Injustice League Formation

The team that oppose my Justice League formation

List items

  • Leader and strategist, why not Lex? because lex is unstable would kill most of the members to save himself, can match Batman.

  • Powerhouse, opposite to Martian Manhunter, same powers, same weakness.

  • His powers are the total contrary to John Stewart, he has a big ego but he's disciplined

  • A match to Flash. Why not Grodd? The same reason for Lex not being the leader. Don't underestimate Cold, he's powerful and can match Flash easily.

  • He is a powerful wizard, can deal with Zatanna

  • He can match Hawkman, he would be the perfect to fight Shazam but he share some caracteristics with him, such as brutality and anger.

  • He is a natural killer, have the same powers that Atom has.

  • Need to say something?

  • Aquaman's archenemy, he sea men hunter, he can have defeated Aquaman once why not again

  • similar to Metamorpho, despite he can't turn into elements