Contingency's movesets

Alexis possesses an arsenal of defensive abilities allowing her a versatile skill set to use in many different situations, each ability being able to change the outcome of a circumstantial event to a significant degree

Tier 3

  • Instant Transmission

Alexis is capable of an advanced form of teleportation that allows her to instantly arrive at a destination that she can see or has been to, this allows her to teleport as far as one can see (5 kilometers in one action) or teleport to a destination that she sees in a picture or video (Causes mild strain to cerebrum but gets worst if done in rapid succession with no pauses in-between)

  • Translucent field generation

Alexis is capable of generating nigh transparent force-fields of peculiar origin at what location she desires, these force fields appear naked to the untrained eye but to the trained one appear as a visible ripple similar to the mirages in deserts but dependent on the shape Alexis chooses. They possess a unique attribute in being able to counteract every act or form of assault flawlessly yet surprisingly the most effective way to defeat these "invisible" forcefields is to use sheer force as any other method is exceedingly ineffective at by passing through them.

  • Defense boost

As you may have assumed by now Alexis's abilities all have a strong theme of defensiveness, this tier 3 ability she possesses grants her the capability of increasing the endurance and resilience of a being or object thousands if not hundreds of thousands time more than it would be at its base value, with this capability she is capable of saving countless lives or take countless depending on how she utilizes it in a scenario.

  • Barrier Apparition

The first line of Alexis's external defenses are her barrier apparitions but it would be inaccurate to say that they're only 'barriers', Alexis can manifest many constructs of many different architectural variety ranging from massive mazes to bridges to even entire super cities but in addition to this she is also capable of choosing the materials used in construction with more exotic materials taking more time than mundane ones.

Tier 2

  • Transcendental cognizance

Transcendental cognizance is a naturally passive ability that Alexis can choose to turn off or leave on at will, this ability can be known to some as variant of Future-Probability Cognition. The way it works for Alexis is that there are "visible lines" in everything shes sees that lead towards a 'certain' path however the only lines she as so far is capable of seeing are those coming to harm her or other individuals, for example one may be on the verge of planning an attack on her or another being and Alexis would be able to see the path of incoming harm before it happens as if the aggressor was lighting the targeted area up with a bright red light.

  • Escutcheon Construction

Third ranked in Alexis's most powerful defenses, Alexis is capable of constructing in laymen terms 'shields' out of thin air but these are considerably more robust in comparison to any of her tier 3 abilities, these shields can range in power from saving a city to saving a moon to even a star while also including the ability to protect from exotic incursions.

  • Prodigious Reconstruction

In case Alexis's defenses have been broken by significant force the young paragon would be able to rectify damage done by reversing the effect of the damage through a method of chronokinesis, through this method Alexis can reverse almost any damage done that can be reverse through chronokinesis and bring people from the edge of death right back to optimum efficiency however she is unable to bring back the dead.

  • Concentrated Dormancy

Concentrated Dormancy is Alexis's most exotic attack that can flawlessly bypass all physical defenses and even psionic/mental ones, Concentrated Dormancy is capable of shutting down activity in an object or being. For example she can induce a state of unconsciousness so powerful on biological beings that they essentially become comatose to the durate extent of her desire or even target specific limbs and 'put them to sleep' in a sort of paralytic attack that incapacitates a limb and thus reduces combat efficiency.

But alas Alexis is not limited to biological beings as her ability can even effect mechanical beings by placing the mechanism used to operate a device or artificial entity into a hibernated state and should she ever come across an entity that is incapable of 'sleeping' or becoming 'dormant' her power will take up its second form which is a stasis of sorts which 'freezes' an opponent or figure into place practically time locking them and putting them in a stated of suspended animation, the stasis tactics have been proven especially effective against machines,undead or anything not human.

Immunity to Concentrated Dormancy so far has been nonexistent but resistances have been seen yet vary significantly, the closest attribute that seems to provide resistance to this ability seems to be "Willpower" as traditional telepathic barriers or psionic powers offer no resistance to this ability yet the more one resists Concentrated Dormancy through 'Willpower' the more powerful the next attempt becomes, Alexis being able to indefinitely triple its potency and strength with each failed attempt.

Tier 1

  • Cloak

Alexis is capable of cloaking objects or an individuals in a perfect invisible field ergo making them invisible to nearly everything in addition to masking them in all spectrums, the range of this ability is far and wide in addition to costing little effort on part of Alexis. However Cloak has one fairly exploitable weakness once it is discovered, Cloak is incapable of masking the physical trails a cloaked target leaves (Unless Alexis cloaks the trail) nor capable of masking the scent and pheromones produced of a biological being but it is capable of masking the sound of a figure

  • Full Counter

Full Counter is a counter attack ability, Full Counter can only be used whilst Alexis is stationary but in return she is capable of redirection any attack whether it be telekinetic,mystical,energetic,telepathic,ballistic,physical and etcetera. In addition to this the attack in question will be redirected at twice the power and velocity it was originally used against her however Alexis can only use full counter if the attack is coming from infront of her and in a specific stance.

  • Chrono Slam

Chrono Slam is another counter attack ability, Chrono Slam is only accessible when used in conjunction with her "Juggernauts Shield" ability. Once the shield is available she is capable of slamming it on the ground and inducing a wide area of effect ability that slows down everything in the surrounding environment to one thousandth of the current speed its traveling at.

  • Juggernauts Shield

Juggernauts Shield is a simple construction but Alexis's most powerful defensive tool, it is completely invulnerable to all attacks and grants several immunities to exotic attacks even those that would by pass invulnerabilities, Juggernauts Shield can also cut off "telepathic lines" before they enter an individuals mind as well as "telekenitic lines" it is also the only ability in her arsenal that can force incorporeal beings to become tangible again.


  • Mega Smash

This Ultimate ability is simple, Mega Smash releases all the concentrated damage Alexis has or had received since she last used Mega Smash in the form of a AOE attack or concentrated blow. Once Mega Smash is used all the stored energy is lost and will have to wait or receive a significant amount of assaults to unleash the power but its worth nothing that Mega Smash has a similar yet stronger effect that Full Counter possesses, instead of twice the velocity speed and power output the Mega Smash Ultimate will do ten times the velocity and damage output of all the attacks she received.

  • Second Wind

While powerful and resilient Alexis can be injured whether it be from a singular entity of extreme power or attrition from a massive wave of enemies, this Ultimate ability gives Alexis a 'single' second chance in a battle that restores all her stamina and heals all her injuries in addition to removing any debuffs. Second Wind allows Alexis to fight for an additional extent which can save her from defeat or win a narrow victory that other wise would not have been possible with this ability.

  • Stronghold

Similar to Juggernaut Shield, Stronghold is Alexis's most powerful 'defensive ability' as it grants all the properties that the JS has but at a significantly greater range. Stronghold however can only be used seconds after Second Wind is used.

  • Shatterpoint

Shatterpoint is the opposite of Transcendental cognizance, instead of revealing incoming damage the Shatterpoint ultimate will reveal the weakest point in a individual or object with the utmost detail and specificness that would other wise be impossible to figure out through any other means.


Alexis's primary attribute that are used more so then all her other abilities are her super human physical stats as she's far stronger,faster and by far more durable than any human being on the planet capable of legendary feats such as lifting entire islands or being magnitudes faster than lightning and having a immensity of resilience that can dwarf mountain ranges.

In addition to her physical abilities she has a defensive aura that protects her from exotic attacks such as phasing,teleportation against her own will,telepathy,telekinesis,internal attacks and etcetera.


  • Extreme Heat or Cold

Alexis is resistant to high or low temperatures, temperatures as high as 1,000 C or low as negative 100-C cause mild discomfort to her body while temperatures as high as 5,000 C give her second degrees burns and temperatures as low as -200 C can harm her significantly.

Overall its easier to harm her with the cold but high heat energy weapons such as plasma can harm her if struck repeatedly.

  • Pheromone Manipulation

Unlike telepathy and similar mental controls which Alexis has immunities too she does not have any form of protection against pheromone manipulation which can influence her actions through biology whether it be increasing her anger through testosterone or using a a type of aphrodisiac to give some sort of influential control over her.

  • Sharp Weapons

While completely invulnerable to blunt damage externally Alexis is not invulnerable to edged weaponry meant to cut through divine materials or atoms but does have a keen resilience to this so it could take repeated strikes to cause any significant damage to her form but it must be noted that typical ballistics like bullets,cannon shells,missiles have failed to completely faze her even those made out of exotic metals. It specifically takes melee weapons made of exotic substances such as divine swords or adamantium/monomolecular axes to pierce through in any effective manner.

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