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a most unwanted meeting

this is just a reminder for me of my Rpg ideas

inspired by Gambler and Meals wedding.

A most unwanted meeting


It was the most anticipated wedding since Reed and Sues, the happy couple were at the alter swapping there vows tears and smiles flooding the church hall, it was a true, happy and lovely wedding, they were at the bit

"if anyone has a reason these two should not be married speak now or forever hold your tongue"

When the giant doors burst open a strong breeze brushing past all guests in there, everyone turned there heads curiously, surely the wind could not push these huge doors open, then screams of pain filled the air as a woman dropped from the roof by the looks of it she was dead before she hit the ground and everyone looked up to see a dark figure high in the corner, then shrieks of panic now filled the air and every piece of glass in the church shattered into a million pieces everyone ducked and lifting there heads up they saw loads dead glass covering there bodys blood drenching the floor and then there was a sickening high pitch laugh and everyone, alive, looked to the middle of the isles, there stood the dark figure all to be seen was a wide and life taking smile he lifted a hand holding five cards they lit up with luminous green kinetic energy and he threw them toward the bride and groom laughing his sickening laugh and smiling his disturbed smile, the groom jumped to the side but the bride was too slow and the cards hit the alter creating a green explosion the bride as powerful as she was met her worst day on her best, she lay dying on the floor whilst the groom and priest lay under a pile of rubble all those able to fight stood up surrounding the mysterious except the groom he knelt beside his dying love, they advanced toward him but there was a purple puff of smoke and he was gone. The groom stood up his eyes red with anger and a most disturbing look on his face he looked up at the sky about to talk when his eyes changed back and his face looked worried he looked down to see the tip of a sword through his chest he looked to the side and out of the shadows he saw the smile of the mysterious figure he was lifted into the air and flying toward the crowd he landed in the center dead. as the Figure jumped out of the shadows smiling laughing and jumping around the priest stared in horror as a badge of green kinetic energy was placed on his chest he was thrown toward the window and smashed through and then the wall fell down as a green explosion erupted from outside the window and blood, guts and bits of the priest shot across the church most of it landing on the unknown man, he bowed down low shouting.

"thank you, thank you"

he pressed a red button on his jacket and a sound of applause filled the air as the warriors advanced on him but he merely smiled, laughed and said "must be going" before he disappeared into a puff of purple smoke.

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