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Should Harley Quinn stay with the suicide squad?

Harley Quinn is one of the controversially changed characters of the new 52. One change is that she was now a member of the suicide squad. Now I picked up the first few issues when the first came out and I enjoyed them and the first volume of suicide squad seems to be getting good reviews but its after that people have a problem with this book.

The 2 characters that people think this book focuses on is Harley Quinn and Deadshot, (Most of the other characters seem to be fodder (not all but most) and even if they don't die the chances of being used again are slim). Now Deadshot is an under - rated character (at least compared to other bat - villains) so him staring taking the leading role in this book is good for him and his exposure. But Harley Quinn is a far more popular character that creators love to write about so the likely hood of her being in comic book limbo is unlikely.

The point I'm getting at is that having 2 "main" characters in a team book (I know a good team book co-stars all the team members but suicide squad is a special case) makes it hard for a writer to focus on writing a story that benefits both characters which isn't terrible.

So I was thinking what if Harley Quinn got to star in Detective Comics. You wouldn't have to cancel and restart the series plus a comic series like detective comics can have a revolving cast.

What do you think? Would you buy it?

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