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I will write a little something about myself if anybody's interested.

Born on planet Betelgeuse Seven...but had to move from it when Great Collapsing Hrung Disaster happened and that's how I ended up on this Rock.

I am a Mechanical engineering student that really love comics, series, books and movies especially anything connected with SF.(not SF like basketball position but SF like science fiction). Now that I think a little I actually like anything that will put my mind off Engineering. :P I love basketball, I was Shooting Guard in the first team of Betelgeuse Seven (yep like a planet not a state), we won gold on Intergalactic Olympics and my jersey number was 42. You are probably thinking right now what are the "Intergalactic Olympics" but you humans can't understand that. Oh if you didn't notice by now I am an avid reader of Douglas Adams.

In worlds most important battle...the battle between DC and MARVEL of course...I would chose to defend the colors of...INSERT DRAMATIC MUSIC...well it's not that easy to chose.

I really like DC comics (i think they hit home run with rebirth) and I think at this moment their comics are much better than Marvels but (yes there is always a but) Marvel is kicking on all cylinders in movie Industry. Then again I think that as primary Comic book publishers not Movie studios those two should focus on the quality of their comics not movies. That being said I think Marvel is currently lacking that quality and probably because of that I would side with DC.

But my favorite publisher at this moment is Valiant, their rebooted universe is fantastic.

And now to the most important part

I made this account to communicate and write about comics and movies I would like to write a couple of reviews and share my opinion of my favorite comic series. If I find time to do so I would like your feedback on those reviews, guidelines and opinions from others always help. I am not from an English speaking area so your grammar corrections will also help in some way (but don't push it ;) )

That is all I can think of right now... see you on forums and have a nice day.

P.S. Some parts about me are true and some false but I think it's pretty obvious which are which.