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  • Con's grandson, named after him

  • Vampire Detectives

  • The Arctic Spider

  • son of Davina

  • Queen of Paris underground

  • The Alternate of Gemma Fox

  • Charlie is the son of Constantine's best friend Ewan Fox, he was the year above his cousin Hermione and her friends Harry and Ron, after Hogwarts he was briefly an Auror then moved on to work in Weasley's wizard wheezes, and after and incident and Meeting Bailey Derox he became a Follower(a modern Death Eater) he was the first person to rise as evil after Voldemort and ran an equally if not more terrible reign the he who shall not be named. But he was killed by Cedric Eton.

  • scott's nephew

  • Scott's neice

  • Scott's nephew

  • Remus' second son, Con's second nephew

  • Scott's nephew

  • Peter Constantine/Wallace is a clone of Con himself. He was made for the destruction of Con, by The Triple TU(Time Travelers of the Universe) who had struck up a personal vendetta against Con, but Peters haywire abilities became the downfall of him when he was sent through time to kill Con. When the Triple TU dragged Peter back to the end of time to do some adjusting on him Peter erased them from Time. He started to journey just everywhere and became known as the Wanderer or Twilightman because the legends say he was always looking for a place to fit in. After many years traveling he decided to revisit Con to say his apologies and was accepted into the Wallace Family, finally finding the place he fitted in best.

  • Alternate Con

  • Alternate clone of Con

  • First Wife

  • The Eye a Villain of Constantine

  • Obi, A.K.A Mr. Majestic/Superman 2, elder bro of Fable

  • Gabriel Blaze, Fables brother

  • Constantine and Fable's daughter Karolina

  • the dodgy wheeler dealer friend of Con and his son Aaron

  • ONE of the sons of Bill and Fleur Weasley, he took his parents death the hardest and forced himself to turn his back on the magicking world

  • An old friend of Constantine, he is much like A time agent but instead a Time soldier, after all the government experimental project's where dug up again he was one of the trained soldiers who went in for an experiment to imitate captain America. He is the last of the group that signed up.

  • A vampire

  • The Doctor, one of Con's oldest friends, he passed his technology onto Con's son when he died, con and doc overtime became like brothers all though either rarely talk about the other.

  • Aaron Wallace, the first of Constantine's sons to actually live with him over a year, he is now reffered to as the Time Lord, The Doctor, Doctor Mark Two or The Human Lord of Time

  • the grandson of Alistair "Mad-eye" Moody, Thomas' mother was Gemma Fox, his father Harold Moody. He his half brother to Hermione, Gabrielle and Xander Wallace. He later lived with step father Constantine and his proper family members. Tom grew up to be a Auror.

  • an old friend, when she left the vine I got her profile =]

  • Bleach another friend who had to leave, due to some family business, so I got his profile too =]

  • Commissioner Gordon for Inherently Insane

  • Harvey Dent, Two Face, for Inherently Insane RPG

  • 48, a villain created for a Fan-Fic called Gotham Knights: All Shall Fall

  • Constantine was turned into Sol-Nar-Kadge when visting a new universe

  • Sol-Nar-Kadge turns into a Sith Lord

  • Wulfric Dumbledore Grandson to Albus Dumbledore

  • Grandson of Albus Dumbledore the first.

  • Time Agent

  • A friend of Constantine's. He is very good friends with Con's daughter Hermione. And is a part of the big Family.

  • Son-In-Law to Con, he married Hermione. and grew up to have children with her, Con came to accept him over time.

  • Teddy Lupin, Constantine swore on more than life to protect him. son of Tonks and Lupin. He grew up and married Victoire after knocking her up and leaving for a short while. Teddy had several kids with Victoire.

  • Darren Blaze, Kryptonian, a very old friend of Constantine's. husband of Laura Lupin, father to several kids. Darren helped form the new Clan/X-men. And ran it with his with Laura.

  • First Daughter of Teddy and Victoire Lupin. She missed out on Hogwarts and was taken under the wing of Constantine, he taught her all she knows now, which made her a more powerful witch than Hogwarts could've. She had a minor fling with her mentor and grew up to marry Darren Blaze, having several beautiful kids with him.

  • an infamous Death eater who wasn't caught until after the reign of Voldemort but before he was caught he had turned Charlie Fox to the Dark side of Magic and Persuaded him to brake him free from Azkaban which he did perfectly. Bailey later died.

  • Ewan Fox is a Scottish bred wizard who attended Hogwarts and became best friends with Constantine at the age of eleven. In his seventh year he fell in love with beautiful Mary Madrox, but accidentally knocked her up. So at seventeen he had his son Charlie. he lived through both of Voldemort's reigns and 20 years after having Charlie, they had Megan. Mary died after giving birth, almost immediately. So Ewan raised his daughter almost alone, he had a lot of family help, and eventually died in the rising of his evil turned son. Killed by Charlie Himself.

  • First daughter to Constantine, she grew to marry Ron and have three Wonderful kids. She named her youngest after her father.

  • Constantine's third true love and Second wife. she is fourth daughter of Darren and Laura Blaze, born after the reign of Charlie Fox. Blaze, Con and Laura remade the Clan, which turned into the X-Clan which progressed onto X-men. She grew up with a major crush on Constantine, and he knew her since she was ye hi. at Eleven she was accepted at Hogwarts, the headmistress being her crushes daughter Hermione Weasley, and when Fable arrived she found that one of her teachers and the head of her house(Gryffindor) was none other than the crush hiself Professor Constantine. The two struck a bond which grew stronger in years, and when she turned fourteen, her hormones rised and she tried nothing but seducing Con, it took three years but aged seventeen they fell in love. Aged 19 Fable married Constantine but they had to split when she was twenty, she died at the age of twenty one, in the hands of constantine, only months after giving birth to two children. it wasn't until around 4 years later Con found out he had twins.

  • Bella was Constantine's second true love, but almost the only women not to get too intimate with him. It was a teenage romance which ended after Con left, he had struck revenge in the most brutal way against his killer, he had shown a side that neither liked and before Bella could even talk it out with him, he left. She later on became a Paladin, who opposed "Jumpers", truth being she joined hoping to catch drift of Con, she knew he had that special ability and wanted to find him, it wasn't until she had forgotten about him had married and had a child did they meet again. Her son David turned out to be a "Jumper" so she left her husband. Con and her met only a few times afterward until her Son was found by the Paladins and chased. Bella had already re married and had a daughter, when David found her. A very old Con and Bella's daughter Kristen Gaurd had an interesting romantic fling themselves.

  • Constantine's and Gemma's Second son, Alexander Achilles Wallace, youngest of the famous Wallace children. Xander was shy and quiet but out of the three, he was most powerful.

  • Constantine's and Gemma's second daughter, sadly Gabrielle died at a young age. Although not spoilt she was always the most outgoing of the Wallace Enterprise children. Not stuck and snobby but she did ejoy being famous, whilst her older sister was busy being a wife, her half brother was always out and about and her younger brother always shy hiding behind her and standing in corners.