensitive Betsy Bradock side. If she does you're a lucky guy. Otherwise watch out, you're in for the night of your life.
Moondragon has been around the galaxy and once had the mind gem. Don't try to pull a fast one her. (You checked the Crazy-Britney style hair didn't you?)
Vixen is a wild one. If you treat her right, you might be able to make her purr. If not, she might channel the powers of a rhinoceros and skewer your ass.
 She-Hulk is on top, which is cool as I like the green ladies. Psylocke next, one of my first comic book crushes, so sweet. This test is good.
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Tommy Lee Jones in Captain America

 Marvel Studios announced today that Oscar® winning actor Tommy Lee Jones has been cast to star as US Army Colonel Chester Phillips in the studio’s highly anticipated movie "Captain America: The First Avenger" opposite Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving, Hayley Atwell, Sebastian Stan and Stanley Tucci.  In the early comics, Phillips recruited Steve Rogers to join Project Rebirth, the secret experiment that created the Super Soldier known as Captain America. The character will be updated for the film. Joe Johnston will direct the film penned by Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely.  
Awesome news for the Cap. film I think.