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Long ago before there was any such thing as interplanetary travel there existed Sha of Infinite forever’s; she and the guardians of Oa met to set barriers on how far into space the Green Lanterns were permitted to go. The terms of the meet were that: The Area in-between Oa and the Ninjetic Planet Xiox would be governed by SOIF’s own taskforce. The guardians agreed to this only on one condition; that SOIF create multiple squads just in case a fugitive escaped into the Green Lantern sections via teleportation or other means. The agreement was set the Cortega Force had been created with two teams the Alpha Squad and the Bravat squad. The Alpha Squad was created to handle affairs that strictly deal with the Ninjetic galaxies and the planets within them. The Bravat squad which initially saw little action was set up to deal with lost artifacts and aid to the Green Lanterns. As the Green Lantern force lost its influence in sector 2814 with the acts of Renegade Lantern, the Bravat Squad became the leading force inside the Milky Way galaxy as well. Originally Sha of Infinite forever’s, didn’t want humans to be allowed in the force; but it was Mina Esposa who vouched for the Earthlings; though none were invited.

Mina Esposa a Ninjan from the planet Xiox was chosen to lead the force; because of her graceful presence and near perfect decision making. Mina chose her direct staff resulting in ranging races; from Xantrioan to Krpytionian. From the planet West New Haven, She chose Maravilla Ortega to head the Bravat Squad and act as second in command. Cleo Starling from the planet Nibula, was chosen to work under Mina she handles the mission portions to the Alpha Squad. Maravilla chose her understudy, whom went by the name of Calor Corazon. Calor had very aggressive ideals and eventually tried to turn the new recruits on the whole Force; her insurrection was putdown and she was cast out to the 8 sector. To replace Calor a young Talabeth living on the Ninjan Planet of Parshua, named Cody Hartman would be chosen to replace Calor Corazon in the Bravat Squad. Cody’s invitation ended with her seeing immediate action, and she was soon moved to the Alpha Squad. With over Six thousand members Mina couldn’t find enough females living in the Ninjetic areas with credential’s to lead. A young Recruit whose father was a famous Green Lantern; became a member of the CF; her name was Emerald. Emerald was chosen to take the place Cody Hartman (Maki) in the Bravat Squad. While Emerald was in training the motion had been passed by Mina Esposa to allow men in the CF.

Sectors of space

There are 8 sectors of Space in the Ninjetic galaxy; however only 7 are accessible the guardian of the Ninjetic Galaxy SOIF lives in the seventh sector protecting the source wall. CF members with certain clearances have access to the 7 sector. The Cortega Force has heavy influences around Tyrain, NewHaven, Rioloua, Xiox, and Tyrain.

Power Cell

The Cortega Power cell is an item embedded in the middle of the uniform; for female members the power cell will change the physical features to make her look generic for the squad. The power cells grants a multitude of different powers to its wielder. If the wielder has a corrupted mind the power cell will turn Amber. The only weakness the power cell has is an Amber power cell.