History of Marvel Cinematic Univers/DC Cinematic Universe (ROTTEN TOMATO DEBACLE) #1

I felt inspired to write this blog following debacle of "Suicide Squad" on Rotten Tomatoes. In this blog I will not try to explain to you how said site functions (works) nor will I criticize it. The point of this blog is to address said situation and try to answer the question of why the problem happened at all. I read a comments and blogs of various forums and sites, including this one about biased critics and some absurd plots to destroy DC. Let me tell you off the bat WE as the human beings are all in some way biased towards something WE all have opinion about everything, heck even not having opinion about something is an opinion in some way (i know it sounds paradoxical and stupid but if you really think about it it's like that). It's just our human nature and we don't need to hide it or try to conceal it the difference is some people are more biased and some less. Of course we all expect of critics to be less biased and give us objective view on something. Ok that was intro now on to the real thing.

So after watching each Marvel movie that came to the big screen couple of times I will say to you that even those with high ratings aren't as good as ratings show them to be. I will be as much as objective as I can while I explain this to you. The thing that Marvel started, the big Cinematic Universe is hands down one of the most ambitious projects in movie history, to put all those beloved characters and stories on screen and try to connect all the dots in one big series is very risky and ballsy effort. But if you look at the history of film nobody tried something like that already, which some will say even magnifies their bravery but just hear me out. Right in the beginning Marvel didn't have any competition to compare it's work to. Please don't mention old X-Men or F4 because if you know anything about movies you can see they weren't filmed with much planing, they didn't have the idea, ground or the material to do the whole universe. That could be explained with the fact that they are actually only a portion of the original Marvel universe. Now that we established that...I will repeat: "Right in the beginning Marvel didn't have any competition to compare it's work to". So if Marvel didn't have any competition their work would probably looked better then it really was. What I'm trying to say is, we all wanted something like this to happen and we were all so hyped we didn't want it to fail...and luckily it didn't fail but i want to show you that it didn't came out as strong as we are telling ourselves when we compare it to the DCEU start. We are going to compare MCU start to DCEU start so from Marvels side I am only going to talk about PHASE ONE. Marvel started strong, IRON MAN was a great film, in my opinion it is a best Marvel film before Captain America Winter Solider came out. But (there is always a but) thing got a little flimsy after that, neither of the next films up to Avengers was as good as Iron Man, even if you don't compare them to Iron Man those movies where mediocre at best (the movies I am talking about are "The Incredible Hulk", "Iron Man 2", "Thor" and "Captain America the first Avenger"). Truth to be told those movies had to happen because they were a set up to much bigger story, maybe origins is a better word than a set up. Now lets go to DCEU. DCEU started things with Man of Steel. Man of Steel is a very good movie, I would say not as good and balanced as Iron Man but a vg movie nonetheless. But Man of Steel had a obstacle that Iron Man didn't have. Iron Man didn't have big appearance on the big screen before 2008 and Man of Steel had to live up to the legacy of the classic superman movies. Most of those movies weren't that good and were really cheesy but they had great Christopher Reeve. His legacy was not easy to take on and his portrayal of Superman is probably still considered as greatest Superman portrayal ever. (I'm not undermining Henry Cavill with this sentence) So in the beginning MoS had two rivals to top which was not easy and seemingly it flopped with the critics. But it shouldn't have, it's one of those movies that deserve much bigger credit than critics gave it. It got rates that it did, not because of its quality but because it was compared to movies it didn't have to be compared with.

This is the first part of the blog. I had in plan to write all in one text but i fell tired as hell because it's 2:35 am in the morning where I live. I will probably finish this tomorrow with the text about the same size. Next up I will try to explain Avengers, Dawn of Justice and in the end Suicide Squad. I hope you'll like it give me your feedback please comment on text and my writing, I would appreciate it, even the critics. I am aware it's a long read but it's a heated subject and I am giving all my efforts to show you different side of the problem.