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I feel in portrayal he was supposed to be on Madaras level however he had to be nerfed to fit in the storyline at the time, such as kizaru for example.

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@cable_extreme: what wasn't inaccurate? You're claiming saitama is planet level for splitting cloud formations, Claiming Diana needs solar system level durability feats in other comments, have the audacity to argue Saitama has better feats than Diana (please don't get me started here either, I assure you I can make a mess of things when I start posting scans), and are pulling a rather bullshit double standard consistency card when anyone of her peers would legitimately oneshot saitama.

Also does insinuating I'm angry(I'm quite peachy btw)somehow equate to a valid response to deviate from the fact you're talking out of your ass? it's just like in that previous thread you're showing how intentionally ignorant you're being and it's quite honestly sad, but hey as long as you know silly statements come with consequences.

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@kanyecosby said:

@cable_extreme: There is no proof that the attack he deflected was planetary in power. All you have is speculation. The shockwave wasn’t planetary either. It just made a massive fissure in the clouds. Wonder Woman has multiple feats that put her above Saitama. She has taken punches from Superman, Zoom, and Doomsday, all of whom would curbstomp Saitama. She has pulled Martian Manhunter out of a black hole. She has shaken the heavens and the Earth by fighting Superman. If anything, Saitama needs to show more feats, because other than getting kicked to the moon, Saitama hasn’t tanked anything on the level that she has. He hasn’t shown the strength that she has on multiple occasions. He just isn’t on her level yet.

There is proof, even within the translations and the kanjis are taken at the lowest interpretations possible, the attack was still a planet busting attack. If they are interpreted in the way the guidbook that was paired with the blueray anime states, then it is an attack capable of destroying stars.

Saitama isn't getting curb-stomped by anyone and I would argue would fair better against the people you listed than Wonder Woman would/did. Shall I start linking her low showings to show you her consistency is shit poor when it comes to her feats? Her consistent showings are nothing close to planetary, and then she will randomly show something far above her normal showings, most likely an attempt to keep her relevant in Superman's story-line.

The amount of double standards, lowballing, and just flat out inaccuracies in this retort is utterly cartoonish. Insinuating Saitama could beat PC Diana is a fallacy in every facet of the definition of the word. You claim lowend feats when literally the only thing done that would even somewhat place him even close to her level is the fight with Boros, please do get out of town.

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@thordinson: Who cares? I can tell you your argument is based on a fairytale and that it resembles rather feminine attributes in nitpicking. Maybe you should use a dictionary to properly conjugate the word instead of tagging me repeatedly. If you have a problem with what I say flag and move on I don't wish to hear the complaining of someone so far beneath me. It's tedious at best.

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@cable_extreme: Your reasoning is nonsensical and ignores fact, hence why it is feminine.

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@cable_extreme: Wow. So you're telling me because the object he was holding rather than a part of his body got tagged it isn't a reaction feat? That's absolutely next level cherry picking feminism at its finest, you're dismissed.

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@cable_extreme: I'm sorry but you're extremely ignorant, regardless if he has precog or not that doesn't deviate from any fact that he dodged an attack that's canonically LS inches away from his body(yes, Naruto did not move until the light touched the staff). You cannot tell Kishimoto how his Justus work, that is asinine.

Edit: also what calcs? I guess if DD reacts to bullets at pointblank range I'd be speculating if I said he's irrefutably faster.

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Reacting to light at less than a foot away is actually FTL and irrefutably within the span of a nanosecond. I mean we could also look at the fact that the whole lightfang feat happened within the span of a return stroke of lightning(a couple of a nanoseconds to be exact), Toneri split the moon by lowering his arm (fastest punch in the world is 0.02 seconds so even saying a centisecond places it at a tad over LS striking speed), The raikage has a light speed synapse boost(sounds like a lot but honestly in perspective to a human it's not too crazy) that would make his perception in the highend microsecond timing. Sasuke aimdodging light in LoW, Kakashi aimdodging an arguable LS attack, etc. the list goes on tbh it's a plethora of canon to go by that suggests high tier characters are approaching LS whilst people like Guy and above are in LS range in some aspect atleast.

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Honestly only way you could say the Goku/Vegeta fight was superior was because of the events that happened afterwards. We see Vegeta isn't really a slave and has been pushed to an awakening.....and in that awakening he realizes he's part of something greater and eventually gave his life for its success. It's nothing more admirable than a man fighting and dying for his own unselfish resolve. On the other hand the fight was rushed, toriyama again took a dump on Vegeta for whatever reason, and 'majin' vegeta was basically pointless.

Vote2 was garbage IMO, both anime and manga left out too much that needed to be seen, Naruto didn't do anything spectacular the entire fight, crazy amounts of WiS, nothing too emotionally investing etc.....however vote 1 was a completely different demon that was quite possibly one of the best turning points in anime/Manga history. Narutos awakening was Easily one of the most memorable in anime history,I'll always remember that cutscene where Sasuke impales Naruto for it only to go to a commercial break thinking we've lost him.....5minutes later Naruto patches a fu*king hole in his body and a vision of a fox shakes the freakin heavens, it blew my mind as a kid.

Nothing is more epic than Goku going gold for the first time though, and if you played the original budokai on ps2 you would know why.

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@kallinalli: Are you being this thick on purpose or just genuinely not reading? What do speedlines have to do with a flash of light happening and him moving utterly huge distances without being shown to travel?